Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines 2007

A single white rose, remnant of a dozen, still sitting in my room, being dried so that I'll remember this day. Valentine's wasn't supposed to be a big deal. It has not been for many years now and this year should have been no different.
In my mind, it's expensive and a great marketing strategy for Hallmark, so when BH asked what we should do, I said "nothing". No dinners, no gifts and NO FLOWERS ( expensive mah). But as usual, BH surprised me with a bouquet...which I received in the midst of taking an x-ray for a root canal patient. A dozen white in a green themed bouquet, because I like the colour green. My heart melted. And it melted even more, because BH braved traffic and bad parking to spend lunch and dinner with me. Though both meals were not at expensive restaurants, both special and meant a whole lot more.
Lunch was curtesy of Prema, our receptionist/office manager in Jalan Gasing. Her mum had graciously cooked fried chicken, chicken rendang, with basmati rice and vege. As for dinner, BH and I decided to walk down memory lane. We went to Pudu, where he grew up and had our own version of a buffet. We sampled food from various roadside stalls.
I still believe that it doesn't matter where one eats on Valentine's day or how much one spends. What matters is who you spend it with and how. What matters is that this one day reminds you that it should be like this everyday, that we should show our love to those that matter, everyday. And those that matter includes ourselves too.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Durian Ice-Cream

After reading FBB's blog about durian ice-cream, Bh and I have been trawling all gelato outlets looking for it. Lecka-lecka doesn't carry the causes the rest of the flavours to stink, so they said. In the end, I chanced upon Gelato Fruity in MV...and spent 5.90 on a single scoop. How was it? Bleeeargh...didn't like it. Ended throwing the blady thing away...For me, it didn't taste like good durian or good ice-cream.

The durian ice-cream was really the icing on the unpleasant day I'm having. it's supposed to be Friday, i.e FRIDAY...last day before the weekend, but it feels like a Monday. Many minor arguements and politicking at work is making me regret this job. Already am having serious thoughts of quitting. What to do? Feel bullied and unappreciated mah. My patients are rarely the problem, its the pests I have to share an office with, or rather Pest. Said Pest is a real toyol, who makes office chocolates and cookies disappear, appart from nicking my stuff and spoiling it. Who knew dentists could be soooo petty and have "estate indian" mentallity. Wait a minute...I take that back, the "estate indian" probably has better work ethic. In the words of my head nurse, Pest is "hati busuk"and unfortunately, there is no cure for that. The other pain is my BOSS, who turns a blind eye to all these "events", with the excuse..."There's no proof".
Sigh...what does one do in such a situation? Turn a blind eye too? Or just leave?

Thankfully Bh comes home today, after a few days out in Lipis...:) Am seriously looking forward to a hug, I need one.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dong Cheng!

It's that time of year again! Soon it will be unbelievably hot, dry and uncomfortable....but the streets will be empty. So empty, you could have a showdown in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad building at noon and you might even see tumble weed. Yep, Chinese New Year is coming!!!!!! Another week and a half and 2 kilos to go till the big day. Hope I can squeeze into my mucho tight dress. BH thinks I look good in it, my mum thinks I can hardly breathe in it. I think I need to lose some tummy.

Its been wonderful so far, all this weight gain. Yea, I complain, but the weight gain was for happy reasons and I am now beginning to appreciate ME, CURVES AND ALL. At least now when I hear Fat Bottomed Girls, I know what they're talking about! Plus I look less like a plank, i.e flat. However, being the complainer that I am ( I'll admit this as a fact)...I'm still gonna have to lose just a wee bit more. Maybe not 2 kilo's lar, but just a bit off my tummy and my behind will do. Wishful thinking? I hope not. But it will be tough, cos' BH is out of town and somehow when he's not around, I can't drag myself to the gym...just feel too lazy. The power of BH.

Will drag myself tomorrow.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I sent a letter

Its funny how small things can lead to bigger things. A small step, paving the way for bigger strides. Anyway, today being February 1st, i.e FT day and Thaipussam, it meant a whole lot of people were on holiday. The mall was packed. Its like there's no where else to go on a public holiday right?

Mom to kids" hey kids, its a public holiday, lets go to Megamall!!!"
Kids ( 3-4) to mom "Yeay! Lets go make nuisances of ourselves!"
Dad to mom"Good idea honey, lets join the jam and endless que's for parking"

But not everyone was on holiday, DHL was open, and since I had something I needed couriered urgently, I dashed off to Menara Axis after work. And there I met another person who was working on a public holiday, Jordan, a nice young chap, on his first day on the job.
Jordan, very busy, first day on the job, on a public holiday, working, all alone.
My envelope, which costs an arm and a leg to send.

Well, we've all had first day's right? The nervousness and the fear of screwing up teamed with the anticipation of whats to come just makes one sweat! But this fler was doing a pretty good job. He was quick, friendly and courteous...don't you just wish the postal officers were the same? And on a Public Holiday too! Dunno about you, but I hate working public holidays. Aside from the fact that I have to work while the rest of the world takes a break and deal with the crowds, well, it's just not fun. So this one's for the people who don't get to play on public holidays...and the next time you see someone who is working while you're on holiday, be nice.