Friday, June 29, 2007

Transformers...more than meets the eye!

Autobots! Roll out! Chu,chu,chu,chu,chu....kekekeke. BH and I managed to get tickets on opening night, at BTS, Imax theatre. HUGE screen, but we were sitting at the corner, so the effect not so great lah. The sound was good though.

I can see why many die hard fans had threatened Micheal Bay, his version is a bit off the original cartoon. And the fight sequences, from where we were sitting, was just a ball of confusion...two pieces of metal,mashed together, can't see the real punches/kicks/etc. So, I'm not exactly a fan..I did watch the cartoons as a kid lar, but I don't remember much other than Optimus and Megatron. I was more of a Thunder, Thunder,Thundercats...HO! Fan. I wonder if that will ever make it to the big screen...doubt it lar.

My favourite parts were their references to Japanese technology, with one liners like "Something as advanced like this can only be Japanese"...kekekeke. That's what happens when a Japanese cartoon becomes a cult hit all over the world. I do wonder though, where does all that metal go? When they transform from robot to car/plane/truck/tank...oh err, better not reveal too much...

Yesterday's movie was also an adventure for me...finally got to travel on the Monorail. Decided to meet BH at BTS, so took the Komuter ( and it's wonderful odours) to Sentral, then the Monorail. The train itself was ok la, but it's not well integrated with sentral. Have to walk from main terminal, out past the cark park to Tun Sambanthan station. Lots of walking , lots of stairs. No biggie for me, but noticed many tourist struggling with their bags, esp this one Arab lady, all dressed up in 5 inch heels...kesiannye. The train though gives one a very rare view, one of the Brickfields area and it's cultural diversity. I saw a Chinese temple, then a Hindu one, and then a mosque...seeing these buildings from an elevated view is not something one gets to see everyday.

Ok, back to Transformers...die hard fans and not die hard fans, just watch for the effects la, very cool...but comparing to the cartoon and comic will make you frustrated, so don't bother and enjoy the movie. All together now...Bum...Bel....Beeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Have a Dream

I'm broke, but I have a dream, a dream of a better life. I might not be able to afford it, but right now, I can't stop dreaming about it. This one is a self motivational post...for when I lose track of my dream.

Uncomfortable, not breathless.

Sorry Herny, but I was uncomfortable the moment my behind hit the saddle and breathless all the way. When it was time for Herny to go "You should be breathless by now" I was like a fish out of water, gasping desperately for air. Arrrgh!!!! Pee Em...

I'm still not used to the bike, so is it quarter twist turn and that's endodontics. So it should be full turn to the right when she says "turn it up" and "quarter turn to the left" to back off? Oh wait, that can't be right wheels were hardly turning. So, it should be quarter to the right, full to the left? Wheels still barely turning...oh dear.

I really dunno how Lionheart does it. From way back of the room, we could hear him way in front. ( We being BH and I) and I could see his wheels spinning and spinning and spinning. And mine? Well, lets just say in a real uphill climb, by the time he'd reach the peak, I'd still be OFF the bike, PUSHING it up, somewhere about halfway lah.

BH theorised that maybe its the combination of Steps and RPM that has my legs like jelly. Hmm... I wonder then, what would happen if I pursued this new passion for lower body workouts longer? Would my upper body shrink? Or instead, would fat start accumulating there instead of my thighs? Maybe my muscles would atrophy? Holly Cow! Would I lose the ability to do a hook altogether?

For now, I'm still swaggering ala John Wayne, ie legs know, kangkang....I bet most people would think I was a bad girl last night, heh.The things I do to lose weight. But BH is right, the variation of programmes is making me more enthusiastic about hitting the gym. My body has been "shocked" ( that's the term he used) and really, it's starting to ache in places I never knew could ache. I feel the way I used to feel when I first started working out...tired, achy but satisfied. This does feel good.

So, where there's a will, there will be a way...someday, I'll try RPM Challenge...someday lar, when I can do "uncomfortable but not breathless" and "breathless" and still walk out not swaggering like John Wayne!

On an unrelated note: Paris is out! They let her out early on good behaviour, so now she says she wants to serve God, by this I doubt she means becoming a nun. Rather she plans to open a halfway house for released inmates. If she does, she's got class.....lets hope she doesn't go back to her "pretending to be blonde and dumb" days. And yeah, I added this just to fluff up the post...I have no shame...hehehehe.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Time to clear the air

Reading my post Constructive Criticism and it's comments has been very insightful. It proves that I'm not the only one who jumps to conclusions and I admit, I do.

