Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Of Ed and other things

Been a while...busy mah!

Of Ed...

Ed's name on his vet card is now Ed Hill...and the vet thinks he's more hound than spaniel..heh. Yeah, took him last Sunday for his shot..brave boy, didn't even wince when the neddle went in..but he threw up in the car later. Dunno if it was cos' of the shot, or because of mum's driving..( I had to hold the fler,la, so mum drove)...luckily, he upchucked in his little basket, in one corner..

Ed didn't feel so good after that, his leg must have ached from the shot, so Ed, became very subdued for a bit. Being the pup that he is, one quick power nap later, he was off and jumping at Jackie! Oh, and the young fart has learnt how to growl and bark! In the vets, safe in his basket, he barked at two Rottweilers! I think without the safety of said basket, he wouldn't have made a peep! But it was so cute...and the Rotts? Didn't bother to respond..too tiny a threat! Hah!

Now we have to train him, cos he growled at a little girl when we took him out for a walk..I guess he growls when he's scared..oh, and boy, is he growing! Last weigh in...3.6 kg's and gaining! Shucks. Looks like we're stuck with a Basset after all..BH thinks he's ugly..hehe

Of other things..

It's been busy, we've been looking at houses, trying to find one that suites us, budget and space wise..from viewing studios in Bangsar ( Jamnah and Tivolli), to houses in Desa Park City..kinda like Park City, nice, cosy, safe and it's landed. But pricey and with maintenance fee too...sigh. I wish money grew on trees and I had one of those!

As for wedding..well, the gowns being made ( am NOT gonna wear a rental!) and the photo shoot should be in March..And the rest...hopefully will fall into place. Need a good on day photographer..anyone got suggestions?

And so...with CNY coming, life just got super duper busy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My name is Ed...

Cute ain't he? Meet Sir Edhill..the newest addition to our family. Ann's cocker spaniel recently had a litter of 7 pups! I kid you not! How 7 little flers emerged from that small dog is unbelievable. But anyway, Ed here, was one of the smallest, and looked least like a cocker spaniel. He looks like a Basset know, the Hush Puppies mascot? Yea...apparently, Ann's neighbour has a Basset Hound...hmmm.....
The pic was when we brought him home, last Sunday...shivering, quivering little fler..see the face? Super manja took him all of one day ( and howl all of one night) to become the bundle of energy that he now is. We coined him Sir honor of Sir Edmund Hillary, cos little Ed here..climbs EVERYTHING! And we figured, he's just as adventurous as his namesake too!
Ed's howling though, drove my mum ( and Jackie, my existing dog) crazy. So, last night, I sat him down, and told him, "Ed, live up to your namesake, have a little dignity, stop howling like a jackass" or something along those lines...and guess what? He stopped last night.
Could have been that he's gotten used to a new place..or maybe he loved the smell of Jackie's cushion, and felt comforted and less lonely..but he slept through the night.
Jackie however, after 8 years of being the ONLY pampered pooch in the household, feels jealous still. So I sat her down and told her "Girl, we're spending more time with you now than ever, just because you feel like this" and she seemed happier..maybe it's because she's getting used to Ed's smell ( we put his towels in her house), maybe she's suddenly realising that we DO spend more time with her. Maybe she's getting used to the idea.Anyone got any other ideas on how to get them to get along?
So there you have it..Sir Ed..We love him to bits now, and just want both dogs to get along, so we can love em both together. Worth missing the gym for, I'd say.

Friday, January 11, 2008

And so on and so forth

It's been almost a week since I last blogged..sorry people! It's been busy and I've been lazy...can't help it lar. Anyway, have found out that quite a number of people silently check on this site, just for a good read, to find out if they get mentioned or just to see what I'm up too..well, for what ever reason, I'm glad you popped by, carry on doing that and hopefully you get mildly entertained with what you read lah.

Ok, so it's January and things have been busy...what with you wonder? House hunting, wedding planning, church attending and of course the photo shoots. OK, the house hunting, etc,etc,etc all not much to talk about la. I mean apart from BH and I looking at apartments and what not, not that interesting la. The wedding thing also, well, we're just updating our contact list, without a date yet..sigh. We don't wanna rush, but we are getting rushed..long story.

