Saturday, February 21, 2009

5 monts in photos part 1

In no particular order.... what's been keeping us busy

Who are you and why are you living with us? Are you gonna just stand there or are you gonna play with me?Meet of 3 Poms who were our housemates for the first month .

Yum Char with the other crazies who work ar Barwon health.

Yeap..cherry on the tree....

Our first anniversary, at Markov's

Our first chirstmas tree!

Moving into our own place, October 27t 2008

Spirit of Tasmania...5 minutes walk from home...basically if we wanted to, we can just walk there, take the ferry and in 8 short hours, arrive in Tassie.

15 dollar cupcakes from Lethemeatcake, South Melbourne...for the benefit of Bel..

Friday, February 06, 2009

Planes, trains and automobiles..ok, maybe just trains and automobiles

It took 3 train rides, a journey of over 100km, but guess who's got a new ride?
Yup, finally went to pick up my car. Got off work early (yippee), took the train from Geelong into Melbourne, a trip over 80 KM. Then another 20km train ride and a 10 minute walk to the dealership and FINALLY I am mobile again! No complaints about the trams or trains here, public transport is so good. But once you're used to driving, the trams just don't cut it la.
Now I have to worry about petrol and service and maintenance and scratches and accidents and all that jazz...but at least, I have a CAR!!!
What should I name her? It feels like a her anyway...WUBbles? Her rego is WUB 882...heeehe. Open for suggestion guys.