Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Short news update...the story so far

Am now in Melbourne, haven't had a chance to touch a computer for a good one week, the withdrawal is kicking in..hehehehehe. BH and I have been so busy. We landed in Brisbane Int, on Tuesday night last week, where BH's cousin, decided to meet up with us. The plan was to spend a few days in the Gold Coast, then DRIVE to Sydney, spend a few days there, then DRIVE to Melbourne, spend more time here with BH's relations.

I'm a virgin to this island continent, when they first suggested it, didn't realise that one way from Surfers to Sydney would take 10 hours...thats like driving from Singapore to Kedah, then back again. Hence, have not been looking for wi-fi spots.

Have learnt a few rather nice things so far...Coles, DFS ( ooh, already spent money here!), clean toilets ( mostly), bacon, seafood thats right off the boat. Only one bad thing so far..vegemite sandwich. Euuw, don't like that. Oh, and there's the weather. Its a tad cold and dry at times...
More updates when we find the time. Oh, and do wiat for the pics. we took soooo many, have to get home and organise then first..hehehe.

Am missing my classes...BH misses Shades terribly.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The bags are packed

Well, they have been packed for a good while already now. All set to go. At 2pm today, I am, officially, on HOLIDAY...till Oct 3rd. Yeeehaaa!

Holiday begins with a nice relaxing 2hr plus facial and wax at BSC, then home for dinner with the folks, after which I shall head over to BH's for the night. Our flight is at 10 am tomorrow and from then on, So what?!! will be on a two week hiatus. Unless of course we find the time in our busy schedules and we have internet access somewhere to blog. BH will have a full report on the food and I will have a full report on the other insignificant stuff, heh.

So, where we going?Most of you would have been there and spent a good deal of time there. Bh has been there once, I have never set foot there. I'll give you a few clues: Strictly Ballroom, Mooloollaba, Toni Collete and Vegemite sandwiches...ok, smartalecks?

Oh, before I go, just one more thing: What goes around, comes all the way back around, so says JT.

Friday, September 14, 2007

She will make you drool...

Ok, link,link,link...thats how I got here, but once I did...aiyo...start to drool already. The stuff looks soooooo good, especially around lunch time..smack! Go! Click!


I finally got to do BC 33 yesterday evening. Was supposed to go make doe eyes at Shades on Tuesday, but the flu got the better of me. An impending food gorging holiday awoke me and made me hit the gym yesterday. Did weights on my own, since BH was in Penang and then managed to survive Jason's class.

So, how was it? Good. Very good. Another release I like. Except for the "Stomp" thingy. Just feel like a fool doing it, especially when the others around me look funny doing it...aiyo! Yesterday's class was good, Jason just keeps getting better. Though his class is usually scripted, he's getting better at it, getting more natural. Plus, it was the first time I was doing the release and I didn't get lost...which means, his instructions were clear. This boy, got potential.

On stage with him last night was a newbie..well, not so newbie, been seeing her face around for a bit. Charlene I think he name is..getting better too, much more comfortable on stage now. I wonder when I'll get to actually hear her instruct? Shades?

Anyways, class was over pretty quickly, sweat buckets felt all the aches from the weights and decided to trot off, much to Jack Black's consternation who quipped "Eh, Berns not here what? What's your hurry?" Well, the hurry is do to last minute stuff and preparation for trip ...and I was also hungry...rush to go home makan lar!

The class was unusually packed, probably cos most people get off early because of the fasting month. Oh, and on that subject, it's also the month I, my brother, Raja, Desmond and any other Chindian ( except Shal) get starred at when we eat in public. Sorry people, we can't help our skin colouration, don't judge us! Shal on the other hand, well, we all think that as a child, she must have been so precocious, she fell into a tub of bleach..she has the skin tone of a chinese..

But other than that, Ramadhan is all good...especially the Pasar's...mmmm, maybe can hit the Taman Tun one on Saturday..hehehe. Wont be here to enjoy most of it though, seing as BH and I will be away..far,far away!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sorry Teoh...

Had to give BS a miss last night. Wasn't a patient that held me back, rather it was my BH. Why?He'd just come back from Kuantan, is off today for Penang and wanted to see me. Hmm..BS with Teoh or dinner with BH and family? Not exactly a tough choice..sorry lar Teoh.

My initial plan was to work out like crazy before my holidays, when I'd most probably be eating like crazy. But alas, the flu dampened any hopes of a workout on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday my excuse was BH...heh.

Have now abandoned my workout like crazy plan. I mean, I'm gonna come back pudgier anyway, what with all the eating and lazing around..might as well accumulate the fat, then get rid of it all in one go? Of course, that means a whole lot more work lar...but it also means I get to slack off for now...hehehehe.

