Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Flown the coup...also the reason for not blogging.

Why Haven't I been blogging? Been too busy taking care of the baby, yep, you heard it right, THE baby..

Doesn't he just look soooo cute, with his bone in his mouth?

My parents, suffering from chronic empty nest syndrome, decided to do something about it. They decided to leave us at home and fly far,far away..on holiday. Which means, BH and I are left with the task of taking care of the house AND the dogs..

If you think he looks sooo darn cute and innocent, think again. These days, we don't need an alarm to wake us up. Before the crack of dawn, like a crowing rooster, Ed, howls..

Why? Just because he can,just because every time he does it with mum, she comes out to play with him.

So these days, he gets sleepy, bleary eyed me, dragging my sorry ass ( that just wants to plop back in bed), to the back yard, to clean his "business" and his mess and feed him and play with him and oh..wash the place. Not that I'm complaining,heh. Oh, and his mess (smelly, wei)..the boy tears up the papers almost every time...dunno if it's because he's upset with the news and what not, or again, just because..and did I mention that we have to rush back home right after work to feed him?

Jackie on the other hand, good little doggie that she is, doesn't mess up anything, eats without having to play fetch first and basically just IS..she's missing her playmate, my mum, terribly though, cos she keeps looking for her. The only time we get any emotion from her, is when Ed, tries to take her treat or hell breaks lose, with Ed, running, cowering behind us and yelping in fear..heh..silly boy, he still does it every once in a while, hasn't quite learnt his lesson. Don't mess with Jackie's stuff!!!

THE baby with "ball"..we taught him how to fetch it on command, he can identify "ball" and retrieve it, but still has issues on giving it up..
Ed, with his bone..and a look that says it all..I dare you to take it from me..come la, I dare you..

Cute? Hmm...until he sees other dogs..not a friendly pooch, this one.

And that's, what we've been up to..

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Because Shades asked me to

Sorry people, have been super busy of late and super the time BH and I are back home and done our chores, we fall straight to sleep. Hence, no new posts..BH pulak, well, he can still put up some stuff, trade secret wor..heh.

Why we've been busy? Will disclose soon..back to work!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I feel like Britney

Spears, as in the Britney now and not the Britney then. You know, chubby Britney. Though the difference is, she= mommy of two, popping out two kids almost in succession and no break in between and me= married, no popping kids yet, but still chubby. Damn!

When I first started getting my behind on that treadmill, it was while watching Britney doing "I'm a Slave for You" and seeing her, abs all tight slithering about with some snake motivated me..I wanted to be like that. So I walked and walked and walked and eventually I was almost like her, almost..not delusional, but heck, I did have some abs..

And now, I'm almost like her again, just post baby-crazy depressive- alcohol abusive- chain smoking-junk food gobbling Britney.

But I guess there's a silver lining..if she can make a comeback,get her life and body back to the way it was, heck so can I .... I'm sooo hoping she makes a comeback. Come on Britney, move yo ass! Use those two kids as weights while dancing around some pole or something..gimme hope!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wedding Season

When people blog about weddings, it's therefore officially wedding season. The time when doe eyed couples decide to tie the knot and have a party to celebrate the nuptials..

Nut & Co managed to throw one such party in 4 DAYS!!! What would normally take 4 months.

I know, it's taking me that long. Just got both dresses made, one is all done, the other after Saturday's fitting, will have to be taken in. Bh's are done, so he's pretty much set.

The venue was chosen a loooong time ago, since it's MIL's favourite place and we finally booked the place, etc,etc,etc...but now, come the headache of the cards. Thankfully the cards the restaurant provides is decent, so we won't be printing extra and the one for the church, fits into the dinner invite nicely ( I hope).

Also, BFC (that wonderful girl) and LHDS came up with a lovely design for said church invites, complete with monogram..Muaks guys! Now all we have to do is print the thing, then mail em..or send them by hand. ( Hmm..which means calling up people I haven't seen in a loooong while). Therein lies the next problem of the guest list. On our advantage, we can only have 40 tables and 2/3 of which go to the parents, the math.