Back to the more interesting stuff, the photo shoots...which by the way, were NOT for our wedding! It all began with Shades..who decided to use our story, about how we met in the gym, (and ended up Mr & Mrs), for some meeting in Thailand. It wasn't THAT kind of meeting, it was for our gym one la. This lead to someone seeing a story and wanting to write about it for a fitness magazine..some couples who work out together thing. ( I wonder if anyone would do a story on couples who pig out together?) So, one photo shoot was done last year, with BH and I working out together-gether la..hehehehehe.

Then about a week ago, I get another call, our gym wants to use our story as well. Hmm...but the shoot was on a weekday. After pondering the plus points ( a day off work, and the very nice carrot offered) we decided to do it lah. So, thanks to Shades, we'd done 2 photo shoots so far...hehehehe.

What's it like? Fun lah...but damn tiring man. The photographer was a real perfectionist, tilt head here,move closer, don't smile too much, took a few hours, but it was an experience! Can't say anything else about both shoots, seeing that the pics are not out yet and also not even sure if BH and I will end up being featured, but all in all, thanks to Shades ( notice I'm giving you publicity?), BH and I got the chance to have some fun in front of the camera and there wasn't any food involved in the picture taking process!

If this was tough, I can't imagine our wedding pics! Aiyo!

Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year Blahs..

Yea, December's come and's now a New Year, back to the grinder, etc,etc,etc...apparently, I've been hit by the New Year's Blahs..thankfully, Jan 1st this year fell on a Tuesday and not a Monday. Can't imagine the Monday Blah's combined with the New Year's blahs.

In an attempt to drag myself out of the blahs, am compiling a list of things to look forward to..hehehehehe. MUST-DRAG-SELF-OUT-OF-THE-BLAHS. So, here it is!

1) CNY...just a month away, I get one week off, loads of dinners and cookies and goodies and new clothes ( and the shopping that comes with it!)..only downside is this year, I don't get ang pows. Instead, I have to hand em out...darn! All you flers hoping to make a killing out of my ang pows ( this means you, Ben), forget it...I'm a your airfare, hehehehe...

2)House hunting...BH and I are looking for our own place, be it here, there. far, it's been fun, really can't wait to have my own kitchen to blow'll be the first to read the headlines "Girl who can't cook destroys kitchen.."

3) Wedding plans..yea, we did the whole registration thing, Indian lunch thing, tea ceremony thing and the Hindu temple thing...oh, but we're sooo NOT done yet! Why? Bh wants a church thing, plus there's dinner that's not done with yet! So, ladies and gentlemen, for the next few months, Mr. and Mrs. BH, will be busy every Sunday, either in church or preparing for our wedding...when? Err....this one, we are still planning lah. Oh, and there's marriage counselling thing...I think it's a great idea, cos' honestly, we're both new at this...why not get some more experienced people's views? Which brings me to number 4

4) Building a new life with doubt we still feel the same as before we signed that blue piece of paper, but slowly, it's sinking in..we're about to move on in the next phase of life. For both, a lot of changes have occurred..and I just feel all excited about it, building our lives together, especially since we're both starting from scratch, financially, spiritually. It's gonna be a challenge, but I feel, it's gonna be fun.

5) Hopefully a honeymoon, finally..BH and I have been sooo busy ( and broke)..hehehehe..more busy than broke lar, so we really couldn't take any time off after all the hoo-ha..the next step is to plan a honeymoon, after the church thing and the dinner thing..maybe just a few days off...some place quiet, throw away the phones and just relax.

6) A busy,busy 2008...apparently, a good year for dragons (me) and rabbits (BH) in the career department...hehehehe...Dunno if that's a good thing, but heck, it sure will make things interesting!

7) My apartment will be ready this year! After 3's finally gonna be done. And nope, we're not moving there ( not unless we have to)...cos' it's in Subang! That's too far for BH..I bought the place before I met him, so we'll keep it for the time being...but it will be fun furnishing the place! ( the downside to this of course, is the financial bit...)

There's the list so far...7 things to look forward to, there will be more..which I shall definitely add on's to 2008!