Thursday, May 31, 2007

Doctor, doctor

When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was become a doctor. At 9 I was playing with my own "Play Doctor" set, you know, with the fake stethoscope and fake syringes and medicines. So all I did from then on, was study super hard, cos mum and dad told me that's the only way. And all I ever did in exams was score A's.

By the time I reached 17, I had sat for SPM, done well and had only one thought in my mind...medicine. Knowing full well that my folks could never send me abroad, I was left with one choice...STP lar...the dreaded one! So single minded and one tracked I was back then.

Form Six in SJI changed quite a bit of that. I was exposed to a bunch of classmates smarter, better than I. Bigger pond mah! Anyways, I was also exposed to the creative arts, drama, music ( I was in the choir, can you believe that???). I met people like Nazruddin Rahman, who showed me the fun of being in school, of pretending on stage and just chilling...things I didn't do before, single tracked mind that I had. Anyways, by the time the exams came around, I began to realise that I probably wouldn't cut it...5A's way beyond my reach. Also, I began to wonder if I really did want to do medicine?

I'd become a bit smarter lar, realising that that career would basically kill any social life I'd planned to have. I am so glad I came to my senses. These days, when my patients ask me, if Dentistry was my first choice, I say yes. Why? Because it's really not as DEMANDING as medicine. I have friends, really dedicated doctors, who went down that path. Life for them has never been easy, the physical demands of being on call for 48 hours, doing endless rounds, sucking up to bosses and still studying for exams to further their careers, would have been too much for me. So yeah, I love working with people, and I love my job. I get to help, yet I don't lose my "Me" time. I'm so glad my folks never pressured me to do anything, unlike some Indian families, who insist on having doctors for children.

My cousins, and my second cousins come under these families. Sometimes I don't know if that really is what these kids wanna do for a career. I thinks it's parental pressure, and they really don't know what their getting into. Any way possible, mortgage house, take loans, just to send them to India, Russia, God knows where just for that MBBS. Gosh..

That degree must come with a prerequisite of passion and commitment, as a doctor friend I was talking to said yesterday, "it's not about the money, it's the satisfaction of the job". He really had it and still has it tough. He was post call yesterday, obviously tired, but still had the graciousness to return my call. I know for a fact that he deals with really sick kids, often seeing them at their worse, has to deal with them dying and he gets paid very little. But yet, he loves his job, he loves what he does and he doesn't want to leave government service, cos thats where the work is. See, I don't think I could ever do that. Much as I love my job, I get to say "No" sometimes to my patients.

To all the doctors like Dr. Ng Ruey Terng...I salute you! And I hope anyone wanting to pursue a career in medicine have the heart and soul like you...oh and of course the brains also lah. We do need doctors, but we really need good ones.

Monday, May 28, 2007

My car

Well, its two weeks since the accident, car in the shop, police final report finally out. Also managed to get a copy of the other parties report...what nerve that woman had, she claims I braked suddenly, while she was approaching the traffic lights! And whats worse? In the report, the complainant is a guy! When the person driving was a STUPID woman, who wasn't paying attention to her driving, but was instead on the phone and due to her negligence, rammed into the back of my car.

I can only guess that they are claiming another party was driving for some insurance reason and I guess when faced with making a report, they decided to LIE. Well, the liars will lose their NCB and have been summoned 300 hundred anyway, cos the police judgement is for me..heck, even if I did brake at the traffic lights ( which I didn't, my car was fully stationary, as in my report), SHE is in the wrong for following too closely anyway. It must have been a last ditch effort to try to save money...but what a LIE! And to claim someone else was driving...sigh.

People these days, huh?

Brimming with sarcasm, cynicism and criticism

Oh wait..I'm not supposed to give free publicity to, will re-title this

The Bold and the Beautiful

Why? It's amazing the kind of sordid news one gets from the gym, enough to base a daytime soap opera on! Yesterday, shelved my original plan to go for Cheng's class at the Curve at 11.30. It's always fun with her, cos Nicholas and gang would be there and it's juts fun. But, BH wanted to go for the 2.45 class instead and since I hadn't seen his parents in a while...well, kill two birds with one stone kinda thing lar.