The church..check. Luckily we have Bh's cousin who is a Pastor and has agreed to bless our marriage. So, nice, family and friends affair planned out, with very little protocol ( I think) and a more relaxed shebang ( I hope). Nothing elaborate, which is what we want anyway.

Photo's have done.. the pre-requisite "wedding/bridal" pics..with one more session to go. We decided on both outdoor adventures as it seemed less boring, but the timing has been a problem. What with the rain in spai...kl falling mainly on the plai..kl almost everyday. And of course there was cheng beng..cannot take picture la, otherwise got "extra's" in there all how?

The next shoot will be meaningful for us, cos' it would be done where we both went to school..strangely we didn't meet there. Would be great if we could take pics where we actually met, but then, there definitely will be "extra's"..more likely in the shape, size and look of Shades..heh.

Next on the list..liquor..and lots of it. Have managed to recruit all family members flying in or out to purchase the required stuff, duty free..but there is still the wine to be taken care of. In need of a good contact for decent, cheap stuff. Hey, it's for guests who wanna get drunk, I'm not spending money on ice wine for that.

I guess that leaves the dinner itinerary..that's gonna be a headache. Still planning, still trying to figure out what to do..slide shows, some impromptu presentations..I dunno. But definitely NO KARAOKE. BH and I are very adamant on that one. The other thing we want is our own song choice. MIL wants soft, soothing light and easy tunes. But Bh and I are more ermm..Capitol Fm/Fly fm soft rock thinking Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and a medley of soft rock..maybe try to slip this by MIL..

Yet to finalise on make up, flowers, best man and anything else that's slipped my mind.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A question that stumped me..

What is my proudest moment? (Why this question was asked shall be revealed later.)

Hmm..I really can't put my finger on it. The day I graduated? Well, yea, that was a good day..sure, I worked my ass off to get there, but I wouldn't call it my proudest moment. I mean, five looooong years of dental school and all, but heck..almost everyone graduated.

The day I got married? Hmm..that was a very,very happy day, but not so much a proud moment. I mean,proud also lar, cos' I married a great guy, but how proud can you get by getting married?

The time I made it up Kinabalu? Well, ok, it was raining, it was treacherous, but I'm not exactly was raining, I didn't get my picture of Low's Peak, I didn't get my sunshine and view from there! Heck, even the rats had disappeared! No real pride in that.

Haven't popped out any kids, so can't use that..

Oh wait..maybe my first successful extraction? On that note, the day I took out this HUGE wisdom tooth with 3 curved roots? Or maybe the time I successfully completed a difficult root canal, on a molar with 3 canals that fuse? pride does not count as my proudest moment.

I think I'm going with the day I learned how to ride a chopper ( a bike lar), all in one day. Or even better, the day I finished Jack and the Beanstalk..all on my own, without stopping, without help. I was 3..maybe 2 plus..have to ask mum, cos she used to read with me, over and over again...yea, that's it. Oh, and I'm proud of Mum and Appa and Bh and Dev, just thought I'd throw that in.

So, what was your proudest moment?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Devil's Advocates...

At the risk of offending readers ( especially those who ride big blue bikes)..I still have to rant..

I hate lawyers!!!! You Bloodsucking leeches ! Everything also got legal fees ..To get a housing loan, have to pay legal fees, for S & P, have to pay legal fees, all for agreements that DON'T benefit me if anything should happen. And if anything should happen, I still have to pay another bunch of lawyers to refute said agreements..Cis! And can still charge me for disbursement, but I have to drive to town, pay for parking, just to sign the damn agreement!

And said agreement? It's like signing a deal with the least it feels that way. No part of it benefits us, other than we HAVE to take a loan and hence, have to sign an agreement. And bloody lawyer, can't even bother to read, let alone explain the agreement to us, expect us to sign blindly without reading? What am I? Stupid?

BH feels I should charge more for patients who are thinking about it...

