Thursday, May 29, 2008

This one's for Merv..sorry Edward!

Things I like part 1: My new COACH bag!!!!!! ( And matching purse)

I was walking by, after a massage, waiting for BH to come pick me up. He'd decided he needed RPM, I'd decided I needed a after an hour and a half of being kneaded all over like cookie dough, I still had to wait for BH, who's finish and hour of pedalling/weights but had not showered..

So, whats a woman to do while waiting at a shopping mall? Hmm...million dollar answer..walk about la, window shop. Walked by the Coach outlet at Gardens, saw a whole lotta people inside, when it's normally empty and a whole lotta people outside, queing!

What up? Sale ka? No signs of it, but by the line to get in getting longer and the people inside getting frantic..something was up..peeped in the side window and saw a tiny sign..:CLEARANCE.

Any woman will tell you that when that sign flashes in our heads, the lights go out and a primitive, sublimal gatherer instinct kicks in, with only one thing in our minds....I WANT!!! So, guess who went and joined the queue?

After about 40 minutes of being in the line ( it moved so slowly, because they were controlling the number of poeple in the store), BH was on his way and I was getting tired and really wondering if it were worth the blady effort! But by the time I wanted to get out of the line, It was almost my turn and BH had'nt shown up yet..hehehehe..

BH..stealing a pic from outside, through the window
When I got in, went towards that all so tiny sign..and checked out the stuff..saw one bag that looked lovely..then another..and another..then saw BH's face, peeping through the window..visual communication ensued as to which looked better..and I decided.

Was queuing to pay, which again, was super slow to move, when yet another person popped by the window..Hazrin. ( BH had by now gotten bored and wandered off someplace) Another Visual communication session ensued, which went like this..I imagine two jokers, mouthing the following conversation:

Haz: What's up?
Me: Sale
Haz: How much off?
Me: 30 %
Haz: Only?

Then he mouths for me to call him, after which..the conversation that ensued was as follows:

Haz: What's up?
Me: Sale
Haz: How much off?
Me: 30 %
Haz: Only?

Yea, funny guy, this Hazrin. Oh, he's also the genius who coined "shanticombat"

And so, people, this kid walked out, and hour plus later, made BH wait for her, all hungry and all for this...

Dinner was on me when Bh found out how much they least the dinner cheered him up a bit. the way to a man's heart truly is through his stomach,heh.

And yeah, will be on a bread diet the rest of the month..

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Am I nervous?

On the gmail chat the other day, Yuffie asked me, "So, d-day approaching, are you nervous?" My very prompt reply was "Nope"

You know why? Cos' I'm already legally BH's wife! Even if I screw up ( and I sure hope I don't, ok?) the I-do's, heck, he still can't get out of it, now can he? For all intents and purposes, the dude is mine! (and technically, this gal is his too). So heck, I'm not nervous..nope.

I mean, a million things could go wrong ( am guessing quite a few would), like the church programme gets screwed up, like the caterer screws up, like the flowers get screwed up, like the restaurant guys screw up, like our mc's screw up ( Shades, you better NOT screw up) or even you know, we run out of liquor (God forbid!!!!!)..I'm not nervous..

Ok, maybe a teensy weensy..but...wait..nah..

Can't wait for June 30th!!! ( in case you're not in the know, d-day is June 28th, one month away).

What's with June 30th? I'll give ya a clue..what comes after the church ceremony and the dinner and the many congratulatory hand shakes and of course the hang over from the party after?

Nice white sandy beaches, a plane ride, good food ( I hope), duty free shopping ( for the after celebrations liquor party, lar), beautiful scenery, relaxing time away and the two of us not really leaving the room to enjoy all of this? Teehee...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I've been thinking....

Traffic slow...time to increase it, for your viewing pleasure, I present, Ed Hill ( soon to be Ed Hill Kung-kung) 10.5 kilos!

"Eh, don't whistle lar...I don't like it!"

"I told ya I don't like it"

"Why you always taking picture of me one? What you up to ah?"

"Ok, if I let you rub my belly, would you STOP whistling?"

Friday, May 23, 2008

Just for Shades

Well, not really...cos am just blogging about Merv..who is Merv? click la, and find out. Oh, he's on the roll as well, under The Art and Science of Feng Shui..or, you can pick his brains about tea. how to serve it, how to drink it, how to appreciate it..For me, I'll stick to coffee,heh.

Sorry lar Shades, takde ilham lar..

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just for Joel

Ok, and Ai Ziah, and whoever else who quietly reads this blog just for updates!

How you guys? Good? Whatcha doing this fine, lovely day, which is also a Public Holiday? Shopping? Sleeping? Movie? Nothing much? Good on you..I am, well..working! Apa lagi?