Well, at least I have BH to train me now, and he's such a drill Sergeant. I can't wait till next Tuesday!!!! Excitement filled with a tinged of apprehension...its not a regular holiday this one.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Kid on the Blog

On the blog roll that is...welcome Manjakid! The latest addition to So What!?? Who is he? Click to find out lor...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm Broke...

This can only mean one thing, it's J-Card Day...hehehehe. My annual pilgrimage to Jusco in MV to stock up on skin care. Nothing else is worth the effort, other than my SK II, in a nice red bag, with all the freebies...oh, and those vouchers. How much? This year's voucher collection is RM go do the math on how much I spent on my SK II.

The other stuff on sale...not worth the hassle, seriously. Well, not for me anyway. But apparently to a whole lot of people, it's worth it lar. Since 7 am this morning, people have been streaming in, most already having a plan of attack. First hit ladies, pick up bra, then hit men's, etc....I picked up my stuff early, there was a special counter set up, no ques, no hassle. Plus I pre-ordered the stuff, it was all packed up and ready to go already. Not much in the bag anyways, seeing the stuff is pricey. But I'm lasted me a whole year!

Anyways, back to J-card Day. Went back to Jusco lunch time to get my vouchers and decided to just browse in the store itself..big mistake. It was jam packed with people..they were either picking stuff up, queuing to try them on or just queuing to pay. Oh, some were just tagging along, you know, the husbands, the boyfriends, the kids? Poor things..

Did I mention the traffic jam? It must be horrendous outside. I bet getting in is impossible, dunno about getting out. I guess I will know first hand later then..heh. J-Card Day...

Monday, September 10, 2007

A very piggy weekend.........

No, BH and I didn't behave like pigs..well, not quite lar. As most weekends of mine, the "weekend" begins on Saturday afternoon. Right on the dot at 5, I dashed off to Axis. Didn't even realise the launch was on, and was surprised to see the gym quite full at 5 plus.

See, BH had decided to PT me, since I'd been complaining about my current shape and wanting to hire an actual PT. So session 1 started on Saturday. BH was tough! Am feeling the aches now...But it was good..might want a second session before going on holiday, hehehe.

After work out is where we went piggy. Decided to go to Checkers. BH had been ranting about this place for a while now, claiming they have the best ribs in town. So, what else? Go makan lar. We tried Porky's Best and their BBQ ribs with their pig tail soup. I liked the soup and the BBQ ribs, but the Porky's Best was a bit too dry for my liking. All in all, the food was good, and that was a very "piggy" meal. BH will put up pictures later.After dinner, we decided to bug Anneh at Online. Luckily we didn't order a round of ribs here as well..the stout was enough,heh.

Got up early on Sunday, courtesy of my brother, who decided to call at 7.30 am! Couldn't sleep after that , as much as I wanted to. So busied myself with "research" for our holiday, then decided to go for launch at the Curve. Bumped into what I would call a "man-bitch". No offense to gay men, but why do some gay men behave like bitches? As it is, I can't tolerate women who behave like bitches, but when a man does it, it's just WRONG. You know the type..he struts, taps his feet impatiently and does simple things like pressing the lift buttons with annoyance, as if the lift buttons made him have a bad day?

Anyway, BS 69 was great! Jeremy and Riyo did a great job. Had intended to stay for BC, but my aching body told me not to. Plus I had a lunch date with BH. Caught a glimpse of Renee on stage. Must say, woman looks good. She must have worked real hard to get where she is and its great to see an instructor grow. BC 33 sounded pretty cool, at least from the showers where I was during warm up. Will try on Tuesday, so Shades, you better make it good!

Lunch was yet another piggy affair, BH and I opting for mixed rice with a healthy dose of sweet and sour pork and pork cooked Hakka style.I think after all the meat over the weekend, will have to go vege for at least a expecting a meatier time during the hols too. And on that note, its only a week away! Yipppee!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And I made it!

Was supposed to end up in the Curve, disturbing that Japanese woman called Riyo. But Teoh said the magic words, cancel appointment...well, it wasn't me, I swear! My patient called up and cancelled at the last minute.

And so, a mad rush's no fun dashing off at 6.00 pm for a 6.45 pm class. Especially if you have to run up 2 flights of stairs, drive like a mad woman through traffic, park the car, dash up to the gym, change and finally enter the class. Needless to say, its all about the lurve....hehehehe.