So back to the sordid stuff...apart from the usual gossip of women tweezing armpit hair, sex in the shower stalls etc, it's sad to note that racism is alive and well in our "muhibah" society. So too is cronyism and "cheapism". Apparently people who come in to LM who are Chinese ask only to be served by Chinese sales staff. members who are Chinese also request pt with only Chinese pt. I wonder if Indians who come in ask only to see an Indian staff member?

As for cyronism...well, heard yesterday also la, got some people use their positions as gf/bf to climb up the corporate ladder...which brings me to "cheapism". Some women are willing to sleep their way up, taking full advantage of the guy to gain a better position, upon confirmation of post, dumping the guy and setting their sights on someone with higher power. I have no respect for people who go up without working for it, but BH pointed out, they did work for it. In his words, "You think its easy spreading your legs open for an ang moh? A lot of work you know, to accommodate their size!

Well, to those women who work hard, without sacrificing your values and who get where they are based on merit...I salute you! So to to those who face all sorts of racism, but still have the dignity and perseverance to plow on, I salute you too. Lets us not forget our pride and who we are, and remember, like all soaps, the good guy eventually wins.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I got my first AD!!!!!! and weekend ramblings

Hehehe....finally got an ad from MPH from Nuffnang...kekekeke. On books some appropiate. See my recent purchases during the last sale?

I love reading, finding time to read however, is a bit of a challenge. Shucks, I barely have time to go watch a movie these days, even with all the new movies know, all the 3 parter's, Shrek 3, Pirates 3, Spidey 3.

Which is why yesterday, on one of those very rare occasions I get Saturday afternoon off, BH and I decided to go catch up on our movies. We watched NEXT, starring Nicholas Cage. In BH's words, IT"S NICHOLAS CAGE lah..we HAVE to watch! We'll skip the hot movies till after the school hols lar....otherwise, a cinema full of noisy kids and I'm not just talking bout BH.

OK, so I'm not exactly a fan of Mr. Cage, so sue me. But I have to say, the movie was good. Interesting watch if you haven't seen it, about this guy who can see the future, in all the possible ways that affects him. It's cool, however, I found the ending a bit abrupt.

Since we'd both been eating quite a bit, with dinners and what not, decided to head to the gym also lah. Didn't know Leon was teaching at 4.50, always thought his class was at 3 something. We arrived at track 4, decided not to pressure Leon, and just do our weights. Leon claims we surprised him enough with out faces at the glass that he forgot his choreo. Yeah, right...from what we could see and hear, he was and I supposed is always a pro. BH commented on his good visual and verbal ques. I think Leon still has it good, technique wise. Who says BJ instructors cant teach BC? Or vice versa. Looks like Leon might have a new regular in BH....

We had planned to watch another movie over at Cineleisure, post work out. BH, being pretty unhappy with the seats available (even through internet booking) decided to give it a pass la. So we just ended up visiting my favourite stores over at the Curve, Uluwatu and IKEA!!!! I love many pretty things to look at. BH likes it too, so many places for him to sit and let me do my wandering..hehehe.

Bumped into Mr. and Mrs. Lionheart, shopping for their new shop over in Bangsar Village. Looks like BH and I will have to pop by one day...another Wong, his nephew, is about to be born. Shopping for baby I love miniatures, kekekeke.

By the time we got home, we were both just so tired.I dunno, it seems like we're both getting old, I mean my parents fall asleep in front of the telly... and now we're doing it too! I supposed to start worrying about osteoporosis now?

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Now that my car is in the workshop getting repairs, it's time for me to make some important decisions. I have no car for a good 2 - 3 weeks, something about parts needing shipment from Tokyo, so...hmm...maybe I should get my driver to roll out the Benz and chauffeur me to work. Wait...Uncle Charlie is on leave and I don't know how to handle a car that big. Maybe I should use the spare Maserati....hang on, my dad would kill me, since I can't drive manual. Oooohhh. I got it! I'll just take the Lear, go off to the Bahamas. 2 weeks is just about sufficient to get a tan, do justice to the books piled on the bed stand, relax and mingle with Paris, before she does her sentence of course. I tell you, it's all a publicity stunt, that media w****. By the time I get back, my car should be ready, no?