Won't be working on any more darn Public Holidays I can tell ya..nope, no way, no how! Yee ha!!!!

Oh..coming right? Food, drinks, company...what more can you ask for? Oh, right, there's also the entertainment value. And no, Joel..not inviting him!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Rocking the boat...

Well, I just HAD to do it, didn't I? Go and ROCK that BLARDY boat..geez! Can't just be a happy little froggie swimming in water..even if that water is in a pot, over the stove, now can I? I..wait WE really have to make a huge decision..aiyo! This could mean a whole new world and getting back to the books frozen brain needs to be thawed out! the little froggie, hoping that the water won't boil.

Good bits: Goodbye stupid office toyol, who loves to sabotage me and steal my things and make life hell.

Bad bits: I can't take cold lar!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Playing ketchup today..trying very hard to catch up with appointments and still trying to slot in emergencies. Bh out of town, busy writing cards and catching up with people, face getting pimply from stress and lack of sleep, worrying about new house and renovations, just remembered to worry about wedding dinner and last but not least, got a visit from author of The only political blog I allow on my links, who came in as usual, with a gift.

I hope I can find the time to read it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

One of those days

When you wake up in the morning thinking you really shouldn't get out of bed.

Yea, by the time I finished removing that darn crown from patient number one of the day, I regretted not taking the day off. The 2 hours spent bent over with a dull bur didn't do much to boost morale.

By my last patient, I was abut to give up..the whole day I have been questioning myself..why oh why did I decide to do what I do? Shucks..should have just become a pen pusher, working 9 to 5..too late for that now, eh?

I should have been a Si Lai..hehehehehe.

Lets hope tomorrow is a better day.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Choosing a mate

In the animal kingdom, to ensure survival of the fittest, apparently animals seek out the strongest to be their mates. Animals will always chose the strongest partners, for example only the alpha male gets to mate with the females in his little harem. I guess it's nature's way of ensuring only the strongest survive and the gene pool just keeps getting better, i.e those with diseases, etc don't reproduce.

I wonder...does that apply to us humans too?

Is that why we look for certain qualities in a mate too? Like looks, a nice body, a healthy bank account? I mean, maybe it's genetically pre-programmed for us to seek someone who can give us good looking, healthy kids who wont starve?

But I still think it's weird when someone calls off an engagement just because the other person isn't rich enough..that, to me, it's just wrong. I don't get it..I always thought if you love someone, you take the person the way he/she is, cos you love him/, should not be that big an issue. Sure, it's important, but heck, these days, women work too, right? Gender equality and all that? Why should the guy be the sole income provider then?

I just don't get it..and this post, is just a personal view.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Photo shoot part two..aka what we did last weekend..

Will let the pics do most of the talking...Make inch thick minimum, with mascara soo thick my lashes almost broke off from the weight! All just to make sure I look like got BIG eyes.

BH..hehehe..getting his hair done..
So, where did we go? I'll give you a hint...go Claude!!!Mana lagi? SJI lah..being former students has its priviledges..get to take wedding pics with nice architecural background! Where else can you find a building as red???

Our cameraman Ah Leong and his assisstant Winnie...he laid down on hot roads and surfaces pretty much a lot of the time, just to get the right shot. And Winnie, she was fun..nice kid, was on hand to ensure the baju in the right place, etc..

See all the people here? Looking in the direction of the camera? You know why? Co's even in my full make up and wedding gown, this girl, muka tebal enough to walk into Yut Kee and have her lamb chop! EVERYONE had an entertaining Sunday Lunch..probably at our expense..oh, what the heck? Even the boss lady congratulated us..heh.

Where do you think this is?

Nice shots leh? Before you think that these are the actual shots that would end up in the album, think again. These were actually taken by BH, talented also, hor??? Which is why all the pics are of me...heheheheh.

Of course..must fool around for the camera also lar...

I think this session was better than the last, especially since the cameraman said I'd lost weight..kekekeke..but we also enjoyed ourselves more, since we got to go back to SJI and direct a few shots ourselves. Can't wait to see the final product.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Labour day cooking adventure..

We started with this....
And this...That went into this....And finally became this....We also needed some had this..And what was BH doing while I was cooking? This...When doggie was nice and clean and doing this...Bh cooked his dish..Which was this...And when we sat down..we finished it all and only this was left..

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Twelve Labours of SC

For Labour's Day, decided to get into the spirit of it..

1) Sweep floor of entire house

2) Mop floor of entire house

3) Wash and dry clothes

4) Banking

5) Filling of housing documents

6) Feed doggies

7) Clean doggie's yard

8) Play with doggies

9) Finish watching Gone Baby Gone

10) Clean up mess in room

11) Get some zzz....

12) And my most important task..cook lunch! ( pics of this and what was the next post!!)