Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sought after license plate from a state down south.

Ok, I have not so far mentioned any BS classes that I didn't enjoy..so, this will me my first. I think, last night I thaw a puddy that. Luckily, I didn't see any Tweety Birds...Bh had set up my step board for me right in front. Was running late and my darling set up board, got me a bun to eat, then left for RPM. Heh. All through out the cooldown, I looked at the floor, especially during the abductor stretches. Lionheart's experience had taught me better.

The reason I didn't enjoy last nights class was well, I couldn't quite hear the instructions. Just couldn't make it out. Not the instructors fault, really, can't blame him, I think he has very short upper teeth or a small upper jaw or might even have been a cleft kid, so his pronunciation..a bit off lar. Many people left halfway, a few didn't even come in when they saw it was him. The usually packed like sardines BS class on Monday night, was quite roomy. I still managed to sweat.

Dinner was a trip down memory lane for me. After hearing about Pak Abu's, in UM, Bh decided we should try it out. PA's, in 6th College, is an icon for all UM-ers. It was THE hang out place for us, especially the med/dental fac kids. It was in our hostel mah. 6th is also known as Ibnu Sina, its the hostel for med/dental/pharm students. But most of us get kicked out after the first year, not enough space.

Anyways, it brought back memories, of late nights in the dining hall studying, then supper at PA's. Sometimes, we'd skip the hostel dinners all together, especially if it were "fish" night and head straight for PA's. There were 2 different basic menu's then, "fish" and "chicken". The "chicken" days/nights would be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays...weekends would be a toss up. The food would be better, and instead of some prawn sambal ( with all the shells) thingy, or some funny smelling fish, we'd get fried chicken. Suffice to say hostel food back then was bad, enough to enlighten med students a first hand experience of cholera diarrhoea....non-stop lar.

Pak Abu's was still a meeting place after moving out of college, especially after games at Padang Varsiti, our field. Inter-year games, where the girls would play net-ball on a pitch that was wet, soggy and muddy (it was an experience akin to mud-wrestling) and then we'd all head over to PA's for makan. In fact, there were many good times spent cheering the volleyball team and the badminton team and the swimmers during Inter-year games..and my year almost always emerged champs, heh. Netball was our forte though..from our first year onwards. There was never a team of ten ( seven plus 3 spare) women more ganas than in my year!

We were a crazy bunch..Tanglung festivals in Tasik Jaya, with a bunch of 20-somethings carrying lanterns..hehe, and birthday celebrations...the birthday person (normally a girl) would get a shower of cake, or even eggs...quail, small enough to be concealed by the accomplices in pockets. The ambush was always a success. And this was in final year. In our first year, we were notorious for clubbing till late...oh yea, we'd casually saunter into the hostel at 4am, get 3 hours sleep, then head off for 8-5 classes, on a weekday. Jump, Bali, Modesto's...free flow on ladies night,heh.


Monday, July 30, 2007

Wet Monday

It was raining so much this morning, it must have been way too cold for my doggie. See, she'd been lying down the whole night, on the cold floor. Then this morning, as she got up to walk, she yelped in pain. Seems like old Jackie girl has arthritis. Poor girl. After slowly moving about some more, finally she felt better...but the sad look on her face says it all. She was in pain.. Now almost 9, she is advancing in age. She still has the spirit of a puppy though, cos we all treat her like one. Must get BH to manja her more tonight...she just loves him. Heh.

After finishing HP7. finally decided to get two books on my wish list...the Oral surgery one and the Endodontic one. Am now 400 bucks poorer..but heck..I love my books! Am now trying to figure out how the heck to cross out my wish list.. you know, with----- over the text? Someone please enlighten me?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Money versus ethics

I always thought of the medical and related proffessions as noble ones. We took an oath upon graduation, to first and foremost, do no harm. And we are here to help, this means to give service to people in need of our help, most often, people in pain. However, of late, my view on my profession has changed somewhat.It seems that the majority of people's perceptions about us is that its all about the money. Unfortunately, to a certain extent, this proves true.

I am deeply saddened at the state of affairs that I encounter daily. My ethical judgement prevents me from doing things out of greed. I don't see my patients as dollar signs..hence I don't rake in the most income. But how can I force myself to blatantly charge? How can I force myself to drill where there is no hole? How can I force myself to suggest expensive procedures that the patient may not need? All to justify a higher income. Someone said this, in verbatim "Dentistry is all about the gross". By gross, he means the income.

The opportunity is there...the patients I realise, trust too quickly. A low toned voice, a deep explanation, and you are sold. A stain becomes a filling which later becomes a root canal and then a crown. It's so easy..people just don't know and don't even bother to know what's in their mouths.

Perhaps I have been too naive...to think that there is something called ethics that we have to adhere to, for believing that what I do is noble. Perhaps it is all about the money. But I still can't sell my soul.