I wrote that post with a few things in my mind. One was the previous one, BC 32, where someone did try to start a fight out of an opinion. Perhaps thinking that a bad review of a release means a bad impact on the programme or on the instructors teaching it. It's a bad release, it happens. There are good releases, the programme is not popular for no reason. But that doesn't mean we CAN'T chose NOT to go for this release. Tak kan die, die also must do combat?

When I wrote Constructive Criticism, I was writing about people in general. To assume that I only write posts gym related ( or instructor related) is wrong. I do have a life outside the gym.
I actually wrote that piece with everyone in mind, the people I work with, the people who come to me for consultation and yes, the people I meet in the gym. To say I aimed it specifically at any instructor, let alone one particular instructor is wrong. Seriously, no instructors were badgered in the making of this post. Read it again...carefully, slowly and try to read it without any preconceived notions.

The labelling under gym rant was an error. When you type "g" under "labels", it automatically comes up with the last word used under "labels". It's a blogger publishing thing. I hit the button before I realised, but I let it be, since it was, in a way gym related.

Perhaps it drew a lot of attention because "anonymous" decided to tie it and the one on BC 32 to a post many months ago about an instructor. BC 32 and Constructive Criticism have nothing to do with that post. To assume and jump to the wrong conclusions merely reflect a rash mind, but to comment negatively, repeatedly, reflects an unthinking mind. I let the comments section run, and kept on saying it was my post, my blog, hence my right, because it is.

Until I realised someone was taking this way too personally to be just about BC 32 and my opinions on criticisms. After I realised that, I just let you continue assuming what ever you want to assume, too tired to argue with someone so hell bent on their way of thinking. You must be a lawyer, and I suppose a good one.Plus, it's just interesting to see how people think, so I let it be lah.

In the end, most people got it...I didn't write about anyone in particular at all.
So anonymous, if you still want take excerpts from this post or the previous posts or posts done in the stone age and use it against me...well, still jumping I guess.

This post, just in case, is for those of you who silently read and just wonder what the hell its all about?

Bodohlah, Why You So Like That One?

( Sung to Do Re Mi, from the Sound of Music) This song in the recent Broadway Parodies by the Actors Studio always makes me laugh. Especially when I see some bodohs. You know, the ones, those motorcyclist who veer into your path just to overtake a car, almost hitting the front end of your car and just barely swiping the side mirror? Those bodohs? In the spirit of muhibah...and broadway....

Scene 1 act 1

Ayah: jom kita gi shopping? Mid Valley, nak?
Mak,Long,Ngah,Teh and Su: Yeay! Jom!
Ayah: Ok, Long duduk belakang mak, Ngah, Teh antara Mak dan Ayah, Su dudk dalam bakul, ok?

And off they all go, a happy family of five, on the Honda...kapchai.

Scene 2 act 1
( In tamil)

Appa: Dei, Thamby! Amma ask you to go buy some curry powder...
Thamby:Ok, I take the bike, appa?
Meenachi: But anneh, you no lesen, how?
Thamby: Nevermind, short distance only....and happily takes the kapchai
Amma: ( shouting) Thamby...take the helmet lar!!!
Thamby: No need amma...near only............

Scene 3 act 1
( In cantonese/hakka/fu chow/whatever chinese dialect you can speak)

On a motorbike somewhere in the Klang Valley

Girl: Lou Kong ah, late already lah!
Boy: Aiya, don't worry Lou Poh, I know short cuts

( Bike, a kapchai, squeezes in and out of traffic, between cars, lorries and tankers, runs a few red lights, gets on side pathway....)

Bodohlah, Why You So Like That One?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

10 parts Step 4 parts Combat...

.........Equals a very tired me.....

Traffic on the federal highway was terrible yesterday...well, more terrible than usual, its always at a crawl. But since BH and I decided to hit Axis, stuck with it lar. I wanted to go for BS, he wanted to try finishing an entire RPM class.

BS was great, had Diha as a kaki again last night. This time around, Jeremy wasn't on stage, so less holy water sprinkled on us in front. Nevertheless, Serena did a good job again last night. Had a great work out and am still loving the music. Mostly remixes, my favourites being New Sensation, the warm up and a remake of Why, Why Tell me Why in English, an old Anita Mui track, damn syok for party track.

