Sunday, March 30, 2008

Three months and counting

The pic above was lifted off Choowie's facebook..taken in 2006

Ok, so this was then... I could still walkabout in the gym, mid-driff a-baring..can't do that now. Call it being happy, call it being married, call it plain lazy..heh.

But now, I have slightly less than 3 months, to get back to that! Heck, I'm not keen on looking like at cow at my own wedding, ok?

It's gonna take a lot of restraint, seeing as the past 2 weeks, BH and I have been frequenting our favourite rib/hokkien mee place..sigh. And have been lazy, just did BC 35 TODAY! ( it was launched a week ago, I think..)

Even Uncle Bill, commented that BH had put on weight.What to do? His charsiew damn good la, and we had to have some today ( and we also got to hear a really funny post-election joke,heheheh).The Batu Gajah roasted pork, with Tanjung Tualang lala, soft shell crab,curry fish head, prawn and desert yesterday didn't help either.Did I forget to mention the pizza for dinner last night?

I have my work cut out for, anyone wanna take up a bet on if I can do it? The odds are against me?!

Friday, March 28, 2008

For your weekend pleasure..

I swore against being corny..but alas..

Fake hair, fake dress, fake smile..real background ( my only saving grace)..this is how the shoot went!

And we have one more session to go, must practice bitchy super model wannabe be ( but failing ..oh, how badly) face.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

8 Kilos and increasing!

Sunny day...

My eyelashes were doing a salute to Hitler, but they were mine, not fake ones, the makeup was as thick as Kim Gary's thick toast, the sun was in our eyes, we were dripping in sweat, our smiles, more like grimaces, from the many times we had to do it, but it was a bright and sunny day! Until 3pm, when the rain clouds blew in. But by then, our outdoor shoot was done, and we headed back for our indoor shots.
Initially, we didn't want indoor shoots, but since my dress was ready, and we didn't want that dirtied, we decided what the heck? Oh, did I mention I had instant thick long hair? Bh wanted to have his hair extended get that Captain Jack Sparrow look, but we decided the thick eyeliner just wasn't right for him
Hopefully our next shoot will be just as sunny..oh, it ain't over yet! One more to go..I mean, we did pay for it..heh

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hoping for sunny skies

It's been raining and cloudy the past week. Am hoping that tomorrow will be sunny..why? Co's BH and I are taking our wedding pics tomorrow.

Having postponed the shoot last week, come rain, hail or storm, we're gonna do it tomorrow. Won't hurt is the sky is blue..won't hurt at all.

We'll see lah, tomorrow!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy moments!

In no particular order..

-Public ( and not so public) holidays spent doing NOTHING
-The day I fell in love
-The day the guy I fell in love with married me!
-The day my parents decided to take me along to Europe
-When everything at work falls into place
-A great workout in gym...not enough of this, these days, darn it!
-Pay day...for a moment, I feel domination is MINE..muahahaha..then I realise peanuts can't buy anything, maybe elephant allegiance.
-Spa days..or facial days..or manicure days...ah..

Why this post?..Because of this lar..
Happy - Happy Moments

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I don't spend enough time with you

You, my darling husband..I wake up each day next to you, we commute together, we eat dinner together, but yet I feel it's not enough time.

You, my Appa and mummy..I see you every alternate day, but yet I feel, it's still just not enough time, just not enough.

You, Father and Mother in law..I see you everyday, before I go to work, when I get home, but yet, I feel it's not enough.

You, my dear friends, some whom I haven't seen in a long time..I miss you, and I feel I just don't have the time..

I don't spend enough time with you..I wish my patients understood, I wish my boss understood, I wish my colleagues understood..I need time, I need to spend more time with you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've been thinking...

Since the 12 GE..a few things have come to my mind..