I'm a Potterhead, yes I am!

For the past 5 days, I was busy reading a children's book. Ok, so I admit it, I'm still a kid. Eh, it was fun though and once I started, I could not stop. Just ask BH how many times I ignored him, cos I was busy reading? Well, now that I've finished it, I dunno what to do..maybe it's time to get back to the gym,huh?

After a few weeks of not using my arms much, plus I think a few months of not doing upper body exercises, my arms have gone well, flabby. I have chicken wings...you know, that piece around the triceps that keeps waving goodbye although you've stopped waving at the wrists? Yea, chicken wings, they flap about so. My BACK, sigh...I used to have muscles like Hillary Swank in her Million Dollar Baby time..I kid you not, ask BH. Gone...Which reminds me, I miss punching a bag. Don't get me wrong, I don't miss my PT, I just miss hitting him..while he was holding the bags lar..heh.

These days I refer to my lean times as BBH (BEFORE BH) and now as ABH (AFTER BH). What love does, eh? I am much happier, yes, that's true, very true...but I figure I better do something. I mean sooner or later I'm gonna get pregnant and get as huge as a whale, and after that, there may be no turning back..it might be a downward slide all the way. I might as well get as toned as I can before that happens right? Plus I miss my toned arms, my tones lats and back...

So, am sticking to the quota..time to buckle down. Yesterday I actually managed to get some weights done. And am now feeling the muscles ache. Feels good. But heck, can't afford a PT these days and it's gonna be a long road...If only there were some spell I could cast.. reparo figuro slimmero tonor or something..

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Have not finished HP7, but have to break my silence. Why? Because somebody gave away the ending...which he read from wikipedia..grrrr! Who is this fler? THIS JOKER LA

Some more can complain, my pimping didn't have picture..so here is the picture lor! Heh.Anyways, thanks Shades, movie was great..

Bh, me, Shades & Shades bro watched a movie with a thin plot,lots of action and brainless entertainment called Die Hard 4.0. Burce Willis looks hot for a bald 40 something, so no complaints there. Now must persuade BH to get that smouldering-cool-low toned voice-macho man thing down....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sound of silence

Ssshhh....HP7 in my hands.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oi! Instructor, push up lor!

Ah Loong finally made an appearance today, we've been missing his loud voice for a while now. His "in class" entertainment has never failed to get me in stitches. Well known in LM for his comments in, out and around class..his honesty speaks volumes.

But seriously, being a regular doesn't make one an expert.Jabbing fast doesn't mean its done correctly, neither does kicking high, not bending your knees when you're supposed to and adding your own spin balls.

There were way too many Kung Fu masters in today's class...and I don't like show offs, particularly if they are delusional enough to think that what they are doing is right. Perhaps in the martial art world, but BC is still an aerobic workout..it's techniques, done properly are not meant to inflict pain, in fact, to avoid it. It's meant for a safe and effective workout,not to hone one's jabs into deadly weapons. Unfortunately, some people think otherwise. The trouble is, other people tend to follow them, and not the instructor on stage.

Hence Ah Loong gets annoyed. He doesn't like show offs either. While most of us hold our tongues, Ah Loong speaks his mind..heh..it was an interesting class, to say the least. Managed to work up a sweat anyways. At least enough to replace the guilt of the impending makan with pleasure.

Oh, and since Shades was kind enough to offer,queue and get tickets for Die Hard 4.0 for Bh and I, I have been asked to pimp. So, here goes...

For all you Die Hard fanatics of Body Combat..Kung Fu Masters included, try out Shades class, at your nearest FF outlets at these amazing times!

Monday - Axis, 8.30 pm
Tuesday -Uptown, 7.35 pm
Thursday -IOI, 5.30 pm

For BA and RPM, please check your schedule at www.fitnessfirst.com.my.

Don't miss out on this AWESOME instructor!

So, is dinner included, Shades?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and the deathly price wars

Every time I walked by this bookstore for the last two months, I'd see the poster asking me to pre-order the book. But every time I looked at the poster, I'd tell myself, maybe later. Sometimes I'd intend to order, but decide not to at the last minute. In fact, it crossed my mind that if I'd wait till the hoo-ha died down, I might actually get it cheaper. Yea, I'm still a kid, I like reading the thing, but I'm not like a die hard fan, not about to camp outside in robes, wands and cash a-ready. Puh-leeze.

So when the hoo-ha began, and everyone was anticipating today, I just thought..if can buy, buy lar, if not...wait lor. Was sure my boss would pre-order, and then probably boast a little about it. Was also expecting the shelves to get emptied out pretty fast, leaving us "stupid" flers who did not pre-order waiting while everyone else who did, finish the book and tell us all about it. Little did I nor anyone else know that some magic was at play and at breakfast yesterday, I almost choked on my cereal.

