Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh christmas tree..

It's Christmas eve, I'm at work, so is BH. But it feels like the last day of school, cos there are no patients, we are just sitting around waiting and we've got a Christmas lunch planned for today. Heh.

Why work then? Cos I get paid lah...double heh. And we still haven't got the whole uploading of pictures done yet, we haven't even been taking many pics. Sigh..I really dunno how we ended up so busy and lazy. But, it's a 5 day break for me, so I'll be taking pics and playing with a new notebook (hopefully) and my new birthday/christmas present from BH. Will get internet at home in the new year kwa. Things here more slowly..sooooo slowly. Most service orientated stuff isn't open weekends/public hols. Like Telstra customer service..closed on weekends. Cis..tak guna, but makes me appreciate Telekom Malaysia more!

Planning next year's flying schedule now. Sorry Shades, we can't make it back for your big day. Very, very sorry. My folks are coming over the same time. All the best to you & Karryn, aiya..there goes my chance to dress up as Cinderella! My skin is already hitam from all the UV now. eh, you got Skype ah? Can we skype in?

Anyways..Merry Christmas & Happy 2009!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Because Mervin made me.

Yes Merv,have not been blogging. Cannot lar, house no internet. Things here moving sooooo slowly..just to get a fixed phone line is taking ages! (Thanks Telstra). So, I'm now at work, doing what I'm not supposed! Cis..patient here somemore.

Anyway, we finally found a place to rent for the moment, with one extra room, so anyone who doesn't mind a small palce is ever welcome. Merv, Ben wants to meet you..

Went to an asian grocer yesterday and just went apeshit. Bought like 88 bucks of dried stuff for tong sui/ soups..oh well.

Ok, my patient's gonna lose it soon if I don't see him, so.. Until someone else tells me too..see ya!