Friday, June 05, 2009

The Queen's Birthday

And before you even go there, no, I'm not talking about you, Nut. I'm talking about the real Queen. Besides, there are a few others who refer to themselves as Queen here..

Anyway, it's a public holiday tomorrow to commemorate this and since it's a Saturday tomorrow, we get Monday off! Boss gave me Tuesday as an ADO (Accrued day off), so, I've got a 4 day weekend!!!!! Whee!

So, what does one do with 4 free days? Sleep in for one, must remember to turn the alarm off. 6.30 is an ungodly hour, no matter where in the world you are.
Other than that, I'm stumped..maybe I shuld spend some time reflecting. Hmmmm

So, things I've learnt so far..

1) Current notebook is crap, te "H" button doesn't work well. Do you know ow many words tere are in te englis language that as a "h" in it? Correcting the spelling on the "h"'s tat don't appear is a nigtmare.

2) I don't feel cold anymore. I used to shiver at 20 degrees, now it can be 16 and I call it a beautiful day!

3) I know what a chicken feels like when it's being roasted in the oven. That day in the summer when it hit 40 degrees with hot,dry air blowing was enough.. I doubt I'll be complaining about winter.

4) I actually am starting to enjoy my job. The druggies/loonies/weirdos that we see on a regular basis just adds flavour..heh.Of course there are really nice people out there.. mostly the people I work with.

5) I will always miss my parents, family,friends (esp the kudikarans, you know who you all are),dog,nasi lemak in banana leaf. Oh, and drunken poolside parties. Also not forgetting Xavier,Colin, Raymond and Lawrence at Online..I miss those pork ribs. This will bring me to number 6.

6) I miss pork..Aussie pork is smelly, like really smelly.. eeeyyerrr.. cannot tahan.

7) Have yet to find really good Guinness..have not explored pubs here yet. Have discovered apple,strawberry,cherry and pomegranate flavoured Belgian beer though. Oh and something called Muscato..might never explore pubs at this rate.

8) Trying to be fruitful is harder than first thought..and there I was thinking it's just plain shoot and score.

9) Have discovered God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit..amazing, ain't it? Yes, I can hear your eyes rolling Edward ( and Iben).

10) Have not been home in 8 months and won't be for maybe another 8 months..oh boy! Never knew I could survive so far from Mommy..oh wait..I WANT MY MOMMY NOW!!!!!!

11) Ozzies can be funny and Victorians don't have a heavy accent..thankfully. But I'll never understand Vegemite. Sue me, I'm Aa-SIAN!

12) Things are affordable here..I can start dreaming of my Z4 now..ok, maybe not YET.Facials are expensive, but skincare is not.. heh. We get more for each dollar.

13) I can cook... edible food. Who knew? Certainly not my brother who claims I can burn water..well, it was just that ONE time.

And last but not least...

14) It really does take a new job,a new country and a new life to change a boring dull routine. I'm glad we came here, just for the adventure..