Monday, November 30, 2009

The weight gain

4 kilo's, thats how much weight I've gained. My tummy is no longer flat (the six pack loooooong gone lah), my bum is wider, my legs, chunkier. In fact, my belly is round, almost like a mini beer belly. And I now have a hint of a muffin top.

But, am I worried? Am I flabbergasted? Nope. Why? Because my body is doing exactly what it's supposed to and BH loves the curves anyway. ( Not that he has the freedom to complain). See, its all normal for a 13 week pregnancy. Yup! BH and I have a tiny little kid growing in my belly. Our lifetime commitment, half BH, half me, 100% ours and suku indian.

We count everyday as a blessing to have the little one! And its time to feed me...cos I'M HUNGRY!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


It's funny how after more than a year here, I'm feeling homesick again. I'm not homesick for the home I lived in for 31 years of my life. Nor am I homesick for the home I spent 6 months in as a married woman with her in-laws. I'm homesick for the tiny apartment that we bought together as husband and wife in which we spent a mere 3 months living in. I really miss our home and its true, home really is where the heart is. I guess my heart is there for now.

Those were the happiest times of my life, other than my childhood of course. But being able to live on our own for the very first time, in a home that we both purchased together and playing the whole nesting thing was fun. I guess I miss that a lot because these days we live in houses/ apartments that are rented, not our own. And its not home..not really.

I hope someday my kids get to see our home, some day....

Oh on an exciting note, BH and I made a life long commitment 3 months ago...heh

Thursday, November 12, 2009


It is now 4.13 pm, on a working day, with no patient...that means, it's time to blog! Having left the blog idle for a good while, it's time to start typing on the olde keyboard again, don't you think?

It seems almost inevitable for almost anyone who decides to sign up with blogger or wordpress or whatever. You lose interest and blog less until eventually you blog no more.(Oi Shades, what happened????)

Unless of course you are one of those super-duper- always-got-stuff-to-say-people-who-just-can't-shut-up-and-have-to-blog-like-every-day-kinda-person la. Well, I tend to blog when I want to....emotional=me ;) Even more so now..the weight gain has caused a flurry of hormones..or maybe its the other way round? Either way..I'm either emotionless or full or emotion. Heh.And I blog WHEN I WANT TO.;)

Anyways, ain't got no pictures, cos the nice ones went "missing" and the food ones aren't nice. Am not nor will ever post pictures of fat me unless I have to under duress, which is most likely never. So sorry, no pics...unless my emotions decide otherwise. See what I mean?I'm hot and cold at the same time.

Have not been sleeping well lately either..funny dreams with Japanese anime characters don't help. Neither does 34 degree DRY heat, a stuffed nose, indigestion and the need to pee 10 million times a night. My body is no longer mine. It now has a mind(and emotions) of its own. All I can do is sit back and deal with it..oh and try to get back to the gym of course. That might help, hopefully. But I'm just soooo freaking tired all the time ( and lazy). is also time to change

Monday, November 02, 2009

Spring Cleaning

It's finally happened, after a year of being here. My clothes don't fit anymore. My jeans and most of my pants can't zip up.Too tight! My summer dresses which I brought back from KL, can't fit pass my urm...chest. Geez...I've gone fat.Flabby arms, wobbly tummy, jiggly name it, I got it!

Had to get some spring cleaning done..into storage the clothes have gone. Perhaps someday they will see the light of day again. There's always hope. What to do? Food here is good, classes, not so much. Too busy to work out, too sick(excuse) to as well..

Oh well,gives me a real good reason to shop! Weeeeee.......

Spring's been bad, with that horrid cold that as not gone away...sigh. On the bright side, my pandan chiffon cake finally worked out ok. Hence the weight gain also la.Baking experiments. On hindsight, BH is bearing the brunt of my baking, he finishes it off most the time! Needless to say, we have both been urm...sihat walafiat..

Gonna be a fat lady soon, but this fat lady ain't singing any final songs.

Spring to clean up the abode before the parental units arrive...and hope I don't look too shocking then!