Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mrs. BH's first birthday.

How did Mrs. BH spend her first birthday? With 3 dinners, one high-tea, one cake cutting, one photo shoot and a hair raising mystery solved..

Lets start with the food bit. ( check out BH's blog for the full review)

Dinner 1: Was with my folks the day before. Having exhausted all avenues in getting fresh seafood for a homecooked seafood claypot dish, mum decided to take us out. So she made reservations at our usual place, Fullweath in KB. Our tummies were busting after the seafood, yam basket, 4 aces vege, cod fish and tofu dinner.

Dinner 2: My in laws also wanted to take me out and so, a dinner on my birthday, at Summer Palace, Marriot Putrajaya ensued. The journey there was extra long, since we decided to try the new highway..which detoured into Putrajaya before we could get to the Marriot. But dinner overall, good. The Peking duck could have been crispier, the ostrich was too tough ( so we got it changed to some prawn thing), but the sweet and sour chicken was good, as was the lotus root mixed vege..another busting tummy experience.

Dinner 3: BH, originally planned to wine and dine me on my birthday, but got his plans dashed by MIL...hehehehe. Anyway, we ended up dinig, but not wining, the next day. Instead of his original plan for dinner at some restaurant in KL, I had a fetish for Thai. We ended up at Sri Ayutthya, Medan Damansara. I think we ordered too much, despite what the waiter said ( no, no, enough for two). Yet another belly busting exercise of scallops cooked thai style, glass noodle kerabu, chicken green curry, tom yum thalay, pineapple fried rice, petai prawns and siakap thai style ensued. When we saw the table next to us order just fried rice for two, we knew we were in trouble. The food, though very good, was too much..heh. But this place, is fast becoming my favourite.

High tea: BH and I planned an apartment viewing on Sunday ( yea, we're actually looking for our own place), when his brother calls up and says he has vouchers for high tea at Eastin, which expire that very day. Since no one else was free, BH and I dragged my folks over for high tea. The spread was good, but the taste...not! Wouldn't go back again, free vouchers or not.

The cake cutting: Was working on my birthday, and after lunch, got a surprise cake-cutting/song singing by my staff..ended up blowing one candle too many and getting stuffed with chocolate cake. Thank God none of them went to SJI..birthday traditions carry from there..not pretty!

The hair raising mystery: Have you ever wondered if a certain politician's hair is real? I mean, the Elvis coif, extra high up front that still looks like a toupee? Yea, THAT minister..well, I found out! Was at the hair salon ( the famous one lar, in MV), getting a birthday cut, when I saw THAT minister walk in. He talked to the boss ( a much celebrated hair stylist) like they were old friends, and waited patiently for his turn ( it was a busy day). I wondered if the boss would actually do his hair..I mean, being famous herself, would she lend her name to his hair? Don't think that would be a good thing, actually! Anyway, sat for a while, and found out that yes, his hair is real, yes, he likes it THAT style, and no, the boss wasn't his stylist!

So there, that was Mrs. BH's first and most enjoyable birthday so far! Have to say, the last few days have been lovely..can't wait for 2008. And on that note,


Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Saree and the luncheon...

When BH and I decided to get hitched, we originally planned just the registration, as we realised planning the whole shebang would be a mammoth task. However, our parents ( my dad mostly) wanted something more least a lunch for his relatives, so as not to confuse people. I can see his point, as he is very old-fashioned and he considers this the proper're married, tell people, have a makan..that kinda thing.

So, we haven't done the chinese dinner, or our wedding pics, but we've done the tea ceremony ( BH's parents decided we might as well kau-tim that too) and the lunch, on the 23rd of December. For those of you who feel left out, please understand, this was a lunch for close relatives and friends of my dad's and our neighbours...there's still dinner, sometime next year, ok?

It's also been quite a shock for my friends from KB, whom I could not invite for this one, cos they all saw the huge pink and white canopies and wondered what happened. Having come to the right conclusion, they now wonder, how come they weren't invited? One simple reason, once we invite you for the luncheon, we can't invite you for the dinner. So, we decided to invite some people for lunch, as awe catered food specifically for them and some we will invite for the dinner later.