Dunno what it is about step, at the end and until the next day, my legs and bum would hurt. Though I walked out of class tired, BH said I didn't sweat enough. Plus, he didn't make it to class, no more bikes it seems. Hence the 4 parts Combat.

And, it was Shades we decided to hang around for 4 tracks. BH's theory about alternating instructors is valid, different styles, different feel, different mood makes it interesting. Shades being Shades, always puts a smile on my face as there's always a witty joke thrown in. His technique has gotten better over the years, and dude, your kata's now very nice lar. I guess he didn't become Head Teacher for nothing.

But I still don't like the release. Just don't feel it at all. Can't wait till they start mixing tracks...hehehe.

In attendance were several people I haven't seen in a while, mostly people from a forum that seem to have somewhat disappeared. Two have taken up Combat training, hopefully will be able to put it to good use. It would be nice to see new faces.

Still aching from yesterday...but it feels good.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Constructive Criticism

Funnily enough, I've been thinking about this post for quite a while now. I blame it on the current book I'm reading, Wild Swans. It's about a generation of Chinese women in China, the author of whom later migrated, but wrote on her mother and grandmother and life under Communism when it first began in China. In her book, there are many references to something called "self criticism" where people had to criticise themselves to other people in the community as a way of improving themselves and a way of controlling their thoughts under Communist rule.

Far from discussing Communist doctrines, my post is actually about taking constructive criticism. A lot of us can't. A lot of us do not know how to react when faced with a negative comment about ourselves nor when we fail. This includes me, as yes, I am not that great at taking criticism's myself. But at least after I simmer down, I try to figure out, what went wrong, why I failed and why someone said what they did. If in fact the negative comment can be turned into a positive so I can be better?

I have to thank a lecturer in Uni making me understand this way of thinking and learning how to receive criticism. Dr. Tii, she was the strictest one we had, very difficult to pass with her. On one case, in year 2, I showed her my prep, she said, no, cannot pass. And then went on to say " Do you really want to just pass with barely there work? Or do you want to learn how to do it properly? Spend some time and slowly do the prep, learn, then show me". Which I did, I re-did the prep and then showed her and she said "See, you can do it, you just need to be more patient and do it properly".

In my third year, for major cases, I chose lecturers who were tough, because I knew, if they passed me, I was doing something well. I still remember Dr. Tii's words, especially when I fail. I go through it, over and over again, analysing where and how and what I could have done differently. Same too when someone says " This wasn't good, have to do better" or something along those lines lah.

But I suppose a lot of people can't take constructive criticism, preferring instead to believe that they are never wrong, can do no wrong, and when someone says something bad about them, its out of malice, prejudice and hatred. To which I say, is it not those who are honestly harshest with us who loves us most?

Back to communism...we don't live in a communist country, thankfully, and we are all entitled to opinions. This blog represents my right as a citizen of the blogosphere to write as I please, within reason, about topics that I see fit. It's my blog, I may whine, rant, criticise and what not as I please and like I said, if you don't like it, don't read it. BFC thinks when I write gym related stuff, I will definitely draw some flak...oh well, Jim ( note sarcastic purposeful wrong spelling) Jihads will always champion.... goodness knows what they champion...but BFC is right ..................
So What?!!!!


Of late I have been thinking very seriously about family. To me, busy that I am trying to earn a miserable living, I still believe that family is the most important thing to me. I always feel short changed on the amount of time I get to spend with family and loved ones, with my Saturdays virtually taken away. But alas, that's how my cookie crumbles at the moment and until I can afford to change that, so it shall be for the time being.

It was an interesting weekend nonetheless, as it was a time for family. It was baby Alden Wong's full moon luncheon. Born to BH's brother, a whole lot of family showed up yesterday to welcome the kid into the family. I'm writing about this, because BH's mum decided to invite my folks as well, so my family met his family and the baby's mum's family. The kid was busy sleeping through most of the noise, occasionally waking up to be fed, but otherwise not a peep outta him.

BH has so many uncle's and aunts and cousins and second cousins...I was lost for the most bit. My folks lagi lar lost...hehehehe. But we did see the family resemblance lah, BH follows his dad's side. His brother, his mum's side. It was nice though, to get to meet everybody. Well, almost everybody, according to BH, there's still family Down Under, which hopefully if all goes well, we'll meet soon enough.