X = is fee for dental treatment
Y -= is fee for indemnity if you decide to sue me
A = fee for legal documentation if you decide to sue me , for my lawyers
B = disbursement fee + stamping

Your total bill = X+Y+A+B.. And amounts Y, A,B are dependant on fee for treatment, i.e 30%, 20 % and 5% of X..can ah?

I'm in the bloody wrong profession!

Oh..side note: The other profession I hate, bloody valuers..charged me 650 for a 5 minute evaluation of property after which, he used the selling price from the developer, which WE provided him..cilaka!

Monday, April 14, 2008

If Shades can do can I

So here's a blog post that has nothing to do with anything other than increase traffic..heh. I'm shameless, I know

Friday, April 11, 2008

Down the rabbit hole...

Ever been in this situation, small pit, probe barely sticking, enamel no signs of decalcification, colour is normal, so start with small round bur..slowly it goes in, then suddenly it drops..hits softer tissue..So, you enlarge the access..bigger round bur...and it keeps going..and going and going...

It's like Alice isn't it, in Wonderland, falling down that rabbit hole? It just keeps going on and on..and suddenly you regret not giving LA.It's starting to get sensitive. But you see a light at the end of that dark tunnel. It's getting harder, not so soft, not so dark, definitely you can feel it leathery. So you clear up some more. It's really sensitive by now, but you think, heck, just a bit more..almost cleared it all, healthy tissue in sight..

And then it see it. A small little spot, bright red..darn! Pulp exposed. And there you go, cursing in your head because you told the patient, "It's just a small little pit", and now, there's the possibility of endo and you wished you'd taken a PA, you wish you'd put on a rubber damn. Damn! Too late.

Just line it, fill it, medicate the patient and hope for the best.Either you never see the patient for this tooth again, or patient comes in, a year or so later, with throbbing pain that occurs mostly at night, started with pain to cold, then to hot and now, just all the damn time. Patient can't sleep, can't eat, can't now you give LA, and place a rubber damn lor!

Small pit turned out to be a root canal..

Keep your friends close and your stalkers closer...

For the past 4 months..hmm, we've been married that long, BH and I have been living with his folks. Originally I thought we were supposed to live apart, which is what most people do, after getting legally married, before they throw the big dinner. But my dad insisted that we should live together. So I upped and moved in with BH and his folks. It wasn't easy, I'm not complaining mind you, his folks are great! But you know lah..

We finally bought our own place, it's small, two bed, two bath, on the first floor of a walk up and it was NOT cheap.But we like it. And we get to be close to our favourite BC instructor ( until he finds a place and moves out of his brother's place la. ) This is the before..I hope the after is much better, heh.:-

Oh, and Appa is right..I now see his wisdom.Living together is a learning experience on it's own. You really don't know a person until you actually live with them. Oooo..I can't wait for BH and I to move out to our own place!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

While BH is away

10 things I realised while Bh is out of town

1) Miss his snoring and having him next to me in the mornings

2) Driving to work is very different without another voice in the car. JJ and Rudy don't count.

3) Mum doesn't cook as one to finish all the food and we're small eaters

4) Online has ribs, but I don't wanna go

5) Going to the gym alone is suddenly very daunting

6) I still get jealous

7) Bh is eating all sorts of nice things and I'm missing out

8) I get to watch Idol, but it doesn't interest me

9) Bh takes better pictures of Ed and so I have none to post up

and finally numero err..ten

10) Everyone who has dealings that require both of us will call now, when only one of us is available.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


It occurred to me as I was sitting in the customer lounge that my car, does not have a name, unlike a certain Rpmnut.But then hor, my car isn't turquoise either.

My car, like it's owner is spunky, direct and doesn't take much shit from anyone. The gender of my car shall remain unspecific, solely for the reason that I can't decide if it feels more like a tough female or a gentle male. And no, cars are not bisexual.So for all intents and purposes, it shall remain asexual.

All these earth shattering revelations came to me while I was waiting for car to be serviced. Toyota service centres are comfy, they give you nice comfy chairs, astro and a huge window for you to gaze at the mechanics working on your car. Sweaty, greasy men in uniform..hmm.