The reality : I'm wedged up in a Komuter, my behind up against some other girls hip, my back against some Indian guy, me, trying to grasp the poles to steady myself....all sorts of odours permeate my nose...heh.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

One in four

I have to warn you, this post might make you go red or green depending on how you deal with reading about women's medical related stuff. So if you are one who gets queasy or uncomfortable when people discuss these things, STOP reading.

About a month plus ago, my mum had to go for a hysterectomy. What that is is a total removal of the uterus, the ducts , ovaries and cervix. Why? Because a routine gynae exam found large fibroids in her uterus which had calcification's. Fibroids are growths usually made up of just fibrous tissue, but hers were large and impinging on her kidney, so they had to go. Mum is 60, and like most women her age, is menopausal, for her to have large fibroids is unusual.Fibroids in the uterus become large because of the hormones, so in pregnant women, they can get bigger. Menopausal women don't have these hormones anymore hence the fibroids shouldn't grow. Also, many women have fibroids, apparently three out of four women.Fibroids though not cancerous, cause trouble by impinging on other structures, like kidneys or growing and causing excessive bleeding and miscarriages.

While with her during the numerous check ups and all, I saw some posters about pap smears and how one in four women is diagnosed with cervical cancer. A simple test, could save your life. If I'm not mistaken, Anita Mui died of this disease and like any other cancer, it's deadly. If caught early and removed, survival rates are good. My mum had her last pap smear 2 years ago.

Sitting with my mum, with all this confronting both of us was a challenge. We both knew that surgery was necessary for her, as the ultrasounds didn't seem good. There was always this looming threat over our heads...what if?

It turns out, mum was lucky, the growth was fibrous and not malignant, everything went well. But it raised a question in my mind...what about me? I had asked a friend before, he'd just finished med school and he said, well, if you are young, you don't need to get one, especially if you're still a virgin, etc. But I read up on this and found that a pap smear should be done once a woman passes the age of 18, whether sexually active or not. And it should be done yearly. You wont know if there are any abnormalities unless you see a gynae. So, that's what I did today.

I went here. I was most my patients are of me the first time they see me. Apprehensive and nervous, I was very glad that BH came along with me, he'd read up on this too and agreed that a routine pap is the way to go. ( I think he deserves another huge MUAKS).

When we were sitting, waiting, we saw that the other women who were there were all expecting. No young, single women like me, just in for a screening. The doc even told us that its rare for anyone to see a gynae, until they are pregnant. Our society doesn't talk about these things openly. People think that if a young, single woman were to go see a gynae, it's because she got herself into trouble and needed and abortion. But I kept thinking, ONE IN FOUR....what if?

The exam itself was not painful, a bit uncomfortable and a bit embarrassing, until I realised that I'd probably seem more horrific things in peoples mouths than what the gynae was looking at. Plus, he's a professional, he sees this all the time. It took just 5 maybe 10 minutes and I'll only know the results in a week, but the ultrasound looks good. No abnormalities, healthy, normal. I breathed a sigh of relief as I walked out the door. Glad to know that if I ever decide on kids, I would have a good shot. BH kept joking, with all these pregnant ladies around, I might get peer pressure and wanna have kids too...I do, but maybe not just now lah...hehehe.

I do however urge you, if you haven't had one, and you're past 18, maybe you should. The place I went to is a bit pricey, came to 300 over bucks. But there will be places that charge less. Any of my girlfriends, if you wanna go, but are too shy or too scared, I'll go with, just make sure its a Thursday afternoon or Sunday. Having BH ( Muaks, muaks, muaaks) there made it so much easier, the moral support helps if its your first time. Seriously, one in four.

When things don't work.