Since I'm on a roll explaining the whole thing, might as well go the whole nine yards...some people ( this means you, Ben) think we might have had to "rush" the whole thing due to "unforseen" circumstances. Let me make it clear, the only person who's tummy is increasing in size is BH's, and that's because of me...I feed him what I can't finish, no, no kids yet. Heh.

Righto...down to best part...I'll let the pics speak for themselves..the saree was nice, thankfully, I didn't look like a fish wrapped in newpaper...check out the next post, almost a complete pictorial.

Pink canopies and cupcakes...

More pics thanks to BFC & LHDS...thanks guys, for coming all the hoping our plans for March will work out!!! Kekekekeke.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The girl who can burn water...attempts brunch.

Public Holiday, my hands got itchy...have been wanting to try a simple breakfast for the family, especially This ended up as lunch BTW, cos we woke up late and me mum had already made thong yuen..hehehehe)

Anyway, this was the butter and garlic, which was chopped the night before and mixed up for garlic toast lar.
Me...trying hard not to chop off fingers...

The French Baguette...wholemeal, yummy!

The next day....

White button mushrooms...for sauteing.

Chopped up mushrooms, peppers, spring onions and onions...all ready to go.


Back Bacon and Streaky Bacon, fried....

Frying onions, without burning em...hehehehe...quite a feat for me!

All my other ingredients...smelt good, so couldn't have gone that far off, lar.

Telur, lima biji, with milk, some shrooms, salt and pepper..

The scrambling...yea, it looked like omelette's, right? But I like my eggs scrambled, so sue me..this is scrambled eggs ala Mrs. BH..!

BH did the buttering of the bread, added in some spring onions into the butter...smelt real good.Had to shoo BH away from kitchen...this was MY day to cook..hehehehe.Oh, the bottom tray is hash browns..instant ones..into the oven it all goes.

Hash browns....turned over....

And finally....scrambled eggs with peppers, bacon bits, spring onions, served with bacon, hash,peppers,tomtoes,mushrooms and toast!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The memoirs of Mrs. Wong

A few people have asked, what it feels like, being married and all..a few have already started calling me by my married name...sounds a bit funny to me still, but I'm getting used to it! Hehehehe. Other than the fact that my left ring finger feels naked at the moment ( we sent our rings for minor adjustments yesterday), it's been good.

So far, I have inherited, overnight, another set of parents, a brother and sister in-law, a host of aunties and uncles and cousins, 2 nieces and a nephew. Can't wait to spoil the kids, they aren't mine, kekekeke ( evil laugh). It's gonna be fun being the nice aunt, who gives in to what the kids want.Hahahaha.

The downside is of course I no longer live with my folks, who must be missing me, though they do seem to be very busy of late. Oh well, it's an adventure, one I really am looking forward to.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mrs. BH

At 10.59 Monday morning, I officially became Mrs. BH. Well, more like Mrs. BW, ie Mrs. Bernard Wong...kekekekeke. Am thinking if the name cards should be changed to Dr. Santhi Thambyrajah-Wong...just to confuse the heck out of people..face like Malay, but got Indian and Chinese name..heheheh.

The day began very, very early, at 4.30 am. Made tea, got dressed, by 6am, Wendy was at my door...with her camera at the ready. Wendikaa, the woman whom I am very very grateful for, cos she woke up at 5.15 am and spent the whole day with us, taking all our pics. Seriously, everyone says the pics are great and BH and I can't thank her enough. Woman, you have been there for me so many times, I really don't know how to repay you..much love from Bern and me!

BH arrived at 6.45 am, with the flowers and a huge smile on his face. I have never seen my BH looking so spiffy, he took my breath away.

We left by 7 am, it was just light out, the lotus in the garden had just bloomed and the birds were just awakening, chirping merrily. Adrian, BH's boss and good friend very kindly woke up just as early to be chauffeur, best man and door opener..thanks man! And so off we went to Putrajaya. We got there by 8 am, and got a number. There were 18 other couples getting married, and we wanted to be early so we could get the time we wanted. The auspicious time was between 10 and 12.30, so we asked for 10.30.