All nice people, his folks, a few funny cousins like BH. All in all, my folks and I had a nice time, meeting everyone. The food, so so only lah. I am hoping that there will be more family time. Hopefully I can reneg on my working hours, so I have more time with mum, dad, BH and my ( I mean our) doggie and our families.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

BC 32

Ok, tried it for the second time yesterday. Have to be honest, this is one of those releases where if I where away for the entire duration the compulsory use of this release is in effect, I would not have missed it. This is also one of those releases where I seriously wonder if the choreographers have run out of ideas...or if they just did it haphazardly. Why? Repetitions, lack of challenge ( directional and co-ordination wise) , choreo that doesn't jive and music that doesn't inspire make me feel this way.

BC seems to mimic BA more often these days, perhaps to up the cardio workout. But what hapened to the inspiring choreo that challenged us and made us sweat buckets, ache and yet yearn for more? I miss those. Like Jigga jigga, like Push it good, like Vogue, like So what?. This time, the warm up was sooooo slow, I swear, I almost fell asleep. Then track 2 suddenly an increase in intensity..hard to accomplish if the warm up doesn't warm you up right?

This release isn't without some saving grace of course, Call me when you're sober, with the evasive side kick and front kick combo was good. But then I'm biased about evasive side kicks la, I like the move. As for the switch knee...errr....pass. More like a BA move to me.

BH thinks its because of the gets bored with one style after so long. Ok, will try other instructors, but I have a feeling, I'll still be complaining about BC.

By now, filming of BC 33 would be done, they would be starting to film BC 34 and already working on BC 35 I suppose. I hope, sincerely that things will only get better. Until then, I can't wait till the instructors can mix tracks and will probably spend more time in BS and RPM...

Friday, June 22, 2007

A virgin in Eric's Den

Thanks to a hard saddle between my legs and a tough instructor, I am a virgin no RPM lar...take those dirty thoughts out of your head! FBB is right , AAAARGH Pee Em is more appropriate.

Sweat buckets yesterday in Eric's class, my very first. Okay, have tried spinning, I mean cycling before, but never RPM. My one and only previous experience was in a Schwinn class in Cali. That was excruciatingly painful for a delicate person like myself. The bike was very uncomfortable. Walked out of that class still dry, walking funny due to the pain and swearing I'd never get on a bike again! Until yesterday lah.

Have to be creative with workouts post shoulder injury, hence the RPM and Bodystep on Monday. BH has been trying to get me into a class, with me always finding some excuse or other not to. Finally caved in and surprise, surprise, I actually enjoyed the class. Can't say it beats a great BC, but least I sweat right? Next time, shall increase the resistance more, since today I can still walk, no pain in the legs at all. Gonna try to push it next time. Yeah, there actually will be a next time.

In fact, there will be more next time's in RPM and in BS...BH is right, I have to diversify my workouts. BC is getting dull for me, especially with the new release...and since I can't do much upper body weights right now, time to look into other options.

But not Attack...nope, never, nada, no way hose! But then, that's what I said about RPM too before yesterday.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


At 3.10 pm yesterday, it happened. This sharp excruciating pain stared to shoot from my left shoulder. Couldn't lift my arm or move it, and the pain was radiating to my forearm. My mind raced...left side, pain...angina? No way than rationalised, probably a shoulder injury. Strangely, my shoulder gave no warning signs, the pain just came on.

Off and on I've had soreness around my shoulder. Never this bad though. After settling my patients, I popped over to Medicare next door. Do. confirm an anterior deltoid injury, the muscle was swollen and tender. After some muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories, back to my patients.

I figure I must have strained the muscle some time ago and the position of my left hand when I hold a mirror to work must have triggered the episode. Looks like there will be no jabs, crosses, hooks or uppercuts for me for a while. So, with an aching shoulder, I headed of for Step in Axis.

Have not been to BS in a while. Must say I had fun. Serena and Jeremy were great, managed to follow the class and work up a good sweat. I think till my injury recovers, I'm gonna have to find alternative ways of working out, so it looks like it's gonna be BS and maybe BA. Don't like RPM, cos I find the thought of cycling and going no just tiresome.

Second ouch: Have yet to find a replacement for my assistant. Had ONE interview today, not many people want to become dental assistant. The lady who came in sounded great, has experience and all, but alas, I don't think we can meet her pay expectations. Sigh....