It's been 9 days since my accident and my car has yet to be fixed. All because I listened to my insurance agent, who told me that I needed to wait for the police confinement letter. I called Toyota again, finally got to speak to someone who could understand me and lo and behold, I don't need that letter. Nor do I need the "gambar rajah kasar". I just need my police report and the other persons insurance cover letter, which I need to get from JPJ. Here's the insurance agent, said he's get it for me on Monday/Tuesday. He calls me up on Wednesday and, I need your police report la...can fax to me ah?

I have since figured that the guy knows nuts and hence decided late Wednesday to go today, after work, shelving a prior appointment. BH came to the rescue, sorta Tarzan style, came over last night, got my report and went all the way to Wangsa Maju to get the cover letter. Does he deserve a muaks or not? A big one is coming his way anyway. Sorry to put THAT image in your head Shades...let it mingle with the other one, eh?

The past week, I keep remembering what a Swedish patient mentioned to me. He said he loves our country, it's nice, its warm, but when he needs things done...God help him, nothing works. Am now beginning to see why. It's true, bureaucracy is in every level, be it in the government agencies or even private ones, as I mentioned earlier about THAT insurance company. Also the level of stupidity is at its all time high, as demonstrated by my current insurance agent, who seems to love running around like a headless chicken. By the way, does anyone know of a good motor insurance agent? My road tax and insurance needs renewing by June.

So back to my that I got all I need, am gonna send it tomorrow morning and hopefully the people at Toyota do WORK. Otherwise, you'll read all about here, hot and fresh off the press.

Oh, on a sarcastic note, am gonna be posting only about certain instructors in the gym. Apparently I've "over-exposed" myself, in more ways than one, going for the path of least resistance.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Things that make you go hmmm....

Was flipping channels on Sunday evening, after BH had left and chanced upon this show on 8tv, the Bachelorette. Apparently it's a spin off from the Bachelor, a reality show which had 25 girls vieing for the affections of this one guy. This season's Bachelorette is one of the loser's from the bachelor. I think she came in second or something.

Anyway, it's about 25 GUYS trying their luck "at love" with this girl. The winner ( who lasts all season without getting eliminated) gets the girl. The girl, gets a guy, a rock and a proposal. Hmm... Ok, I'm skeptical. I mean, how much can you know a person in a few weeks, enough to

1) Propose
2) Accept said proposal
3) Begin a life together, hopefully happily ever after?

Yea, the initial spark seems to have something to do with the happily ever after, but I'm thinking it takes a while before a couple is comfortable enough to stop pretending and be themselves. Hence the passing of wind indiscriminately only occurs at least a month after serious dating. Same goes for all the other skeletons we keep in the closet. Only then can you decided whether you can live with the Beauty who picks her nose while watching tv or the Hunk who forgets to flush the toilet every now and again.

Back to the shows I have reason to be skeptical. Throughout the show, the girl gets to date the guys. Some on group dates, some on one on one, some overnight dates...hmmm...again. On group dates, how to get to know any particular guy? I guess the guys have to stand out to get attention kwa. On one on one...ok la, can get to know the guy...but how to chose? On overnights...seriously. The show portrays the overnights as REAL zooms in on the couple making out on the bed, then the door closes...hmmmm. I wonder what goes on in the heads of the other guys who get overnights? Was her last date better? Do I want a woman who slept with another man just yesterday? Hmmm.....

Same goes for The Bachelor...I wouldn't be a contestant, because I wouldn't want to go out with a guy who has kissed/slept with a few other women and has finally decided to give me a try. I just don't like a bunch of women fighting over a guy. I probably would not, unless of course someone tries to steal BH-lah. But that's just not right. I got here first! Hehehe. I wouldn't steal someone else's guy.

I know many people these days find it ok to date a few people, meaning there isn't any exclusivity at all. When dating, no holds are barred. Hence the reason why some relationships don't have rules. I suppose if both sides are ok to that, well...but then of course people who get into such relationships thinking they get to have all the bootie they want, better realise that it works both ways. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer my caveman to whack my head, then drag ONLY ME back to his cave.

