Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I wish I could blog but got no time larrr

Things are hitting full swing at the moment, cos it's only err 10 days to D-day. Yikes!

Really short of time and energy at the moment, cos Bh and I have been super busy running up and down with renovation and wedding prep. Oh times, it seems we've both lost our heads and are basically doing very accurate impersonations of headless chickens.

Thank God for faith and family and friends.

All I can hope and pray for is that everyone at least enjoys the show..and oo...I am soooooo looking forward to Lannngggg Kaaaaa Weeeeeeee!

( Oh, did I forget to mention that our Firefly flight from Subang had been cancelled? As of June 9th, although the ads say they fly from Subang to Langkawi, they don't. Route discontinued..our flight, got "upgraded" to a MAS one, from KLIA...Bh still trying to get them to reimburse travel expenses. Last I checked, KLIA is what 60 km from Subang? Next time, fly Air Asia man!!!!)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dragon Unleashed in Desa Park City!

Remember when this happened? Yea well..just over a year after that incident, guess what happens? My Car kena bang again lar..ok, I'm exaggerating. The paint got scratched, on the bumper, by yet another woman..sigh..

It was about 9 plus pm, Bh needed cash..we had been to the apartment just to check on things. And guess what? Nothing was done..everything was just as we left it a few days ago, despite us rushing our contractor. Needless to say I was pissed and pretty upset. Eh, you try being a hormonal woman planning wedding,renovation, career change and busy work schedule at the same time and see? I bet you'd be emotional too, ok?

So there I was, in the car, waiting for Bh who had walked into the bank. And then I feel the car get raised and a thud. So I jumped out lar..and see this young chiku, had double parked her car, right onto my bumper!!! And best of all, she didn't even realise she'd hit my car. Talk about, it's DPC lar..there's like a foot of pedestrian walkway space from the parking lot onto the road, ok? And this girl..went straight into the bumper.

Apa lagi? Me with bad mood all..poor girl. Hell hath no fury like me when I'm upset. Bh came out to see his normally cool wife (under most situations) just blasting the poor girl. ( Poor and not so smart lar). All over a paint scratch. I now realise it wasn't that bad lar..but at that moment, huiyo!!! The fire dragon in me was let loose lah.

Even the security guard came to see what the commotion was about. I'm sure he was pretty glad I was screaming at the girl, cos he'd been spending his whole evening shoo-ing people who'd double parked..and you know what? There was ample parking available..just walking distance away. .a point the guard happily made as well.."A lot of parking lah!!" those were his words..

After much of me yelling..we finally decided to let the girl off until we get the damage evaluated. Small re-paint, would costs about 200 bucks. Thankfully she was the honest type and actually paid for the damages and at this very moment, Khar is being repainted..I bet she ( the young chiku) learned her lesson. Oh, and she just got her licence but was driving without a P..tsk,tsk.

And what about my contractor? Hmm.. after some noise from me, his new associate, a more responsible guy, has finally started on some work, with some good deadlines. This guy, who'd just joined like a week ago, suddenly found himself thrust into a project which was a mess and worse still, with a very,very upset client. But at least he's been all I can hope for is for the job to be done on time and for me NOT to unleash the dragon again!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I can't breathe..but I can blog about it!

Yea, planning a wedding ( or in our case the blessing and dinner, since we are, technically wed) is a huge stress..Planning a wedding and home renovations at the same time, an even bigger stress. Planning a wedding, home renovations and possible career changes at the same that's stress!!!

All things happen at pretty much the same time these days..and to top it all off, work is hectic for both BH and I. And so, both of us are barely breathing most the time. Ahhh time..something we don't have the luxury of these days.

Currently our biggest stress is our home. It was supposed to have been completed a month ago, what our contractor initially estimated, but now, 2 months plus since work began, it's not done. Apparently, this is a norm. When your contractor says 2 weeks, he means 2-3 months or there abouts. And we didn't even do much..sigh.

So, these days, we actually have a valid excuse not to go for Shades class..and when we do show up, our sleep deprived, food deprived ( diet mah) bodies just give way..heh.Looks like we won't see much of a gym in a while yet..maybe after the honeymoon lah!

Sorry Shades..can't stalk you tonight. Wanted to, but it looks like we have to go shopping for taps and kitchen fixtures. It seems, when we get the stuff for our contractor instead of relying on him to source for it, things move faster. We're on a deadline, I really hope we can make it!

Thursday, June 05, 2008


As many of you know, Bh and I actually met at the gym..which is why THE gym is using our faces on their website ( haha FBB..can't skip seeing us, now!!!). But of course, all this, him-me, how we met, how it ended up this way, everything, basically is , for lack of a better word, kismet.

