Saturday, July 25, 2009

Christmas in July

Winter here is in July, but unlike what we normally associate with winter, ie snow, Christmas, dead dry trees, we have something different.

It's not bitterly cold and we actually have plants blooming in winter! No snow down here, but tonnes of it up in the mountains. No eggnog or Christmas turkeys, but we do have toy sales ..and its not just for the kids.

Stuff we bought for the kids, ie drum set for nephew, beads for nieces, magic fabric for err...the kid called wendikaa, uno spin for the kids who play twister, who somehow end up being thrown into pools.For ourselves, well...

BH busy with is PS3.....

And me... with my new brand spanking new apple green stand mixer from Kitcen Aid..complete wit the rotor slicer and extra stainless steel bowl. What does one make with a green mixer?

Why green pandan chiffon cake of course!!!! Yes, I've turned domestic...Merry Christmas in July!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Guess who's coming home?

Number one on my wish list for 2009 is come back for a visit, so...

I thought initially I'd be back in December, but since the flights then are expensive and we will probably be in the midst of moving, have decided to come back in August!!!! Flights cheaper, sales on, and I miss everyone! And the food of

Back on the 21st till the 28th,can't wait to hit online pub, so kudikarans, you know where to find me..I so need a facial, decent haircut , new threds, new phone..gonna come back with an empty bag (except for Pods for Nut and a bottle for the drunkards) and happily fill it up for the trip back! Yipppeee!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Funny sense of humour

Recently read Bel's post on dreams. I have to confess Bel, have not been reading your blog in a while since that post, will read after this. But anyway, Bel's post made me think about my dreams.. some days I think I don't have any.

And then the lottery jackpot goes to 90 million and I dream again. But then, even with all the money in the world, if I can't figure out what I'm passionate about, I can't spend it pursuing my passion, now can I? Sure, paying off the mortgages and buying new stuff is fun, but then what?

So really, I began to think about what my dreams and passions are. I am not exactly passionate about anything at the moment.Sure, the work is getting better, I'm doing a whole lot more than what I used to do. I'm also a lot more confident and doing stuff I would never have attempted before. But I'm not exactly passionate about my chosen profession. I occasionally enjoy it, but I don't jump out of bed saying "What a beautiful day and I'm so glad I'm off to work".

It's funny though, in the midst of questioning myself and asking for answers, prayer has worked. Yes anneh, as unlikely as it seemed, I have discovered God. And I've come to discover that God has a funny sense of humour.

You see, just when I was wondering what the heck makes me happy and grin like an idiot, the answer was given to me. I was not sitting about and praying/reflecting and hoping for an answer. I did pray, but the answer was also not immediately given. It happened when I least expected it and while I was actually doing something that actually made me feel good, happy and excited all over again.

I think God has presented me with this opportunity before, which I managed to pursue halfway before getting distracted. And now, the opportunity is open again. So, why do I think God has a funny sense of humour?

Well, the opportunity happened on the very same day I spent 598 AUD on textbooks for an exam(which costs me 6000AUD to sit for and the cost is likely to rise still) which I have to pass to stay on. And the opportunity is going to be a distraction from this exam.

So yet again, I have to chose between pursuing something that makes me happy or bucking down and studying super hard for my chosen profession. Or maybe I should just do both? Bh is not quite happy about me going off on this minor tangent either.He feels I might end up not spending enough time with him I think.

So what is this opportunity? Take a wild guess..what makes me grin, smile and look like I thoroughly enjoy myself, while executing martial arts moves to music? Heh..yeah..I am passionate about that, always have been, I just forgot.

So, do I pursue my passion?