Sitting and hoping and praying now that both ouch's go away soon. Right now the first ouch is still ouch, cos my shoulder is still very much sore. The second ouch...I only have till the end of the month before my assistant leaves. Drat.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

Father's day this year was slightly special. Apart from waking up post Saturday night with BFC, Bf and BH with a HUGE headache, BH and I decided to take our dad's out for makan. At first the plan was high-tea with my folks, then dinner with his. But my mum suggested why not kill two birds with one stone? Thinking she was right and that both BH and I need to cut down on eating, all six of us headed to some hotel nearby lah.

This was the first time BH's folks and mine got together for a meal. BH and I had been thinking and planning for a while, how, when and for what occasion to get everyone together and so finally it happened lah.

The food was not that great, new hotel, poor organisation and all. But the company was good. It was very nice to see the four of them getting along, laughing, joking and generally having a good time. Both our dads were happy as were our mums. Hmmm...promising.

Miracle Part II

Wondering who's super cool arm this is?................

..........the blur face says it all "You taking my photo ah?"

Managed only to get these two pics on the cell phone to blog...the rest are with BH, his "professional" ones. He managed to get all the Tribe teams for BC to pose for him. Oh, BTW, Peggy, pictured tribe team for Attack...and apparently it was her first time on the BC launch team. Good on ya...she's one of the instructors BH and I think are full of potential and way underrated. The other being Jason, who lead his team in BC and won. I bet it was the head breaking plank trick at the end that did it.

Shal not blog very much about Miracle this year, cos Shades and most probably Anneh will blog all about it. It was ok lar...not as happening as last year. This year no auction as well and though it was indoors, the floor was slippery..they carpeted it, but it kept slipping under our feet. And there just wasn't enough space for BC...people kept bumping into one another. The endless jingga didn't help. Also the sound system wasn't very good, couldn't hear the instructions clearly...of maybe I'm just going deaf lah. Anyway, it was for charity, so....

Strange observation though, some members had make up on. Ironically, those on stage presenting did not. Must be a new trend, working out with make up.

Didn't stay for the end, decided to spend time with BFC and BF who were in town. Where else but at our favourite pub, Online lar. Too bad no more Hokkien mee, we had to settle for ribs, bites and of course our favourite stout. BH, who was tired, decided to unwittingly challenge BFC to Guiness...bad move. She isn't called Miss Guiness Stout by the proprietors of Online for nothing. Plus BH baru recover from dengue and was dead tired...after a few ( still quite a few lar), he was slurring and saying all sorts of stuff. Kekeke...Soooo funny. But then, by that time, I was pretty much laughing at anything also lah. I think I only had 3 draughts and a bottle...and I was slumped on the counter. BH and I will NEVER attempt this again.

Oh, and why Miracle Part II? Cos part one was last year mah...last year, BFC caught me in the changing rooms, after launch, getting all dressed up for date with BH, then just..."friend from LM".

BFC: Who you getting all dolled up for la?

Me: (applying make up)...Just some guy who asked me out lah

BFC: Cute or not?

Me: Errr..ok la.

This year, Crystal caught me and went:

Crystal: Getting ready for date ah?

Me: Yeah

Crystal:'re going out with Bernard right?

Me: Yalor

Crystal: Bernard who ONLY used to go to Leisure Mall right?

Me: Yup

Crystal: Didn't you go to LM for Calvin's class also?

Me: err...yeah

Crystal: Ooohhhh.......

Smart girl this one. No wonder can become GXC at such a young age.

I wonder what will happen if there's a Miracle 08?

Friday, June 15, 2007

A change is in the air

This always happens to me, when I'm happy, complacent and behaving like a frog in warm water, something has to change. You know the story right? You put a frog in cold water, slowly heat it up, the water gets warm, the frog is happy, you heat up some more, the water boils and the frog is well...tender and boiled with it. If you dunk a frog straight into hot water, it jumps right out.. Anyway, my point is me=froggie in warm jacuzzi, until now. I got news that my assistant is leaving for greener pastures and I'm in a fix.

Dentistry is very much a four handed profession. We rely on our assistants a lot, and they play a huge role. Throughout the years, I've had all sorts as assistants. Good ones, bad ones, good ones who stole money, bad ones who claimed they were possesed...ALL SORTS. It's not an easy job, a lot to do and it does require some brain matter as well. The trouble is, there is no training school for dental assistants in the private sector. There is a school for the government nurses, but they all end up working for the MOH lah. ( That's actually where my assistant is going). For us in private, we usually have to train our own nurses. So, we spend time and a lot of effort in training our assistants.