A quarter page add by hypermarket T, announcing the sale of the book, at 7.01 am, at 69.90!!!! ( pre-ordered books were sold at 109.90). I was flabbergasted..I thought it must be some kinda joke. Then I thought hmm, T's too far, too much hassle, have to get to work, no time. I flip the page..and there it was. A similar ad, by hypermarket C, for the exact same deal, same price some more! You should have seen my grin..my megawatt smile could light up the entire neighbourhood!

Heh...so my plan was to rush to work, get to C and buy the thing. Which I did. I anticipated a huge crowd, bustling over limited copies, many disgruntled parents and kids making noise as the hypermarket ran out of copies...but NO. There was NO crowd, No queue, and No empty shelves. The book was in stock at 9.30 am, with many more unsold copies. C had set up a booth outside the main mart, with a checkout counter, so convenient. I had time to decide which cover I wanted, the adult one or the kid one. Obviously I picked the kid one.

So there I was, walking up the escalator to work, grinning from ear to ear. I passed a girl seated on a bench, reading her Potter, the one with the mug and nice paper bag from the bookstore and I thought..hehe...SUCKER!( no offense to all you flers who pre-ordered).I was happy. I got my book, the day of the worldwide release, at 40 BUCKS CHEAPER! Who needs a mug?

My boss meanwhile, sure enough, had pre-ordered and was grumbling. He wasn't happy at paying more than me and many others. He claims it's piracy! Shouldn't be allowed to discount so much! Unfair! Bla,bla...I think, C and T did us consumers all a big favour..they are helping the poor kids who can't afford 109.90 for a book,buy it at a reasonable price, and enjoy it. They are making the bookstores realise that they can't twist our (consumers) arms into buying something that they have absolute control over, price wise.We don't have to pay 109.90 to read it.We don't have to pre-order the book for fear it will be "out of stock". And it definitely makes reading more a joy than a financial burden. 109.90 for a childrens book...think about it.

What I'm not happy about though is this news that even if you had 109.90 to pay, these bookstores won't entertain you, if you didn't pre-order.My money isn't good enough, because I wasn't kiasu enough to order 3 months in advance. Well then, to the kids who didn't pre-order and don't have 109.90 to spend, hop over to you-know-where. It's 69.90 and you could also pick up Milo.

And now, this kid's got a 69.90 book to read.

I got an education....

On RPM that is. Eric educated me, now I know there are 4 formats for RPM..the normal one that makes my legs feel like lead right after, and like jelly the next day, RPM Challenge, which is a full hour of non-stop cycling goodness, RPM PLUS...one hour 15 minutes and then, there's RPM ENDURANCE! Need I say it? One hour and a half of GOF ( Fuh Buh Buh's acronym, i.e Groin On Fire). I do RPM Challenge also nak mampus, wanna do endurance ah? Siau ah?

There's a reason why Hazrin nicked me Shanticombat. ( y'all know him right? Skinny, mamak looking fler, teaches BA,BS,BP? Currently terrorising Island Plaza members?) These legs were built for shuffling, combat stances and occasional high knees NOT for pushing with my heels on that darn pedal. Eric was great, but my wheels were still barely turning. Stuck my bum out, loaded up more, so no more knee pain. Ended up with a pool of sweat under the bike...and now Bh wants me to train for RPM endurance? I'll do it when Fuh Buh Buh does jam, i.e when pigs fly.On another note, GOF doesn't apply to me anymore, must be used to having a hard saddle between my legs..guess I'm no longer a virgin,in RPM. Don't even go there, all you dirty minds you.

It was also nice to see Farid, Diha, Sunshine...your hair looks so much better this way, fresh, young, sexy. Too bad you can't comment. Apparently the PPP I installed comes with "added stuff". So some firewalls don't allow access to the links or comments. No wonder Sunshine disappeared for a while now.

I've been good, controlling my food. So dinner was just some tom yam thingy....not good, but not much oil also la. Had some slightly raw satay, which is acting up on the tummy.See? Been good..so off you go now excess weight!

Friday, July 20, 2007

CC and BCC

No, this one is definitely NOT about an instructor. CC = Cover ca-chang i.e, cover your ass. BCC = BETTER cover ca-chang.

It dawned on me bitterly today that I have to CC and BCC at work. Suddenly I feel like some NASA engineer...warning the higher ups of imminent danger. However, since the problem occurs only when I'm around, apparently it has been deemed "my problem". I feel the next space shuttle will encounter problems and all I can say later is...

"I mentioned the problem on this date...informed management to rectify, request denied..will not claim responsibility."

BCC...better cover ca-chang

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Never say Teoh is F..

What happens when an instructor is told he's put on a bit err..I mean that he's gotten a little f.. errr..I mean that he's not as skinny? Well, if that instructor were Teoh, he'd decide he needed to workout extra hard...AND make the class work out extra hard WITH him.