I wonder how much cat-fighting and fist brawls occur off camera on the THAT would be reality TV.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I try

As I am writing this, I am thinking back to what my dad used to say just before any major exam or competition..."Just do your best. It doesn't matter if you fail, as long as you try and give it your best effort, it's ok". Sometimes I'm faced with situations these days that make me remember these words. Unfortunately, sometimes just doing your best doesn't quite cut it.

My boss says I'm a perfectionist. He thinks that I aim too high, my standards, be it at work or outside are set way above the norm. Sometimes I agree. Yes, I do try, I try my best. Hence when something fails, I feel really bad. Everyone goes through failure, I'm no exception. I've failed at school, at work, but what gets me the most is when I fail at human relationships.

I feel it's hard to understand people, its easier to understand my dog. I'm always questioning, Why? Why do people do what they do? Why do people behave the way they do? My mum always says, its takes all sorts to make up the world. Good, bad, not so good, not so bad. And I guess that explains it. Cos, no matter how hard I try, there will be people who don't like me and who don't like what I have to say. It's too bad, cos' the people who hate me the most, are basically just like me. I'm rambling, forgive me...its a Monday.

I am thankful for Miracle 2006 though, cos a miracle did happen. Just hope I don't mess up this relationship.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

One for the road

(For BFC who couldn't make it last night.)

There was a lot of that being said last night, mostly by Fuh Buh Buh...kekeke. Am still wondering who the heck finished up that whole bottle of Chivas??? Darn it...share lar with other kudikarans. Whoever it was must probably be feeling it this morning, unless of course they carried on with the beer and wine that was left over. BH is feeling it, having just recovered from liver damage post dengue fever. The wine got to him he said, too acidic, messed with his tummy and now he really feels like Ranjeet. Poor baby.

It was FCI's 2 ..err, will not say his age, birthday do. There was food a plenty, namely the crab curry and basmati rice and BH's cookies. And duck pasta and sambal petai ( really good stuff), and pie ( didn't know Lionheart can cook so well) and mee hoon and paella and beard papa and chocolate cake and I can't remember what else. Must have been way too sloshed by then. Couldn't even put cheese on a cracker without it flipping off the darn thing. But the food was good, the company, better. Anneh did a great job organising.

20 plus people had gathered to celebrate FCI's growing older, with a little munchkin added in as a surprise guest. A little girl called Emily, stole BH's (and many others) hearts for the night. With her playing peekaboo with BH, he nicely forgot the footie match on t.v. And no, am not in any way JEALOUS.

It was nice to meet many of the abbreviations on FBB's blog in person. And Leon was there too. Too bad there was no dancing...oh wait, there was some hip shaking on the birthday boy's part. Not enough alcohol though ( thanks to the missing bottle), as the alcoholic only sang Kris Dayanti songs with Leon. The twosome are kindred spirits, bursting into song every now and again. How anyone can remember songs to movies is beyond me. My memory is limited what I had for dinner last night. Oh wait...I can't even remember all of that.

BFC, BH and FBB have the pics and video. FBB was snapping haphazardly. Am expecting to see a lot of huge grins with half cut out of frame faces. Hehehehe. BFC, you were missed. Sorry, could not deliver your birthday gift, you'll have to give it to him whenever-lah.

The merriment ended late, poor FCI GF left with the cleaning up and packing of left-overs. Not much left of BH's cookies, Lionheart having professed to munching 9 all by himself. The crab curry and rice being heated up for lunch. I guess no one needed anything dry cleaned or any broken teeth fixed. Leon though gave the crabs due credit, sweating it out while eating. Must be a new LM programme...BE, with the tag line "Just eat it".

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hell hath no fury...

like a woman scorned, especially if that woman is me.