Yesterdays class made me feel like babe, as in the pig.. and sweating like one. I dunno, maybe it was me, or maybe the air conditioning wasn't working, but the class was HOT. Yea, the instructor was hot la, but I mean it was stuffy. Could barely breathe. Had to run out right before conditioning, barely made it out to find BH downstairs, doing his shoulders. Have to say, for a guy who is sick, he still looks good working out...hehehehe.

Yea, poor baby is having a cough and cold, courtesy of me I presume. Have to try Eli's Vicks therapy. It worked for me.

On another note, another week plus to so excited, but also quite nervous and apprehensive. What may begin as a holiday may indicate a huge change in my at a crossroads in which making a decision will become harder soon. Life...its not dull at the moment!

Fearing the wrath of Shades

Ok, maybe it's not THAT extreme lar, but BH and I decided we should head over to DU, unless we wanna end up as Shades topic for the day. Frankly, I can't modify no sappy love songs for s***, so forget it lah. Almost dying from flu but I still went for class that lurve or what?

Speaking of lurve...why is everyone suddenly quite aware of Shades new "direction". I mean the signs were there already...the occasional "dressing" up for fun, ballroom dancing? Oh and of course his constant complaints that he doesn't get any lurve from it any wonder that he grabbed BH's bum last night? And I'm not surprised? Heh.Hmmm.....

Apart from the ass grabbing, last night was still a fun night. I have to learn how to stop laughing so hard so I can actually get a good work out though. The only downside was Tempo...I hate this release! Why? Cos' its our release..I've done it so many times, pretty much sick of it. Thankfully, only one track last night and the one I can tolerate the most. So, not to bad after all, still jumped, went crazy and had fun.

Tonight, I wanna do some serious Bodystep...but I think I won't make Teoh's class, not unless my appointment cancels at the last I guess I'll go disturb Riyo.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm gonna do "The Swee"

Swee, cut her long locks,wasn't happy with it, so she then cut it shorter again...restyled and I must say, she looks damn hot. I, in a spur of the moment thing, cut MY hair and it doesn't look hot at all. It's bad, real bad.

So now, I'm contemplating a "Swee". Hang Britney...she's a bad role model. Thankfully I didn't go all G.I Jane, nor did I go "au naturel" in the undie department, wear a short skirt and have pics taken as I'm getting out of a car. Never, ever, do a "Britney".

I just have to find the time to do it. Gonna do a "Swee"

Update:Did "the Swee"...had the Creative Director of my salon re-style my hair during lunch...walked back to work, got compliments from patient and nurse...I'm happy.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The looong weekend

Time goes by very quickly when one is having fun. My long weekend began on Thursday afternoon. BH and I had decided to hit Jason's BC at the Curve. Unfortunately, since it was also Merdeka Eve, and the Curve was open till midnight, a lot of people decided to throng the place as well. There was some kinda event there also. Couldn't get in at all. Ended up spending an hour in the car, driving there and back. So Bh and I decided to hit a smaller shopping place, Jusco in Kepong.

Merdeka Day was as usual in my household...the parade would be on the telly, mum, dad and I would occasionally peep and watch who's parading. This year, spent it with the folks, having Dim Sum with their friends. After that, decided to pick up BH and head to the gym for some weights. Got there, and lo and behold, Peter ( The Great, so says Lionheart) was teaching. Could not let that opportunity pass me by. Not when even Bh thinks he's amazing. And so too did a huge number of LM members.

The class was packed! It was another gruelling session, which made up for Thursday's lack of exercise. Though PTG was great, I guess I'm still partial to Teoh...dunno la, still like his class a bit more..heh.

After class, we decided to get a massage and facial respectively. BH, being not metrosexual, had only done a facial once in his Bali last year. Being with me must have made him more conscious of his skin. Finally got him to get a facial, after hearing him complain about his blackheads and all. Hehehe....

Saturday we decided to hit the gym yet again! This time, for Jason's class in LM. Still tired from PTG's class, I could barely move. But we had to work out, cos we were off to Genting after lunch. BH's uncle is in some rice wholesaler association, and they were having a dinner in Genting. We were summoned. BH has pics of the food, which wasn't that was Genting after all.

So, we took a leisurely drive up and spent our actual weekend in Genting. Somehow the amusement rides didn't beckon us as it did last we gave it a miss. Spent most of our time taking pics...of whatever lah. Bh now in picture taking craze, having recently acquired a new camera.

So that, is my rather dull report on my wonderful weekend. Just can't get any creative juice flowing today as the only thing that's flowing is my nose. Came down from Genting with a cold, which I have rather successfully shared with BH. Will try writing something a little wittier tomorrow.