-Why wasn't our first "angkasawan" the female Indian engineer?
-I found a lost friend...
-Why do people write "Chinese" when asked their nationality in our forms when they have a malaysian ic?
-Will I still be treated as a second class citizen, now that the government has changed a little? Or will I be better off being treated as a second class citizen in another country? And I really will miss my parents if I were to leave.
-Cancer sucks!!! And on that note, life is precious and I waste too much time worrying about the small things.
-Online serves the best draught and the best hokkien mee and the best ribs and the best lamb curry and now I'm HUNGRY.
-Will the PM step down?
-Why don't I get invited to Nuffnang stuff?Oh right..I don't check my mail.
-Since there are now so many of us, should we form a new race based political party? MChA, as in Malaysian Chindian Association? Of which my kids can't join cos by then, they'd only be "suku" Indian, so not really Chindian, and hence form a new party called MSA..Malaysian Suku Association?
-PUNDAK.....hehehehe..go look it up.
-So many people voted opposition in the Peninsula..if it weren't for Sabah and Sarawak, it would be an opposition parliament today.
-You really can't take it with you, no matter how big and grand the palace.
-Goodbye bad comb over! He should have seen it coming..oh well, farewell..( I rhymed!!!)
-Weddings are hard to plan, especially when it coincides with moving house..
-The elections was more fun and more talked about and joked about than any daytime your heart out, Bold and the Beautiful!
-I didn't read any "news" in the Star before the was full of advertisements. Now, it's full of condemnation. I now read, the "alternative" media.
-Why do people love creating trouble? Just lose with dignity lah!
-If you're born an Indian, why can't you proud of that? Why must you insist on calling yourself by another race? Does it make you a better person? A better Malaysian?
-Bangsa Malaysia! Bangsa Malaysia! Bangsa Malaysia! Say it with me!!! Finally, someone's making sense.
-Will someone please throw away those history books they have the kids reading these days?
-Someone really re-wrote them, didn't they?
-Seriously, Online draught, food and thats where all the best conversations are
-Why the heck won't blogger allow a space between the lines??????

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mistaken ( Stolen?) Identity

The last week, someone from some company has been calling my office to speak to me. When he calls, I'm busy, so I ask the receptionists to take down a message. The guy refuses to do so. Thinking it must be some telesales thing, I've been avoiding his calls, until my girls told me that he would send someone over. Wow, persistent sales I decided to talk to him the next time he calls.

He called this morning...

What he had to say was shocking and a little unnerving..

He claimed I owed his company money, after transferring balance from a credit card or something like that and he'd had a conversation with me regarding the matter, which was recorded, in October last year..

Thing is, I don't have a credit card with that bank and I really don't know the guy, nor have I spoken to him, but he kept asking me, if he called my first name correctly, and I said yes. But then he asked if my IC number was 75XXXXX..then I knew he had the wrong person. So I kept telling him so..but he insisted he'd recorded that info with Dr. ( my name) see..

Then, I asked him for that person's last name...this is where it gets interesting...why? It wasn't mine.

There's another person in the office with the same first name as me..but she isn't a Dr. And the guy is actually looking for I had to tell the guy, wrong name, wrong person, correct office.

Sounds like a simple misunderstanding, right? But then, why is it in his system that a DR. (my name) owes them money? I'm the only Dr.(my name) here..hmm..

Am now thankful that no one came looking for me in person, seeing as I avoided the calls, they might think that I owe them money..goodness knows who these people are and what the can do.

As for the person they are looking for? Well, All I can do is tell the boss, that this happened..can't do anything else right? BH thinks I should make a police report, in case anything does happen to me. But on hindsight, the guy did realise he'd gotten the wrong person on the phone..and I'm hoping they corrected their "system". Online checks of the company show it to be a credit retrieval company..should I be concerned?

Monday, March 10, 2008

What a weekend!

Friday was slow, Saturday was slower..all because people had left the city to VOTE! Little did I know that so many people were so gung ho this time! The last elections were a ho-hum affair, but this time, the vibe was different.

Not only did many friends ( and head teacher), my nurses, their families and even some bloke BH and I overheard (who flew) return home, but many others as well. I guess people wanted to have their say and so many must have been waiting a long time to let their opinions be heard.

And boy, was it LOUD! ( and clear.)

If you haven't read the news, you must have been sleeping under some mega big coconut shell. They call it a tsunami..I call it a miracle, one that's been a long time coming.

Bh and I were at a wedding dinner, but the topic at most tables was not the bride, how pretty she looked, the food or even the whole event, but rather who was winning the elections. The table next to us, which looked like it comprised many datuks, was all abuzz with news of DAP taking 4 seats. This started our table with the sms-ing! Sms's were received, many which we thought were hoaxes, after all, how can a mega big politician lose to a teeny little lady in a tudung? But fall she did..Bangsar will never be the same!

