Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yes, I'm still alive!

Yea, it's been a while since I actually accessed the blog. Sorry ler..things are busy. Heck, I now wake up at 6, then by 7 it's off to work. This week, it's a two hour drive to work. I'm in a rural clinic..so...I get back by 6, which is also a two hour journey back.

It's not so bad. On normal days, it's only an hour to get to and from work. Plus, there's no jam..I'm going the opposite direction of traffic,heh.

Must get car soon..and find a more permanent place to call home. Currently living with Bern's cousins and 3 dogs..it's nice, but we both miss our own space.

Melbourne is interesting..especially Phahran..hehe. The weather is still like a woman on pms. It was 28 yesterday and its 19 today..sigh..

Oh well..back to work!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

One week later......

It's now 9.59 am, here in Melbourne. I was supposed to be at work. Just like a week ago, I was supposed to have been on a plane. It seems that life here for both Bern and I are full of minor delays. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I get to spend time with Bern walking on the beach and all. But heck, I am anxious.

What happened this time? Was waiting for a letter from Malaysian Dental Council ( MDC) which got stuck in the mail. Finally had to fax MDC a copy to fax back to Australia. Some registration requirement that it has to come directly from MDC and not from me, although I have a perfectly legitimate certified copy of said letter here with me and wanted to submit in person. Oh well...everything must have it's red tape, huh?
Still looking for our own pad. This will take a while. Renting here is tough, as there aren't many places available with what we are looking for. Plus agents here don't need to work as hard as back home.

We have found a church though, just walking distance from where we are now, in Port Melbourne. Nice people and all la, but nothing like back home, of course. Somehow, Malaysian warmth and hospitality is still better.

The weather is a bit like a woman on PMS..one minute hot. like 30 degrees yesterday. And today, it's 18...

Well, that's all for now I guess.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Santhi & Bern's excellent adventure..yea dude!!!

So, ours was the goodbye ( at the airport ) that wasn't to be. Got up bright and early today to pack up, dry some clothes that were damp, pick up parents and drive to the airport. Got there like by 9 and all the while I thought the flight was 10.30....so..aiya, not late la kan?

Well, checking in, our baggage was overweight, by like 10 kilos...had to open up the cling wrap and try to chuck excess stuff..while panicking and doing all that and wondering where the heck Bern's parents were and if we'd get to say proper goodbye's and not just a quick I have to rush one, the MAS officer came up and told us..well, the flight is double booked, overfull and they could fly one of us at 10 ( our actual flight time) and the other at 9.30 TONIGHT. Wasn't paying attention and he had to repeat for me to have any reaction. My jaw dropped...

Then, the guy says..they will upgrade both to business class. Once I got what he was saying, I asked.."Did you sell OUR tickets?" You know what he replied? Yea, we were the last to check in and they OVER BOOKED it..then he starts throwing in other stuff..excess baggage fee waived.

My dad starts to ask for an explanation..and I'm thinking..hey, if we both fly later, we fly business leh..made a quick call to Australia, to change my 9 am appointment to later and settle some stuff with the new boss ( Ben) ..and so...we didn't fly.

Then, the guy hasn't finished yet..gave us breakfast vouchers and says he'll give us compensation..400..( see's my sad face)..( adds) each..oh, and hotel stay at Pan Pac..hehehehehe. Apa lagi? Ambik je lah!

So, by then Bern's parent's had arrived, rushing in, htinking they'd missed us,. and our church friends and pastor had come, all thinking they's see us flying off..heh..all asked, "flight delayed ah?"

No la, flight not delayed, it left on time, we just didn't get on it.

So, we ended up having breakfast for 12 at Burger King, checking into Pan PAc, getting lunch, snack and dinner for free, upgrade, baggage for free, but most of all and most importantly of all, we got to spend just a little bit more time with the ones we love...that, was the true blessing in disguise. We had a wonderful breakfast with our parents, had time to say proper goodbye's and Choowie even found time to come over for tea to send us off! Something I had hoped we'd get round to doing..heh..

So, guess where Santhi & Bern are right now? We're in the MAS club lounge, drinking champagne and blogging..heh..gotta go now, time to go spend our 800 bucks!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Time to say goodbye

It seems like just yesterday we were busy with wedding dinner and church prep and moving in..now, we are busy packing up to move out. Yea, Australia here we come. Ready or not, the Wongs are on the way...heheheheheh.

Will miss the numerous nights with the jokers, each time was supposed to be the last send off, but heck, when there's booze, there's Gobi...and Edward..hehehehe. Sorry Joel, we couldn't wait for you. You were too busy in Genting what? Thanks for Jack though, heh, what was left of it la.

So, we're off in another day's time, on a new adventure. Maybe for 2 years, maybe for longer, maybe even for a few months..nothing ever is certain, right? What's certain is the love we have for our family and friends, whom we will miss very much, every darn day.

So erm..G'day