See, when me met, I was in Cheras LM..anyone will tell you, that's miles from where I live. Why was I there? I was following my PT who left Cali for FF in yea, from being able to work out right where I work, I drove all the way to LM.

When we met, Bh was just recovering from a romantic setback..strangely enough, so was I. And, we'd both decided to hang the people who hurt us and move on..

The timing must have been right, the stars aligned..cos I stood, in combat class, right smack in BH's usual spot.

A smile turned into an exchange of numbers which turned into a date which turned into a relationship which turned into a marriage.

You know what else is cool? Wilson..yea, Wilson, the senior who's shoes I remember so well. You know why? Cos Wilson, was Bh's classmate in school. Wilson, was my senior in dental school and Wilson still has no freaking idea that BH and I got together..I'm sure he'd be mind boggled as to how it happened.

Plus, I went to Bh's school for sixth then, he'd left for college, so we never met there. And you know what else? Bh's brother was classmates with two of my childhood friends brothers, his brother's friend is a patient, his boss knows my brother ( and they went to a rival school of ours) and Bh's surname is the same as my neighbours and my brother's in-laws.( though all not related).

So yea..kismet..or coincidence, small world, smaller town..heh.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Orientation week

A few things triggered memories of many years ago..10 years, to be close. One was of course I-ben's mail on prom dresses that should never see the light of day, the other, I-ben again, recalling my horrid hair days and thirdly and more importantly, the addition of a senior into a friend's facebook circle..It's amazing how much these facebook notifications can upset you!

Yea, so there we were, all green and wet behind the ears..into the first week of our 5 year long torture..suffice to say, most of the torture was in that one week, the rest was on and off sadistic bits of pain.

I still remember it like it were yesterday, looking at Wilson's shoes ( there's a funny story about this fler, to come later), cos we weren't allowed to look up. Only allowed to look down, at the floor..not at our seniors faces. So we identified them by their shoes..Wilson's were always spotless and shiny. Of all the seniors, I liked him ( and Larry) the most.

Anyway, I-ben and I did many strange funny things, we were forced to pretend like we were Moulder and Scully, and run around the lecture hall, fighting aliens only visible to us. Him being Scully and me, Moulder..why? Cos' I-ben actually is a Scully..heh.

It was ok lar..Malaysian styled ragging. I really don't know why we took it at all. One of us actually rebelled and did they them to shove it, by not showing up for orientation "sessions". He ended up Cleo Bachelor of the much for being the obedient kids.

But what I hated the most was this one particular senior..she was I think 2 or 3 years our senior. It wasn't what she made me do, it was what she said that hurt the most. Plus she had this snide look on her face, the kind you just love to hate. Pretty though that face was, it was not pretty to look at, because of what comes out of that mouth.

That day, I wore a very long dress, one of those things I had back then, when money ( and fashion sense) were a little tight. I recall her saying,

"Why are you so fat? You look like you're pregnant"

I can't remember just what it was that made her say that, or why she did. Why would my weight ever matter? All I can remember is feeling very,very bad..on top of all my insecurities ( being in a new environment, away from home and all), she had to pile on the weight issue. Yea, I was chubby, but did you have to be so mean?

Well, needless to say, for a while, that broke me, my self confidence dropped a bit..but thanks to I-ben and many other friends, eventually, it went away..right after graduation, with some money to spend, guess who joined a gym? Guess who lost all that weight?

And oh...guess who's on Marie Claire's 10 Women of Style and Substance this month? Ya, that right, that would be me.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It must be a chinese thing..

Yea, nothing compells the Indian bit of me to grab a mic and wail my lungs out in a darkened room to background music with lyrics projected on a screen to ( occasionally) corny music videos..

Bh's first uncle turned 70 recently, and Bh's cousin's decided to throw him a surprise party.... at a karaoke joint. The whole family is in on the karaoke thing..and some, pretty good at it too, like Uncle Wilson. He crooned out oldies like a pro!

But me? I stayed away..heck, I'm Indian darn it! I only feel compelled to sing in the shower/ in my car when Queen or Aerosmith plays on the radio..not in front of relatives. Unless of course, it's on a big stage, in front of many people and I'm a star, like Jacklyn Victor..but still, I can't imagine her doing karaoke.

Hence, it can't be an Indian thing..especially with Bollywood being mostly lip-synced productions.

More proof was in the language selection of said machine..

1) English
2) Malay
3) Chinese
4) Hindu

Yup, if Indians frequented the joint, someone would surely have pointed out the's Tamil/Telegu/Urdu/Malayalee/Gujerati/Punjabi/whatever dialect from India, because EVERYONE knows that Hindu is a religion, not a language, right?

Unless of course, they actually have songs in Sanskrit..the language used in that, would be amazing!

So yeah, I'm thinking it's a Chinese thing..well, probably not an Indian thing..or maybe..just not a me thing.