Frankly, I don't know who told him that he had gotten f.. cos to me, he looked the same as last week. His class however, was NOT the same. And I thought I only get breathless in RPM. Not yesterday. No one walked out dry and breathing normally, it was that intense last night. By the time I got home, all I could do was laze on my favourite place, cos my legs, my bum and strangely my arms were all on mutiny. Could not move.But it did feel good, you know, like great workout pain, good?

Today, was up bright eyed and bushy tailed, all eager to blog...but TMNET decides not to service the PJ area today. Sigh...am now typing this very quickly, just got back from my facial (such bliss) and soon will be off to torture myself more. Looks like I might just get to fulfill my quota this week...yipppeee!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Does BH have to keep his teeth clean just cos you're a dentist?

Shades...ever the joker, was moaning about his GF, and her pressure to stay slim just cos he's a GXC..heh. BH, for the record, keeps his teeth clean and stain free because I routinely bug him about it. I hope Shades doesn't bug Shades gf like I do..can the girl get any skinnier? Woman, I don't think you could ever get fat lar.

Was in uptown last night, BH and I had intended to go for combat. Alas, fate and BH's shoes were not on our side. His shoes decided to be left at home. Luckily I reached an hour earlier. ( see the dedication or not, Shades? ONE WHOLE hour earlier, just for YOUR class) Managed to get my weights quota fulfilled. I think I was too ambitious, because my entire body is rebelling today..am trying very hard to get the arms wo work the fingers to type this.

Anyways, rather than make BH wait and hour plus for me, decided to have chicken instead...we chickened out and we had Ayamas Roasters for dinner. Sorry for the lame pun, but I just couldn't help it. Managed to get home early, catch Traveller episode 7...huiyo, now can't wait for episode 8 and got Ocean's Eleven to watch us..not a bad evening, though without the gym bit.

Don't think I can make my quota for this week. Darn it...supposed to go for step tonight, but can't make Teoh's class. The other class is Eric's in LM, but it's LM...far right? Tomorrow lah.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I signed up for PPP!

Ok, so, many of you have read that this bloggie is under construction, right? Right? You see the PPP badge on the right hand sidebar or not? See or not? If don't see, open your eyes BIG BIG!. Scroll down. Then hor, click on it lar...why? You scared ar? Just click lar...5xmom doing it, so I also kiasu, want to do lar. So, I also joined PPP lor...what do I need to do? What I'm doing now lar..pimp a bit.

So hor, right now, I'm pimping PPP lor! Hopefully can get paid mah...why not? Get to earn extra cash, get to exercise my engrish..heh and also get to LLB...look like busy, in office mah. Fuah, bos think I'm doing mega online research all..good or not?
The "online research" is on online product lar...but still informative, right?

What shall I do with the extra $$$? Shopping, facial, massage, manicure, pedicure ...wah. A lot, hor? Can also save up for trip in September...yeay!

So, if you like blogging, join lar...can earn $$$$...hehehe. So go lar, click on the link. Eh, got 100 words ah? Like school time english exam only, must be 100 words or more.

blog marketing

Oh, this is also a feeble attempt at doing a bimbo blog. Will try harder next time.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Is it an accident when....

A motorcycle who ran a red light gets hit by oncoming traffic?

A drunk guy gets in his car, drives at 120km/h into a tree?

A pedestrian dashes across a busy road, right under an overhead crossing and gets hit by a motorcycle/car/bus/lorry/tanker/...?


Will attempt bimbo blog next time.

A weekend of sorts

Saturday was supposed to be busy...appointments were full. But due to unforeseen circumstances, people didn't show up. What these circumstances were, I have no idea, because they were confirmed appointments...they just forgot to tell us that they were confirmed NOT coming. So there I was, sitting in the office, waiting..

By the time 5pm came around, I was so eager to dash right home..my "weekend" all one day and a bit left of it, had come. BH and I had initially planned to cook at home..a very ambitious project, seeing that I can't cook. ( My brother claims I'm the only person in the world who can burn water). But instead, a gym friend had decided to have a barbecue. So off to Sg. Long we went.

I'm no real fan of barbies...the cooking or the doll, and as most barbies go, the food was mostly burnt on the outside, raw on the inside. By the time the fire was good, hot and not just licking the meat, we'd already been filled up by the backup plan...tah pau of ironically pau and dim sum. Heh.

So the food wasn't great, but heck, the company was ok. BH's friends, tend to get real mellow after some drinks, and drinks were aplenty. Especially BH's contribution to the affair...soju. Them Koreans are cheap drunks, I tell you. the stuff is cheap, yet POTENT! With a fair bit of restraint...wasn't easy, I managed to stay away from most of the alcohol that night. As did BH. We had a long day the next day, meeting my relatives. Have to survive without a hangover lar!