When we got home, there was more news..big political head honcho's losing their seats to virtual unknowns and Penang, now an opposition! Can't get the picture of a very dejected former chief minister giving his "I concede defeat"speech on TV out of my head.. what a shock! And the works minister, losing in his constituency, one which he has held for umpteen years..OMG! What a blow. And they lost not by small margins too..many were to landslides!

The dust seems to have's no longer a 2/3 majority in parliment, with 82 seats to opposition..Kedah, Selangor ( OMG!!!), Perak, Kelantan and of course Penang..opposition states. Huiyo! KL..well, no real doubts there la, only one seat, Setiawangsa is BN's.. This has to be the biggest upset in our nation's politics since Independence.

I wonder what happens now? Our PM has been sworn in, but who will be his ministers? MIC, MCA,Gerakan, all the former power houses virtually wiped out! Can the opposition really bring about change? Boy, do they have heaps to do! I bet Parlimentary sittings will be a whole lot more interesting more bocor-bocor and monkey calling monkey I hope!

But one thing is clear..the people have spoken. The people don't want "racial politics", they didn't back the parties that claimed to champion their own respective races, now did they? How else could MIC have lost? Looks like the people too pantang dicabar.

Lets hope and pray that this is all for the better, that there is indeed a ray of light at the end of what will be a long tunnel..this kind of change, doesn't come easily.I guess the next 4/5 years will indeed be interesting.

Friday, March 07, 2008

If only he were teaching in FF!

Ok, so there's this new BC guy right, and he once cleared in FF ( I think Shades cleared him lah), but in my opinion, he's pretty good for a newbie..though of course, Shades is our all time favourite, will never be replaceable, no one can ever hold a candle up to, can't push him off his pedestal BC instructor lah..but as the tittle goes..this guy is good.

Have added his link..check it out, it explains why he can't teach in FF ( or anywhere) for the moment..but when he's better..Shades please...bring him in.( though again, have to emphasise, you can't be replaced, you are the best, all time favourite, blah, blah,blah)


Pic from

Funny how everything around me seems so full of busy-ness and I'm so BORED! I guess with all the flags waving around, all the MP's ( who conspicuously remain invisible for 4 years) suddenly holding talks in markets, it does tend to get very hectic. Even the bank today was a mad seems everyone wants to rush their work..whats the hurry? Balik mengundi ka? Maybe..

Could explain why traffic was so good..can explain why my patients have disappeared..I mean, it's NOT J-card day, there isn't a traffic snarl outside, preventing patients from coming

But I'm still so bored..maybe it's because the papers aren't full of NEWS these days, in my opinion, it's full of erm.."marketing advertorials", heh. Maybe I'm bored because our local tv has been somewhat hijacked of our full regular programming. Is it me or are the shows sorta truncated to enable "extra" adverts these days? And there I thought since we're paying for it, Astro would be free of adverts. Maybe it's from all the talks in the markets, in a whole range of languages from MP's normally never present?

Or maybe I'm bored of all the blue and red and light blue and green flags that block my view of incoming traffic and especially of road signs and in some instances take the form of HUGE billboards..( must have cost a lot..I wonder where the money comes from?)

Or maybe..I'm just bored! Bored or not, tomorrow, I also will balik "kampung" and well..go visit a school and cross a piece of paper lah. Like it's something you haven't done at least once in the last 10 years? If you haven't, you're either way too young or.. just too lazy. If it's the latter, shame on you! I over heard a guy the other day, so gung ho..gonna fly home to vote! Serial numbered or not, it's our say. If you don't vote, I sure as hell don't wanna hear you complain, cos' you have NO RIGHT to, since you didn't want to vote in the first place! I'm all bored and fired up.

Maybe after all this I won't be so bored?

Monday, March 03, 2008


She's 62, been voting all the while since she could..has been voting in an opposition dominated constituency for the last 20 plus 30 years, but this year, when she wanted to check her polling station, her records were lost. Checked and her record could not be found. Checked at DAP..they said, can't do anything. Called spr..the lady said most likely the system thinks she's passed on..WTF?Choi!

Am quite upset for my mum..she has to re-register as a voter and miss this elections! Someones got some explaining to do! She has been denied her right as a citizen! It's a big travesty in our eyes. Anyone know who/where we can refer to to bring up the matter?