After the fiasco on Tuesday, Wednesday was full of phone calls. Mostly made by me to my insurance agent. Apparently for me to send my car back to Toyota, I need lots of documents. Other than the multiple police reports ( from both sides and the final judgement) I also need copies of my insurance policy and the other persons insurance policy.Thats the big problem la. that fler does not want to furnish me with the copy. So I had to call their insurance, get a run around from some stupid customer service guy, then some claims woman who sounded like she was half asleep at 3pm, only to find out that they will do all in their power to prevent my claim. They won't give me the copy as I am third party claim and to pay out to me would not be good for business.I suppose they hope that people in my situation would find it so hard that we'd give up and just take any kind of repair, from some kedai motor ah beng or something. No way, no how. My baby goes back to the manufacturer and gets the repair she deserves!

Though none of what happened was my fault, it looks like I am being made to pay anyway. My car now sits at home, waiting for the proper documents, before I can get it repaired and even then, it may take a while.Luckily I have mum's car..and BH to drive me around on weekends.

Most of the time, when the unexpected occurs, I take it as a learning experience. This unexpected occurrence has thought me that sometimes life isn't quite fair, shit happens and when it does, you can be angry and upset all you want, but this doesn't change a thing.

I was angry at the system, at the stupid insurance companies and at that stupid si lai who hit didn't do me any good. Now I'm just tired, I want it all to go away...but that doesn't mean I'm gonna forget the hassle these people have put me through. Unfortunately I'm not your typical Malaysian. I don't forget. I'm gonna make all the claims that I possibly can, fix my car and hope that this never happens again. Oh..and Pan Global, SUCKS!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tuesday Night Live

After a bad day, nothing like a good work out to make me feel better. Getting into an accident which was not in any way a fault of mine is no fun. Apart from dealing with the person who hit me, making a police report I have to deal with Toyota and their stringent requirements before they can proceede to repair my car. Looks like WMV 3189 will be out of action for a while...sigh.

Anyways, back to the feeling better part. BH left work early, came all the way from UPM to Kepong to pick me up to go to Damansara. We made it to class and FBB is right, nothing like familiar faces to make the class more fun. Apart from BH, Sunshine, Lionheart, Steve and FCI gf, the usual MML suspects were in class. Only Panjang was missing, his regular spot right in front of FCI left strangely vacant. FCI does pick on FBB, no matter where he stands. Poor him, but fun for us. Was giggling all the way through..BH up to his usual antics and of course those subtle ribs directed at FBB..hehehehe. Doesn't help that he wore orange to obvious from a mile away.

The class was good. Enough power, enough humour and enough fun to make me forget my day, at least for a while. After class was even more fun. BH and I went to get ice cream.Haagen Dazs, Belgian those endorphins. Got my mood back, until I reached home and saw my car lah. Aiyo...I hope I never meet that 3189 again.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What happens when 3189 meets 3189?

3189 met 3189 at a traffic junction

So what?!!! happens when the two meet unexpectedly ?

A bent bonnet

A bent bumper,clips and boot...and a RM1684 estimate of poor baby. Almost 2 years old only, and now in need of a new bumper. And yes, sudah beli nombor.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Fridays are good days. They mean the week is almost over. Just one more day at work to go before I reach Sunday, pass go and collect 200...more like collect sleep points. I need my sleep, ask anyone, and they will tell you how cranky I get when I don't have enough sleep. The only person who doesn't get me cranky when I don't have enough sleep is BH, and that in itself is a says VJ .

I digress...anyways, BH finally came home, after 5 days in the jungle's of Pahang. As if swinging from trees wasn't enough for Tarzan, we decided to go for BC , FCI class lah, what else? Ok, maybe not so much swinging, but more whacking tre..I mean shrubs with the parang. images of BH, all manly macho making his way through thick jungle...fuiyoh!

Wasn't a great class for me. My fatigue getting the better of me, I could hardly keep up with BH. But I blame it on the 4 newbies right in front and beside me. Nothing like a few blur fellas in class to throw you off focus. Poor fellas, trying very hard, but just so distracting. FCI had to split them up, for fear they'd wreck havoc on the rest of us.....hehehe. Gotta give kudo's to them for trying and FCI for actually getting off the stage and giving one on one lessons. Hmm...looks like his pro instructor thingy is working out. Nice to see people inprove. Thank goodness he skipped conditioning. My chest still ached from weights the previous day. My sigh of relief must have been heard all the way in the jungles of Pahang.