Sunday was my mum's auntie's 80-something birthday. A big thing for someone that age, so off we went to Seremban. The house was a huge place( three houses put together), there were lots of rambutans on the tree's and 3 lovely pet dogs which kept BH pretty much occupied. 100 over sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, cousins, second cousins and children were in attendance. It was big, noisy, but the old lady was happy. So too was my Yee Poh..she finally got to meet BH and she approved happily. What was the term she used...erm "ying chun" I think. Heh...BH, just knows how to get into people's good books I guess.

Lunch was a late affair, at a restaurant in Blossom Garden. BH took pics, so he will put up when he has the time la. But the food was very unique, not your typical sit down chinese fair..Good food was one thing, the other was the family.

By meeting people in my mother's family, her past...I got to know more about her past, her history and about her. And in turn, I learnt a few things about me, about why I have certain eccentricities...heh. Family. What a weekend.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Chicken soup....sounds good for lunch

Chicken little....cute fler, even for an animated character

Chicken shit.....is when you have something to say, but dare not say it

Chicken out.....is what BH and I did last night.

RPM was the plan, combat was the implementation, guilt is the consequence.

My quota? Maybe next week.

Coming soon...my attempt at turning this into a bimbo blog.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Yeay! One more day of work ( Saturday)...then its SUNDAY! And today, BH comes back from Penang! Yeay! BH brings back Ghee Hiang! Yeay!

Seriously, my dog has been missing BH. She actually waits and looks for him, everyday. She must miss the chubby boy who smells nice (like food), who always buys bones for her and always feeds her durians. The fler who spends a lot of time manja-ing and sayang-ing her, everytime he comes over. Hmmm...yes, she misses him. I miss him too. Heh.

I think I have it bad...it's only what, 3 days? Plus, no matter what he does, which annoys the heck out of his cousin,it barely has any effect on me. In fact, I find some of these traits, endearing. Am missing his snoring badly.

But it's FRIDAY! And he's on the way home! Yippie!

Sayang, tengok sini, KIRI

Made it for Jason's BC at The Curve yesterday evening. Finally doing combat after a long hiatus. My legs felt so much lighter after all the BS and RPM classes...but my arms...hmmmph. Like jelly. Couldn't hook,jab,cross or upper without strain and definitely no power. I was all over the place! Looks like I need more practice.

By track 3, I'd lost the contact lens in my right eye and was winking at God knows who and Jason on stage...NOT on purpose. Must have been all that winking that made him single me out...and the dimmed lights at track 5 ( Lady Marmalade) made me shake muh bootie. Sigh, the things I do to embarrass myself.

I dunno if it was because it was a newbie class or if Jason was tired from the pump class he taught earlier, but the dude was taking it a bit too easy for my liking. His techniques, well, I have seen him do much better, power too. But it was an enjoyable class nonetheless, managed to work up a sweat and have to say, Combat makes me sweat more than BS lar..heh.

At the final tracks, noticed two late comers...well three, including YouKh who came in for conditioning. Diha and Elaine were here too...strange, I thought they'd end up at Axis..well, they came in from track 6 onwards, and suddenly the class got a bit noisier..hehehe. Them Amazons.

YouKH, was slated to do Jam right after...that's what he thought and what anyone who checked the online schedule thought. But anyone reading the board at The Curve would think it was Leo's class, cos her name was on it. What really happened? Dunno...in the end, it was JUWITA on stage with You. You, in true Diva style, managed to smile through on stage...though I bet he must be thinking his class got hijacked..poor fella. Can't blame Juwita either...someone must have told her to cover Leo...hmm....

Finished by 8, rushed home to blog...but TMNet was out, so ended up watching Grey's till episode 20 of the latest season. Legs and now arms hurting...if all goes well, I'll head for another torture session of RPM tonight.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Under Construction

Ok, in a bid to spice up my bloggie and earn some cash before a much awaited holiday coming very soon, I am making some changes to the blog.

Notice the colour change? The fonts too? And that huge white space all around? And the PPP badges? Yeah, under construction.

Feedback welcome

I think we're still alive, right?

Yes, Teoh...at least those of us who stayed back for conditioning were...though barely.

BH says that Bodystep doesn't make one sweat, not true. If done at the correct intensity, one sweats buckets. Not as much as RPM, I'll admit, but still a good sweat lar. Of course there are people who go in there, take up a board and take a stroll to the market while the rest of us are huffing and puffing away. Now those people, besides not breaking out in sweat, seriously are taking up space. Space for someone else who WANTS to huff and puff and workup a good sweat. Might as well chill out at the juice bar, right?

Anyways, my original plan was to get to the Curve, for Riyo's class at 7.30. But my 6.00 pm appointment cancelled, so apa lagi? Curi ayam lar...before my receptionist could say "Can I slot in another patient", I was out the door.

