Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Desperate Housewives

Ok, Ive been having too many marathons featuring 40ish good looking ladies who do nothing all day but gossip,because my life since 31st August, mirrors them.

Typical day...wake up, make breakfast for BH, go to gym after BH goes to work, lunch, shop a bit,then head off for 2 hour massage, then get home to cook dinner ( 2 dishes one soup kind), then have dinner with BH, go for after dinner stroll to buy groceries, then a late night swim in pool then back home to spend time with BH in front of tv.

Ah..the life of a See Lai...nice? Well, I forgot to mention the other things I've been doing, like packing up, all our stuff into boxes, settling the car loan so it can be sold, legal matters that have to be sorted out regarding our home,running around with mum and dad for his eye surgery, trying to sort out dad's and BH's dental issues, trying to get some studying done, I have to sit for an exam soon, getting new employment requirements done...

Yeah, soon my housewife days will be over, then it's will be wake up at 6, breakfast of cereal, head to work which is a 1 1/2 hour drive away, work till 5, head home which is another 1 1/2 hrs, maybe make a quick dinner, then zzzzz and repeat the next day for 5 days...


Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Initially, I'd wanted to blog on the very last day of work. However, it was last Saturday and like every Saturday, it was busy. Plus I was lazy,heh.

The last day, well, the last week was a trying week indeed. It almost always is, I figure. But in that last week, I learnt many things, good and bad. And even though I told myself, no tears, well, they welled up when Devi, my assistant started tearing. I'm a sucker for other people's tears. Sigh..I'm gonna miss her. And Nor, Rozi, Noraini and Prema. They made my life there easier, we shared hopes, dreams, frustrations ( mostly about work) and of course laughter.

Nor and I have been at the practice for 7 years now. Time flew by, we never gave goodbyes a thought. But eventually, it was time. I wonder what Devi's day would be like today, now that I'm not there. I can only hope that she and the others will be ok.

As for me..heh, Merdeka celebrations were indeed Merdeka celebrations! Sunday was fun filled and sleep deprived. BH and I awoke early cos we had to make refreshments for church. heck, I'd only been baptised 2 weeks and they already gave me "privileges". Heheheh..not complaining,ok? But it was fun, as it usually is, cooking with BH.

Sunday was also our pool party..aka lets throw Gobi into the pool event. There were floating branches and even one wet Jr. Lots of food, new friends made, the beer boys learnt how to appreciate a Cosmo and Booker now has new fans. Yup...another late night at DPC, the guards must think we're Party Central, I think they're right. The usual suspects refused to leave, as usual, until the rooster crows. Ok, this time they left early, at 5am. I think the next time, I'll just have them bring sleeping bags. Might as well have breakkie after, eh?

Will blog about Sunday once BH does the pics. It's more fun blogging about it with pics of the floating branch..until then, I'm sure Nut has some account of the proceedings, so go to www.tykeonabike.blogspot.com