We had time to kill, and so had a light breakie, then spend some time taking "hmmph menyampah" photo's...kekekeke. At 10.30 or thereabouts, we went in, and both of us said goodbye to our single days. It was a simple ceremony, which began the moment everyone sat down and settled into the room. Everyone was our parents, BH's brother, sister in law, uncles, aunties, my dad's cousin, his grand daughter, my mums good friends, we took our vows. The whole morning, Wendy kept asking if I had butterflies, I said no, right until that moment. I could hardly breathe..almost teared up, but having BH at my side, I smiled, he smiled, and all was well.

And so, that's how I became Mrs. BH...still haven't quite gotten used to the idea..Mrs BH. Bh answered the phone yesterday morning, and he called me his wife..ehehehehehe...can't get enough of that.
It's a wonderful and strange experience for both of us at the moment . No doubt we have spent a lot of time together as a couple, but nothing can prepare us for living together. So far, it's been an adventure and every morning when I wake up, it's nice to see BH's face, still asleep, next to me.
Will post up more pics of the day later, once everything has settled in.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

OMG I'm getting married!!!!

I'm typing this with manicured fingers, post a face mask that made me look like some kinda alien. Ok, so it was an SKII one, didn't look quite that bad. But anyway..

It's the day before D-day..BH and I can't see each other, the first time since we started going out that we're doing this if both of us are in town, on a work free day. So what's a bride to be to do the day before she officially gets hitched? Nothing much actually.

Had planned to watch some chick flicks, but was way too tired ( it's been a tiring few weeks actually) and I couldn't find THE chick flick, the one I could watch over and over again, just because. Plus it occurred to me that BH doesn't really mind chick flicks, so...when I do find THE movie, I can always watch it with him. Or, I can watch it alone, he still can have his Stargate Atlantis in the other room.

So I spent the day pondering on things...mostly the fact that from tomorrow onwards, I'll be known as Auntie Santhi. Serious. All BH's nephews and nieces and all the kids are gonna be calling me "Auntie". Shit. Me..auntie? You graduate from a young girl ( well, I'm no spring chicken but I'm not that old lah!) to auntie..older I mean elder, and who wears funny long skirts and dishes out stupid advise to kids, like " Don't hold your face in that position or it will stay that way!". And when one marries another, you don't just marry that person, you marry his family too. Which is about to make my life a whole lot more interesting, I'll bet! Heh.

So, the dress isn't perfect, neither is the ring..though I love them both, I can still see flaws. But, this girl realises it's not about the dress, it's not about the ring and it sure as heck isn't about the flowers. It's about two people, flawed as people are, deciding to enter another phase of life together and making a legal commitment of that. Sure, I really don't expect our marriage to be perfect, there is no such thing. But I am glad however that my BH, the other person in this, doesn't believe it's all perfect either. He knows my flaws, as I know his, and we're gonna work on this thing called a marriage, with all our heart, our soul and our spirit. Which incidentally is on our imperfect, very meaningful rings..heh. We shall post one on our rings..very cool, unconventional pair, just like us.

Wish us luck.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm getting Married!!!

Yea, no big news anymore lar..but heck...I'm getting married!!! It's HUGE thing...simple piece of blue letter but it's a huge step. Just the other day, BH asked me to buy him a shirt..and suddenly I realised that after all this, with that ring on my finger, I'm gonna have to look after another person in my life, my husband. Being the ever pampered sole daughter of a loving couple, all I ever had to think about for the last 30 odd years is ME...and now..must take care of BH..

Don't get me wrong, I love BH, with all my heart and soul, I just never imagined myself in this role of wife...hehehehe. But I'm not really quivering at the thought of my new responsibilities, cos I think, I might just like it. Hmm, having to look out for another person, making sure he has his clothes, he has his makan and he is is happy, sounds like a lot of fun. Of course BH does the same for me lar, and so it's even more fun!

Yup, I'm getting can anyone tell me where I can enrol for cooking classes for dummies? Especially ones who can burn water?