With my current assistant, I've trained her and she has gotten pretty good. From not understanding what bonding agent is, she now knows just how to tip the bottle and get the right, un-evaporated amount onto the brush. Brain matter is there, she gets the logic of doing things properly and best of all, she gets all the equipment I require before I even ask for it. Sometimes I forget and she reminds me. She is THAT good. And no one can assist me in root canals better than she can. She just gets it lah.

Which I guess is the whole problem...cos now, she wants better things. I don't blame her, the school will give her a diploma, something I can't give. But truth is, I trained her better than what she will learn in that school, trust me. Which works out very well for her I guess, cos she will be well ahead of the rest of the class, having had experience and all. She might even give her lecturer's a lesson or two. But I'm left in a bind.

Now, I have to find a new assistant, train her and hope she doesn't leave...also I hope she's not a's amazing how many there are out there who masquerade as dental nurses.. Plus, boss is off on holiday, which means I have to do the interviews, which means I have to be responsible for hiring a person who might be good, loyal member of staff...or yet another loony. We've had a few. Sigh...I guess this means this froggie has to jump out of the jacuzzi now and into some cold water. Oh well, better than becoming a boiled frog. Maybe I should just set up my own training that's an idea!

note MOH = Ministry of Health

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The sound of silence

Have been neglecting the blog recently, being too busy doing nothing, enjoying the sound of silence. Have been on a short break for the past four days. Didn't go anywhere, just decided I needed to stop and smell the roses for a bit.

Finally got my car back yesterday, it feels so strange driving it again. Managed to get it serviced, battery changed ( it's already two years old , time to get the ticker changed, right?) and of course the damage done by the "other" 3189 repaired. It cost RM2670 just to change the bumper and boot that is a bomb. My insurance premium isn't even that amount! But heck...not my bill what?

Apart from that, the past 4 days has been a good break. Finally caught up with all the 3's...Pirates, Spidey...missed Shrek though, on the account of feeling lazy and sick. Will probably get the DVD lah. Also managed to catch Actorlympics at the Actors Studio with BH on Friday last. We were both howling with laughter the entire show...all 2 hours of it! Afdlin, Douglas, Nell, Ida, Joanna, Reza and newbie Sophira had us all entertained. It's sorta like Who's line is it anyway...they do improvs and sketches to a live audience la.

Also had more time to spend with the folks and of course BH. We are reaching a milestone and somehow no matter how much time we spend with each other, it's still just not enough.

Now am back at work, gotta say, the drill already feels weird in my hand....but that was only the first patient lah. Now back to normal already. It's turning out to be a hectic week.

Friday, June 08, 2007 holidays!

For the record...I HATE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!. Traffic jams where I work, no parking cos everyone and their friend drives these days, endless ques for food and for shopping, unlimited number of KIDS running amok in the mall.

Forget trying to watch a movie...if you can get tickets, they will be bad seats, you'll have some over active kid behind you kicking into the chair, some teenager's handphone ringing in the cinema and the sound of boisterous youthful enthusiam spoiling the THX.

All these kids, with what must be very comfortable allowances, with their friends and their noise invading every nook and cranny of the mall. Don't parent's these days know about the zoo, the museum, the Lake Gardens, PD...CUTI-CUTI MALAYSIA?

For the record, my kids will end up in camp...and not a menace at malls.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Man in the mirror

Was wondering what to write about, until I saw her....

Pic above is from net, by Richard Nowitz, but I saw one just like her. I suppose when she looks in the mirror she sees the chubby, fat, ugly girl. I hope I never end up like this.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I wanna check the microphone.....

....I wanna check the microphone, I wanna check, I wanna check...

It's nice to have kindred spirits in class...makes it so much more fun and all worth while

Everybody....I'm not here for your entertainment... do you really wanna mess with me tonight...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

When I grow up....

I wanna be the new model Proton on four wheel drive

FWD on the left Normal on the right

Going over speed bumps for this fler would definitely be faster...he wont' be going super slow, zig-zagging across that bump like most other proton's with there super low ground clearance, huh?

looks extra high, some cars only modify the back, some the entire car. Even saw a saga altered this way too. I wonder if it's legal though? Jacking up the suspension like that? From the back, the bontotHmm...apart from speed bumps, I wonder what the other advantages are? And is this car chassis now safe when cornering, considering the centre of gravity has been altered too? I'm no mechy engineer, but it looks ugly to me.

Funnily, have only seen this on phenomenon Proton's...oh wait, Kancils's called a KEMBARA.