I thought the 6.45 class in MML would be ideal, No need to pay 3.50 in tolls to get there, then 1.60 to get home, the class is earlier, therefore I'll finish earlier, get to have dinner and it's Teoh...FBB's FSI. He MUST be good. Now I know why Teoh is FBB's FSI. Sharp, clear instructions and a good presenter to boot. Actually I've yet to meet an instructor who isn't good. All the BS ones seem like happy, energetic little bunnies, hopping up and down that board, effortlessly.

The class itself was as usual FULL. I think most classes in MML are, cos the studio is really small. So, the gate keepers have to be very strict, to prevent illegal immigrants and of course injuries from an overcrowded class. I wonder if they have to attend immigration border crossing training prior to this? At least they smile...the gate keepers in FF, I mean.

Great class anyway, had a good work out, managed to feel less guilty about the "somethings for BH to hold on to" that seem to have magically appeared recently around my mid-section. Gosh...two weeks no combat and already fat. I guess if I do have a heart attack, I'll fare better than when I was thinner. Still confused about that one.

So, as in all of life these days, I must have a quota. You know lar, now everything also got quota one...entrance into local uni, sales per day/month/year, number of certain lawyers in firms that are hired by certain banks,etc. So I should have a work out quota lar. Otherwise, how to get rid of those "something for BH to hold on to?". Heh.

So, my quota shall be like this:

2-3 Bodystep or Bodycombat classes per week
( or a combination of these classes.)

1-2 RPM classes a week....or just 1 RPM challenge a week

1 session ( 1 hour minimum) of weights...circuit training
2 sessions of weights, divided into upper body and lower body
3 sessions of weights, divided into legs/arms, chest/back and shoulders

Lets see lar, if I can follow the quota...
Hopefully those "something for BH to hold on to" will disappear as quickly as they appeared.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Calling all Floggers!!!...

( and wannabe floggers), do I have one for you. Can anyone, find me food that taste good, and is healthy? I DON'T mean HEALTHIER...like BK's chicken Sandwich is better than McD's cos it has no mayo. No, I mean HEALTHY...and not fruits either. Lets face it...fruits, good, healthy, but not always tasty. I mean good FOOD, like Penang CKT from Lorong Selamat, good without the artery clogging fat and oil. Get my drift?

This all came to me at lunch today, As I ate my "Penang" prawn mee, which had more oil than noodles. I swear, I could hear my cardiac arteries clogging up and hardening as I swallowed. And there I thought I didn't want too much oil in lunch...never seen a prawn noodle with that much oil before, but anyways, is it even possible to have good, tasty food that IS healthy? That doesn't in some way or other cause some kinda illness/sterility/malignancy in the future?

Even meat...read the paper today? Higher risk of cancer in women who eat more meat.Also in today's paper and on a lighter( pun intended) note...apparently if you're fat, you're more likely to survive a heart attack..Right now my brain is still trying to digest this piece of news..so, should I work out? Shouldn't I? What if by working out, if I get a heart attack, I'd die, just cos I wasn't fat enough? Confusion, confusion...anyway I digress.

Back to topic...Food. Good, healthy food...taste good, doesn't kill you, now or in the future or in your future generations? Is there such a thing? What if everything we eat will eventually cause something to go wrong in our bodies? Does this mean everything that goes into our mouths, actually kills us? Is this the secret of life? Hmmm.......or maybe someone should just invent some kinda drink that eliminates all the fat, oil, cholesterol, carcinogens and what not in our food? Maybe that would be easier, huh? Then we can eat all the CKT we want, gulp down this magic formulae....and live forever! Hmmm...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday ramblings

In an attempt to get VJ to blog, have now added him to my list of links under...Long hair down south. Just in case people reading this misunderstand, just, ok, just.....by "Long hair" I mean the hair on his head and by "down south" I mean in a country down south. So don't you go getting any funny ideas!

It's another day in la la land....where people try their darndest to cover backside. I'm sure in any office scenario, there will be a lot of this going on. And obviously, there is a lot of this in mine. For a quick way to get over this, I suggest watching Just Follow Law, a movie from down south coincidentally, by Jack Neo, starring Fann Wong and Gurmit Singh. BH and I finished it last night and were pretty much cackling all the way. Also highly recommended for people who just had a healthy dose of bureaucracy and am feeling the need to laugh it off.

Office politics aside...today is Tuesday, which means its another 1,2,3,4,5 days to SUNDAY! Am counting down the days...thats how pathetic I am about work right now. Am also counting down till September...hehehehe...I'm flying on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again! I can't wait! Really, I can't...have already started packing, with another 2 more months and 8 days to go.

Monday, July 09, 2007

A very meaty weekend

Have not been to the gym the past 3 days. Friday was recovery from BS day. Saturday...well, Can't really make any classes since I work till 5. Which just left Sunday. Had all the good intentions of going to the gym, but instead...well, it's SUNDAY! You know, REST day? The day one takes to enjoy the weekend before MONDAY?