Am glad, so glad BH is back. Now we have a few days, before he's off again...sigh.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Apparently I'm not as good at listening as I am at reading, speaking or writing. But I did it gimme a job!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pretending to be a Thai-Thai

So, I made it to the gym, at a time when only people with no jobs or are on holiday can make it to the gym. Or people who have the life of luxury..the illusive thai-thai. Reminiscent of Sweat Club days when I used to bump into these ladies, I walked into an almost empty gym. Parking was a breeze...even at Axis. And guess what? No beefy buffed up men in the weights area. Yipppee!!

Though feeling a little nauseous ( from the Puri I had this morning I'm guessing), I still managed to do my weights. Err...leg press, adductor, pulldown, seated row, chest press, flys, extensions and abs ( two sets of each) and shower all in under an hour. Not bad, huh? Anyways, a chance encounter with Kris brought back more memories of Sweat Club.( Kris being a former instructor of SC, now a PT with FF) Of the quiet atmosphere, the gossip and the HUGE shower cubicles.
( Double the size of those in Axis) Since Cali took over, its now the miniscule size of....well, if BH went in for a shower, he'd come out with his knees and elbows bruised...every time he turns, he'd probably hit the wall. It's THAT small. Working out when every one is just working, ah, the life of a thai-thai. Since I decided to have a facial after gym, wah...really felt like pretending to be one also lah.

Didn't help that facial was in THE shopping mall for thai-thai's, Bangsar Village 128 Fauborg. I got there early and decided that since I was in the thai-thai mood, I'd just do some shopping la. Walked into Warehouse, cos I saw this gorgeous dress in the window..walked out when I saw the price. I can pretend all I want, but I sure as hell do NOT have the bank account of a thai-thai.

Sothy's is wonderful though, for my make believe. My beautician, Vience ( I know, its a weird name) is very,very good at her job. When she massages my shoulders...fuah...BLISS!!! She must have been the emperor's masseuse in her past life. Can imagine her pampering some emperor who goes "Do it right or its off with your head!" Hence she got real good. The woman is good with her hands la...I felt sooo goood.Have not once been disappointed with Sothys. Always end up with a huge smile on my face. They are that birthday is in December, hint,hint, wink,wink. Had another round of their chocolate facial. More more on that, read this.

And to top off the pampering, had my manicure done at the same time. My manicurist Jessie was free, so might as well lah. All I could think off was...can I come back tomorrow for another round? That was until the bill came, and there went my thai-thai fantasies up in smoke again. I guess I'll play pretend again next month...errr.....maybe next month and a half.


It's another uneventful Thursday morning. Am wondering if it will remain an uneventful Thursday afternoon and evening. I love Thursdays, I get off work at 1, then I'm free to do whatever I want. Which usually means spending quality and quantity time in my favourite place, my bed. My bed is nice, it's warm, it's comforting, it makes me feel safe. No matter what kinda day I'm having, I can count on my bed to make things right. There are days when I don't want to leave my bed. Then there are days when I have to.

Most Thursdays after spending much needed time in my favourite place I head of to Axis, to join many other sweaty people punch air, in combat. Not this Thursday. This Thursday will be different. (Of late, so have my Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.) But, I still have to hit the gym. Why? Because according to some machine, I am obese. Not that I really believe that that's true. But it really doesn't hurt to go do some weights, now does it?

So, after 1 and after lunch, I will be off. It will be just me, the weights and my Ipod. Will not have a care in the world other than that, will do my circuit as best I can, ignore the stares from those beefy buffed up kinds normally grunting in front of mirrors and just get down to it. Just me, my weights and my Ipod......and then, I'll go for my chocolate facial. Ah, the icing for the day. That will be my Thursday for today.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My second rule of combat

My second rule of combat...if the instructor ignores and avoids all eye contact with you, bear down, work it, sweat it and just have fun. Do not ever imitate a cat and meow about it in class.