They also feed you..made me happy. Amazing what some biscuits and milo can do. I gladly ( well, not too reluctantly) parted with what, I believe, would have been the tea lady who served me my milo and biscuits, monthly income. Nobody said Toyota service is cheap.But I had too, car deserved a good service, plus still under warranty.Really am banking on the warranty here and not hua ren tea..

But seriously, what should be car's name? Sparky for spark plugs? Sounds too much like Spot for dog..I like Bumblebee, but no part of car resembles a yellow Camaro. For the record, it's champagne gold and like I said, its got attitude. You know car's got personalities, right? I mean, there are the tough, move over if you're hogging the fast lane ones ( like BH's), the quirky ones, the I-don't-give-a-shit ones, the mommy, gentle ones, the crazy, I think I'll swerve out anywhere anytime I want know what I mean? Car is..steady, reliable, doesn't cause trouble,patient, but don't you go messing with car, especially you crazy,swerve outta nowhere ones. Like I said, car's got attitude.

Maybe I'll just stick with car..

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Love does not delight in evil..

Photo from Austin Powers ler

It sure feels..well, nice when someone you don't like, who is evil, gets what's due to them! I know, I'm bad...muahahahaha. ( Must-try-not-to-be-so-BAD!)But heck, when evil people who do evil things to you get evil things happening to them..a bit susah not to feel like justice done, right? To err is human, after all.

On another note, it's amazing what people do to get attention. Like blogs for instance, to get traffic, we'll say anything, even flame others..heh, the world of blogging,eh? Blog wars..nice to read, if you're an outsider. Or write all sorts of shit about other people, behind their backs, with secret code names..wait a minute..sounds familiar.No love there I guess.

And even in the gym, like pretending to work out. Don't think striking a pose on machines counts! Love those signs in Uptown, Use it or Move it, very appropriate, Heh. Gyms, full of drama too.The stories ans accusations abound..who did what to whom, all attention grabbers.

Which reminds me, apparently I get more traffic when Ed's pics are up, as apposed to mine. Darn it! Ok, will post more pics of the dog, since you prefer him to pics of me..(sulk)..

Note I-Ben the terrible: you'll get yours today for calling me a Patpong girl! Muahahahaha!!!

If I'm being vague today, it's cos I am vague and my brain is dead.So, if you read this and it sounds like incoherrent ramblings, it is ler..

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's not 6 months and counting!!!

Before more people get the idea that I'm counting down 9 months, I'm actually counting down 3 the wedding dinner!!! Heh..FBB, me not with bun in oven ler..not that we don't want kids, we aren't quite ready for them yet.Seriously, how did you get to that conclusion?

Aiyo, just bought a place, also spending money on dinner and all other related costs ( the dress, the pictures, ie before and during, the invites, the favours, the..the list is endless). You think we have cash for a kid? Heck, it's a 20 year plus minimum "investment". But apart from that, we just aren't ready lah, for a mini BH or mini me. But when the time comes, God willing..terror will be unleashed upon the world..muahahahaha..

To recap, the story so far..BH and I, legally married since Dec 10, 2007.. Why? Main reason to be disclosed later, but one reason is why not? Another is..2008 traffic jam lar, EVERYONE wants to be registered in think we wanna join the crowd?

So, since both sides parents wanted it official, we served tea oredi lor, we had makan for my Indian relatives and neighbours oredi lor..basically did most everything about the time we got registered lah, except for the chinese wedding dinner. The only thing we missed out is the "cheap sun leong" fetching bride..well, it was done la, but I only had Wendy as my bridesmaid and Bh didn't get no wasabi cocktails and such..suffice to say, easy peasy ceremony for him. It was a Monday, we didn't wanna trouble anyone. Other than Wendy, who took the pics, the best man, our relatives, my mum's friends, my dad's get the picture.

So now, we just have to have the dinner and the church blessing and of course the corny pictures..which is why it's 3 months and counting ler, to the dinner date.
Luckily, have Brains for codes and Long hair Down South and now Crazy Attack Fella to help..anyone else wanna volunteer?

Oh..and before I forget, doesn't anyone wanna take up the bet?