Anyways, BH and I spent the weekend gorging ourselves...for the most part of it anyway. To celebrate 7/7/07, we decided to hit Jake's Charbroiled in Medan Damansara. I had the lamb, he had his burger. My rack of lamb came in a big portion, with fat still on the thing. Lovely on the palate, really bad on the diet. But sooooo tender and juicy. We finished it up, potatoes and all, washed it all down with Hoegarden and some kinda beer which I can't pronounce from Germany, some Weiss....yadda,yadda. His burger wasn't that great though.

Sunday...well, the feasting on Sunday began on Saturday morning for BH. For some reason only known to him, he suddenly had the urge to make his own burgers. And this before we decided to hit Jake's. I suppose he just woke up one day and said "Hey, I bet I can make better burgers from scratch than that Azim fler". So he was up very early ( for him ) on Saturday, he actually went off to market, and bought the meat...pork, mutton, spam, franks and anything else that he fancied, went home, marinated the stuff and then started planning how to cook it. Did I mention the Internet research on burger pattie making? So the burger at Jake's failed to impress, BH was all determined to make better burgers, albeit not with beef, cos I'm intolerant.

So Sunday morning dawned...after a late Saturday night, I had planned to go for BS at 10.30. Was debating on doing that OR getting my hands into some meat mix and helping BH make them burgers. Playing with meat sounded so much more fun. So that's what we did, Sunday morning, mixing, making and frying mutton, pork and mutton-pork mix burgers.

The mutton had a very strong smell, but was GOOD. The pork...whoa! Nice, tender and absolutely yummy! I think I had one mutton, one pork and half a pork-mutton mix pattie and these weren't your regular sized patties, these were like Chillies burgers sized patties...that much meat! Everyone, BH, his mum and dad, brother and sister in law all had some...and everyone praised him. Even his mum....repeatedly saying it tasted good. Looks like BH is right...he can make better burgers and that Azim Fler, and even better than Jakes.

Am thinking BH will blog once he has the time, pics and all...he's the flogger mah. Right now, I'm feeling kind weird. Can too much meat over the weekend cause a meat hangover on Monday? Or is it just me...having them usual Monday blahs?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Boogie nights

I thought I thsaw a puddy...wait, that can't be right. It should be ...I thought I saw a Lion dancing! I did, I did see a Lion dancing...kekekeke.

BH and I decided to hit Uptown tonight, he for RPM, and me for my first BS class of the entire week! I was all excited and it was Anthony's class, I like his class, he's always smiling! Walked in and lo and behold, who do I see? A Lion in the den....and Anthony proves my suspicions correct. Lion is a king of LM programmes ( with Jam the only exception, unless I'm mistaken). Anthony asked us mere mortals to look at Lion if we got lost, cos he's the expert...hehehehe.

The class was sooo worth it. Not only did I get a great workout ( my ass hurts right now) I got to see some shimmy-ing and sashay-ing from Lion. And Lion, you can get down with it, Anthony is right. Since I've done my tour of Les Mills programmes, when will you do yours, with Jam included? The next thing I wanna see is Fuh Buh Buh sashay-ing and shimming-ing...I hope pigs learn to fly fast. But heck, if I, the die hard former combat fanatic who swore off ANY kind of exercise involving a bike, can make it through RPM challenge...I'm sure one day yet, we'll see a FBB boogie-ing away in Jam...right?

BH on the other hand had an RPM instructor who instructs himself in class...hmmm..but BH being BH, would still have sweat buckets. And right now, BH is looking pretty darn cute, lying on my bed, with his notebook, pretending to be busy...I know, its a "hmmph menyampah" moment for most of you reading...but heck..So What?!!

Anyways, the class left me on an adrenaline high and a wet t-shirt....so yes, I do sweat in Step. Unfortunately I had a run in with what I'd like to call one of those sour faced-get out of my way-haughty female types in the lockers. You know, the ones who stare at you with the stare of death just because your locker is next to theirs, and you need to get something from it, while they're there? The kind who leaves the locker door( upper locker) open, for you to hit into once you straighten up from taking something from your lower locker? The kind who leaves tissue's and trash around the locker for the cleaning lady to pick up? Yeah, one of those. If looks could kill, I'd have been hit by a bullet straight the heart...my "Sorry, excuse me" didn't placate the B....I mean woman. Oh well, the world is full of interesting creatures.

So, this week has been fun...Combat, RPM challenge, Step...no Jam this week. I've retired from pump too. Tomorrow...either weights or maybe another RPM. Will have to see how my ass feels in the morning.

I Finally Did It!

I thought Monday would be a busy day and I was right. I just didn't expect Tuesday and Wednesday to be busy as well. With cases to juggle, a brother's friend, in pain to treat and a new assistant , it has been a challenging 3 days. Nevertheless, I finally did it....I can proudly proclaim now, that I've done ALL the Les Mills programmes, at least once.

