Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fly away with me....

It's done, we've booked the tickets, we're going..now all I can hope for is that things work out. It's gonna be tough, but it's better than living from day to day, like a frog in steadily boiling water, complacent and happy being stuck in a rut.

Yup, our adventure begins October 6th!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ten things

To do before the end of September:

1) Handle legal affairs

2) Sell the car

3) Sell the apartment

4) Rent out the apartment

5)Make a trip to Penang ( thanks Nut, for bringing up the issue of Penang Food!!!!)

6) Make a trip to Bukit Tinggi ( I've never been), Langkawi( Just for the booze), Camerons ( Bern's never been), PD ( Just for the heck of it, why not do a berkelah-kelah outing?) and wherever else I can't think of now

7)Pack up stuff and ship over

8) Settle parent's teeth

9) Get facials/hair do's/massages all done, cos it probably costs a bomb there. Besides, I still have unused treatment sessions.

10) Say goodbye..sniff,sniff...sniff......wah!!!!!!

Yea, we are going.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Faith, you gotta have some, cos that's the only thing you can fall back on, when times get tough. Be it faith in zeal, faith in God, faith in yourself or faith in others. And sometimes, with faith, you gotta let go.

Yup, faith...

Monday, August 18, 2008


Yelar, some people really know how to make me wait. Punctuality is gone these days, heck, if we were punctual, wedding dinners would start on time, right? And we ALL know that doesn't happen, not unless pigs fly, right?

Wokay, since I'm waiting, I might as well blog. Well, I'm bored..scrabulous friend busy at work, Bh also busy at work and I'm broke, otherwise I'd work my credit card out...heh. So, what should I blog about? Hmm..how about chicken pox? Yea, Varicella Zoster primary infection. ( secondary one is shingles,lah..so if you never had pox, you'll never get that nasty ring of roses from hell lah.)

Yea, Chicken Pox..not to be confused with the deadly Small Pox. Chicken Pox is highly contagious, apparently, some American researchers claim that if you were in a different aisle at the supermarket from someone who was contagious, you could get it too. Oh, but don't worry, chances are past the age of 20, you'll probably have gotten it already. If you haven't, join me..

Normally it takes about 7-10 days after getting the virus that you exhibit symptoms. If you are an adult, that means fever first, then the blisters or pox which normally starts from the abdomen to the face/hands/legs. Kids get the rash, then the fever..What does the rash look like? Red, fluid filled blisters, ALL OVER, not just ONE..

How long does the rash lasts? Typically a week, then it dries up and scabs over..unless of course there's some mega new treatment whereby after even one week, there are no signs whatsoever of the pox at all..no scabs, nothing.

Then again, maybe it wasn't chicken pox after all..

Which reminds me..I should go get myself immunized..

Monday Blues..

Time to chase them away..some pics of Ed post-nip & tuck surgery..hehehehe

Ok, so it's right after surgery, the surgery itself didn't start to work yet, hence....

But he still looks cute anyway, right?

See? Didn't change him one bit..still can grab his ball..heh

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I wonder....

If leopards change their spots?

If a man who sashays rather than walks is gay?

Why do people paint their car the colour of Brinjal ( Aubergine,la)?

Why people jump to conclusions which are very often the wrong ones?

What my life would be like after Sunday?

It's Wednesday, and I've got issues..:)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Making myself and people happy

It's a miserable Monday, especially when your vision does not tally with your office colleagues. Luckily I have BH and his amazing camera skills..enjoy!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bit by the Bug and it's raining twins!

Well, at least in Hollywood anyway. The latest being the King's daughter, joining a whole list of celebs...it's like the in thing. First came the little doggies that fit in a purse ( remember Paris?), then came getting preggers ( Nicole Ritchie, Ashley Simpson,Jessica Alba) just before getting hitched and now, to trump even that, they are breeding in multiples!

Ok, the first two, us mere mortals maybe can follow lah, but the twins thing? Can't imagine going on fertility drugs just to keep up with the Brangelinas, can you?

Anyway, it's flu season, in case you're one of the few chosen ones not to have picked it up. Bh and I aren't...one of those who escaped it. We've been sick for half a month now, on and off. Well, its a bug, we probably picked it up from the pool..or my patient who happily announced he was sick and said "I hope I don't pass it to you"..right...

So yea, the bug. And by the way, if you happen to be on antibiotics you cannot, I repeat CANNOT, drink...duh? Ok, Mr. "If I were to take it in the morning can I drink in the evening"?

Watched Wanted last night. Totally unrelated to the title, I know, but why not? BH found it entertaining. Apart from the scenes from the trailer, I thought it reminded me of a Stephen Chow movie..total and utter nonsense. Yes, Angie looked hot, but other than that, come on..no way lah! Buy the dvd, don't waste money at the cinema, seriously.

Oh..Online Pub's today's special is Pork Chops..there goes the blardy diet

Monday, August 04, 2008

Naked women or koala?

Obviously if you're HRH Nut, you'd chose Koala, right? Well...we gave him naked women once in a while. And if you're suddenly thinking he's gone the other way, think again. The naked women were printed on shot glasses filled with tequila. And since GoBI only brought 2 shot glasses, the other option was koala. Need more glasses for round 2!!!!

It was fun..heck, why wouldn't it be? Seeing as there was food, music and friends? Especially when you have friends like Jack Daniels?

It started early for BH, with him going over to mum's to cook the curry. ( While I was at work, and yes, I am so lucky to have a hubby who cooks..;)) When that was done, we still had time for a quick swim..hehehehe..yes, I can swim a bit now!!!

By 7 plus, Bel was the first to arrive, minus her sister & BIL, but with brownies..yummy! then came the folks with the food and friends slowly trickling in. I thought it would be 20 plus people, cos someone over in Kuching told me Eric was bringing a party of 8! Did he mean 8 actual people or 3 flers with the appetite of 8?

The kudikarans were the last ones to show up and the last to leave..obviously. Can't remember much of that night now, except certain scenes with Jr. spilling wine on himself, Chris not knowing how to play Uno and BH totally wasted by 2 am. Oh..do remember that Faz's modular noodle salad was good, Bel's brownies were yummy, the tequila was not as bad as I thought it would be and the curry...woooo, my baby can cook.

For a more lucid description of what went on, go here. For description on the brownies, go here. Can hardly wait for round 2..how's the 30th?