It was a weird class tonight at MML. I got there 20 past 6, wondering why the lifts from the basement weren't working. As I was climbing up the stairs, the lights went off for a while and more people were headed toward the car park than toward the gym...hmmm...power failure? Sure enough, the lights were out. Apparently someone in Damansara Heights decided to blow a major fuse.

Well, it was either stay and hope the power comes back, go to Axis or go home. While trying to make up my mind ( I'm so indecisive these days), I texted FBB about power failure...and solved the mystery of his malfunctioning auto gate. The power was out in his house as well.

I thought class would be cancelled. Unless FCI could sing all ten tracks ( he can teach without a mic, can he teach without music?), I'd have to go home. Diha showed up, so we hung out at the cafe outside the gym. After getting fed up of that, we decided to leave lah. Well, when I saw the jam in the car park, I changed my mind. Obviously everyone in the building was leaving at the same time, so the car park was a massive crawl. Might as well wait it out comfortably with a cup of tea.

By the time I got back to the gym, the lights were on again! Wah...TNB worked super fast. Must be some VIP who made a lot of noise. Things get done faster on the right side of the fence I guess. Anyways, class started just a little before seven, FCI waiting for more people to show up. After some minor griping about the "first time ever" small number of members in MML, we got down to it la.

Panjang was in class, but since there were just a few of us, he had his 10ft. Unfortunately, he doesn't know my first rule of combat. But, what he lacks in stamina and coordination, he makes up for amply with enthusiasm. Nothing like a bright eyed, bushy tailed excited newbie to make one feel excited about combat. Oh, and Steve was in attendance too. He always gets people in the mood, with his shouts and jump knees. He reminds me of Jack Black...must be the hair and his preference for black clothing. I wonder if Steve can do rock?

Was missing BH. He makes me laugh, no matter how crappy the instructor makes me feel. Also miss Brains For Codes...she's the only one who gets and laughs at my jokes of instructors who make me feel crappy. One good thing about MML though, the mirrors. Apparently I should look more into them to check my own technique before criticizing others...hmm, that worked out pretty well tonight.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Lazy hazy Monday

Am feeling ultra fatigued today and I just can't put my finger on it. My body doesn't ache like it should after a gruelling work out, but I'm so darn sleepy. I feel I can just close my eyes and instantly be zzzzzz-ing away.Yesterday's work out wasn't even gruelling. After BC with FCI in LM, Bh and I decided to do one set of legs, back and chest, two exercises each. Weights were my normal ones. Oh, but I was gasping for breath during BC...hmmm, must be the flu.

Haven't quite recovered from that I guess.Been blowing my brains and some blood out of my nose, which is constantly blocked. Sigh...think I'll skip BC tonight. After all, BH is not in town and Anneh wont be in class today. California and their launch of BC 32 beckons him...cis! Class just isn't the same without the usual suspects. I miss brains for codes.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ipoh Road Yong Tau Foo

BH and I have one thing in common, one very important thing in common, we both love looking for good food. So, the last May Day public holiday, we decided to try out this famous restaurant which used to be in Jalan Ipoh. It's now in a bungalow in Segambut, near Jalan Ipoh.

Being a public holiday, the place was packed! Literally packed! PArking was a huge problem..but as our luck would have it, we found a spot, right in front. The setup is like a typical restaurant, if you ignore the fact that you are dining in what used to be someone's living room and dining room and the kitchen used to be a bedroom. Oh, the only things thats left original is the centre courtyard in the middle of the house, with a nice swing for kids.

The service here was super quick...better than Diner Dash expert players anyday! We got our food within 10 minutes of ordering...Overall, the Yong Tau Foo was good, msg was marginal. And there are options for side dishes as well, there's a rojak stall and a siew pau stall and some roasted chestnut thingy too. Wasn't expensive, costs about 80 sen a piece and it was good, so no complaints. Another place BH and I will probably go to again.

Read BH's review on Damansara Seafood Village when he posts it...thats another place we heard a lot about from blogs and decided to try last night. I'll reserve the food review for him. He's bettter at it mah!