Lets see, BP, BC, BS, BB (yep, in Sweat Club), BJ ( oh yes, and I have Faz to testify to this), BA ( I did, REALLY, TWICE!), RPM and finally RPM CHALLENGE. BH and I decided to go for RPM on Tuesday, so we went to Axis, him very,very excited and me...well....

We got there and only realised it was a challenge class when we saw the registration board. Shucks...I wanted soooo badly to take the easy way out and go for Crystal's Combat instead, but since it was still 32, and BH was all gung ho about Challenge, I decided, die, die lor...worse come to worse, just have BH carry me out. Hehehehe.

It was Lynn's class. Nice kid that one, very friendly, checks on the members before class. Pity she's so petite, I couldn't see her at all. There was a rather large regular seated in front of me. Good thing Lynn has this lovely loud voice. Most of the time, the only thing keeping me from giving up was her voice, pushing me on. Seriously, I still can't get that bloddy wheel to turn fast enough. I mean, my resistance isn't turned up that much ( mine clicks once, everyone elses clicks a few times!). But that darn wheel, just won't budge.

And there I thought I have strong legs...jeeez. It's not the breathlessness that gets me, its the pain. Am I supposed to feel pain in my knees? What am I doing wrong? Can someone please explain....Shades? Lion? Anyone?

The class made me sweat buckets..I mean real buckets, my top totally drenched. Even BH said I sweat. ( Apparently I don't seem to in BS, so he says). But I also realised that my current absolute dreaded words and phrases in the English vocabulary are "Dial up, Turn, Take it" and "Hill climb".

But I must say, though you'd probably never see me on a bike on a road somewhere ( I can't imagine spending a few grand on two wheels anyway), you might see me in RPM and Challenge yet. The adrenaline rush and feeling of accomplishment at the end is addictive enough. I mean, I come out going "I survived, oh, what did you do?Combat? Pffft.....I survived RPM Challenge!"

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Not so leisurely Monday in Leisure Mall

Mondays always prove challenging. It's a busy day, with many patients to attend to. On top of that, yesterday was only the 3rd day my new assistant was on the job, hence a very tired me. It takes a lot of repetition ( and patience) to train a new DSA, especially one just out of school.

Thankfully she's not all that blur and can pick up quite quickly, but the learning curve is steep. Just have to keep taking very DEEP breaths. Am amazed that my patients too are very patient once we explain the situation, enough to give the new ( and slower) girl a chance. Least she's not as bad as what I've had to work with before and for that, I'm very thankful.

Plus, the BOSS came back from hols and guess who had the guts to give him a status report on all the mice happily playing while the cat was away? The usual office politics, with a dash of drama and blame slinging thrown in is enough to create a huge headache. So, by the time I finished the last patient, I was eager enough to get out of there and into the jam around the mall.

It took me a good 45 minutes to reach LM. BH, who had left before me, reached 10 minutes ahead...but since he'd been pointing out that we have not been back in our home gym for a while...I felt it was ok la. After hours, everywhere also jam what? Might as well make a trip "home" where the canto pop stars roam.

LM is way different from the others...almost to the point you need a visa to get in...hehehehe. The official language is Cantonese, the official stand is...So What? We like it OUR way...hehehe. LM members got spunk, I tell you. They'll joke about fishballs, height and mannerisms and they don't really care who's on stage. If it's a class they wanna attend, they'll show up, no matter who's teaching.

So anyway, we were there for combat...it was 32 ALL THE WAY, I can't stress it enough, Track 1 :32, Track 2 :32 , Track 3:32, you get the point.Teeheee. After a week plus of not doing combat, I can still hook!!! But as BH said, no power. What to do? No practice mah.

It was Cheng and Nicholas on stage, both have gotten better since I last saw them. Cheng's instructions were very clear, timing is good and I'm sure newbies can follow. Nicholas has got more power, he just has to get rid of the accent. So the combo of the two of them, made for a very enjoyable class. The class was packed as usual, it's LM, its always packed, except for 5.30 classes lar. the usual LM suspects were in class, with a few who have gone astray...by that I mean to IOI.

Finally got my groove for combat back....am feeling it now. Mostly in my shoulders. Looks like I'm gonna be back in combat class soon...can't wait till next week when they start mixing!!! Will probably still carry on terrorising the RPM and BS classes, and might even someday, actually terrorise a Jam class...

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Was driving along dreamily on saturday morning to work , thinking about training new assistant, patients and cases I have to work on, when I pulled up at the traffic lights and I saw next to me....

....................................................................Optimus Prime?

Ok, maybe I've got too much Transformers on my brain, it is a bit of a stretch, but the colour same mah?

Which then made me dream....what if my car was an Autobot? Fuuuiyoh...can transform into some cool chick robot, with the ability to surf over floods ( and traffic in jams). Kekekeke. Wouldn't that be nice?