Friday, October 26, 2007

The truth about not blogging

Of late, we have all been bitten by the Facebook bug..and yes, I'm an addict. Why is why, the post about Melbourne is not gonna end up reading fodder for you folks out there...hehehehe. eh, have you seen recent updates on my links either? EVERYONE ( except maybe Eric) has been smitten by Facebook..

The other reason ( it's not an excuse, seriously!) is I really have been busy...the time away from Scrabulous has to be filled in with ACTUAL WORK. What pays for my bills, right? Oh, and with Deepavali just round the corner, a move in residence also coming's been busy.

Not to busy to play Scrabulous, if you wanna...lets lay with words, eh?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It's been quite a busy time for me. Its also going to get a whole lot busier.Was supposed to post up about Melbourne, but just couldn't find the time to, especially to upload the pics. Will post when I can actually find the time..heh. In the meantime,do check out the links...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We got into Sydney at about 2plus am, checked into the Y and ended up zzzzing until afternoon. We then decided we were hungry and headed of on foot to Chinatown.

After a wonderful Yum Cha, we walked about and explore Paddy's Market...Sydney's version of Petaling street.
Bh looking at wigs, wondering how he'd look in the long blond one. I think he'd look "blond"...heheheh.

Nightfall is early in the southern hemisphere ( Bh can't open his eyes...) and before we knew it, we were hungry again...And so a visit to a Sydney icon ensued...Harry's Cafe de Wheels..must say, the dogs here...superb!!! We visited twice this trip, tried the pies and dogs and seriously, they were good!!! Later we explored the harbour at was cold...even the locals found it cold..and I thought I was the only one freezing my @$$ off!Dinner was at Tony Roma's...the pics of those lovely baby bare back ribs have mysteriously disappeared..another good wonder we both came back heavier!
When the next day dawned, the plan was to drop by the fish market, then off to the Blue Mountains...but BH and I, we wanted our seafood for lunch and so we had our lobster, prawn, fresh succulent oysters ( yummy), mussels, scallops and fish...fuiyo! Sedap!!!!We finally made it to the Blue Mountains...and took a pic, with the Three Sisters...the sky was an amazing blue.
Day 3 saw us visiting Bondi...nope, didn't see any nudies..

And of course, a must do in Sydney...the Harbour Cruise!!!You must experience the wind blowing into your face, distorting it...oh, it's clean, unlike the Penang ferry experience. Opera House being our lamp post

How else to see beneath the Harbour Bridge? And of course, we went to the Aquarium...these flers were just lepaking on the walk under and around a huge tank with huge, and I mean HUGE fishies swimming all around. Underwaterworld Singapore...pah!

On our last day in Sydney, we left early for the Fish Market again, Bh wanted to try the fish, steamed...I wanted my Lobster Mornay...more pics on facebook. By the time we reached Canberra, it was almost 5...Floriade was on, so Canberra had turned into a mini Keukenhoff..

Oh, we found time to goof around, before the long drive to Melbourne

More pics on Facebook...and next...Melbourne.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Day 3

This was our last day in Queensland on the agenda was a visit to a farm...its more of a vacant lot of land behind the Movieworld studios, off M1. So, it wasn't a working farm, more of a show farm, really, for us tourist types..

And here we have the two Malaysian tourist, taking pics of themselves on the tram into the farm...note Japanese writing in back..

I had to have my pic taken with an Australian Icon...and hence the KOALA! BH was staring at the Koala's paws, which seemed to be grabbing something it shouldn't! Luckily it was a female Koala..

My startled expression at the kangaroo feeding from my hand! It had a very,very fuzzy mouth...hehehehe, ticklish! and white sheep...this fler was called Jazzie

And here we have the sheep, the girl and the cowboy who asked" The guy with you is your dad, ain't he?" Hehehe...BH was NOT pleased!!!

But at least he got some cow to flirt with him too! Dunno what it is bout BH, the cow just loved licking his hand!
And the cowboys showed us their stuff....

After the farm thingy, we decided to head into Surfers, walkabout a bit and ended up here...on the 77th floor of Q1, the tallest residential building in the world, 20th tallest structure in the world. It's 79 floors have apartments, which I'm sure cost amounts I cannot begin to imagine, cos this is one of the views!

Breath taking, ain't it?

And here we have the tourist buying stuff from Coles, for our 10 hour plus journey by car to Sydney... More, in the next post....

Friday, October 05, 2007

Back to work..and BC and BS

Am gonna take a break from blogging about the trip, cos the pics are with BH. It's back to work for both of us and its tough breaking out of holiday mode. Mind still stuck on lepaking..hehehehe.

Anyways, Bh and I made it for Shades class Tuesday night. He must have missed the lurve...cos he was starring at BH the whole night. Who's making doe eyes now, ha? Kekeke. It was a good class, as usual, but both BH and I were still kinda tired and kinda sluggish. The body is also on holiday mode. Plus with the "extra baggage" we were carrying around..gosh. Dunno how we managed to move at all.

Shades has a newbie on stage with him..Adrian. Hehehe...newbies..Bh had fun making his faces. Guy must think Bh is retarded or something...hehehehe. As for me, I was tired, didn't wanna push myself, so I used the "I don't understand your cue" look to get out of it. Heh...sorry Shades. Adrian was good, I think he'll be ok next Tuesday...wonder if I can pull the same stunt again? Better not, lar huh?

BS on Wednesday was also a sluggish day for me. Bh went for RPM and almost passed out at track 7...two weeks of not doing anything other than walking and sitting in a car has taken its toll. to lose the extra baggage like this?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The trip Down Under, Part 2...still Queensland

Day 2 down under...for Bh and I, our itinerary was where this big fella lives... Yep....Seaworld...

We reached a little too late to catch the dolphin show, but we did catch the dolphin feeding time...they were soooo friendly,constantly swimming close to get a better view of the people watching them...hehehehe
What was in Shark Bay? Sharks lar...duh!...You can pay extra to go swim with them...but for easy meat like us, we gave it a pass.We didn't spend much time at Sea World, mainly because we wanted to meet up with Andrew and Michelle, and drive up to the Sunshine Coast, which was about an hour plus away. We wanted to get there by 5, when everything shuts down. We made it to Strawberry Fields, where we could pick our own berries..we opted to buy, but cam whored a bit.. The strawberry looks good, didn't it? Didn't taste as nice though...heh.

Also at the Sunshine Coast...the BIG Pineapple.. a working pineapple farm, which was closed, as we got there past 5...still, nice pic with the pineapple,no?And on one of our last stops at the Sunshine Coast, Moolloolaba...say it with me...Moo-Loo-La-Ba...hehehe. Them Aussie's have funny names, don't they? This place is a beach side area, lots of apartments and vacationers here. Nice place to visit...

Next post...SYDNEY!!!! ( And the 10 hour plus journey there). Oh..and before that, the visit to the farm, where the cowboy hits on yours truly..heh. Will upload pics on facebook...fitting them all here, a bit susah ler..

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The trip Down Under Part 1...Queensland

So, we finally got back at 6 plus Monday morning...left Tullamarine at 12.15 am, flew through out the night and landed at 6.15 am. The flight was not good, Boeing 777's are cramped man! But Bh and I, being so unbelievably exhausted, managed to get a few winks.

So, Monday, we were both doggie was so glad to see me, she whined quite a bit too. Mum said I'd gotten darker and left the obvious fact that I'm chubbier unmentioned. Hehehe..

So here's the run down..will try to upload more pics later, as BH has the whole cd with him at work...Yup, he's back in the office, where else I, have another day to recover. So here's the first installation of what could be a very long much happened,leh.

Lets start with breakfast...Aussie style...

BH did the Vegemite sandwich thing..and will put up the whole experience later. I stuck to my bacon, toast, cereal and hash, which was ordinary but good. The vegemite thing? Euww...I still don't get it. On day 1 post arrival, we went to Movie World..
Yep. We did THAT...the Superman Escape.....what a ride! We start off really fast, go into 4 G's, then plunge into a negative! walked out dizzy but ecstatic!Batman and Robin...Batman did all the sulking, robin did the taking and smiling...huiyo, so cool! Hmm...I wonder what BH is up to?Hehehehe.

This is Story Bridge, an important landmark in Brisbane. Every time we passed or went over it, Andrew, Bh's cousin would mention, it must be important...hehehehe. After Movie World, we didn't have much time, so Andrew drove us to Brisbane, about an hour away to tour the city.

This was taken from a lookout point, with Brisbane CBD the background.Oh, thats Andrew, BH's cousin who very graciously took us around, everywhere. And that's the Holden Statesman...Aussie's answer to Proton Perdana. The Prime Minister goes around in it. I doubt our PM goes around in his Perdana. But anyway, its was HUGE...loads of leg room in the back, so very,very comfy. Unfortunately, it was also a fuel guzzler..a full tank, which didn't go very far, was about 70 Aussie dollars..Thats the CBD in the background, after sunset.It was about 6 I think.We took this off a hilltop...can't remember the name though..oops.It was cold...hung on to BH to keep me warm...he did a good job..heh.Part of dinner that night...on top, Croc meat. Tasted bland, like chicken, but dry. And the bottom, Skippy...kangaroo meat..tasty that one! BH wanted to bring home some fillets, but there was no way we could do it, without it going bad..More next posting..