Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today no patient ah?

Made it to Teoh's class yesterday, after a week or was it two week hiatus. Teoh always puts a smile on his face and last night, tough as it was, I was still smiling. Have been having a low energy week, just can't get my legs to move these past few days. Must be getting old. Oh, and the knee is starting to ache too...not good signs these.

Well, it's Merdeka Eve people..and the beginning of a looong weekend. Most of you would not really consider this as being a long one, but I do. Since my weekend is just Sunday most of the time. This week, after 2pm today, I am OFF!!!!! Took Saturday off as well, some dinner BH's uncle wants us all to attend, so decided heck, connect the dots lar! In all fairness, I did offer to work on Friday to replace Saturday, but the bos said no,just take off. Am wondering now what happened to my bos, and what this clone has done to the real guy?

Oh, is doing some 50 hour breakfast show thing. They've been on since 6 am yesterday and will be annoying all their listeners till tomorrow I guess. Heh...anyone wanna go bug them?

And if you've been driving at 9 plus in the am's these days, its not surprising to hear thunder up in the skies. The fighter jest are out...Merdeka Parade rehearsals. I wonder when else they bring them jets out to play? But they do look impressive lar...maybe will watch the parade on telly tomorrow.

BH and I have yet to decide what to do...but have a great Merdeka, everyone! And remember, in 1957...Rudy's name ia Harun, and JJ's name is Johan and...I wasn't even born yet!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Making Doe Eyes....

Prologue: After yesterday's bout of cryptic posting, we are now back to the regular programming.

Since last weeks Shanti's Combat night, had not seen Shades at all...let alone make doe eyes at him. Have not been stalking him...apparently I'm too busy stalking someone else.

BH and I showed up, observed the instructor, instead of our reflections in the mirror( like the good members we are), then had dinner with him, only to have him claim I'm "looking at him funny" and be warned that if we don't show up next week, he'll bitch about it. Woi! You trying to increase blog traffic arr? Just remember, Who's your daddy?????

Anyway, Shades class is always good lar..queing spot on, instructions always clear. If you wanna know how good an instructor is, just look at the newbies...if they can follow and are not lost, doing their own thing, then he's good. If it's full of regulars, but they're all doing their own and sometimes wrong thing, then he sucks. Shades is one of the is Renee, who showed up last night, and Jason, Eugene, You, most of the step instructors, Eric and Lynn....acthelli most our FF instructors la.

Shades, though being HT for BC, when he heard Renee was gonna be in class, asked her to give feedback...that shows quite a bit of humility and have to give kudos to him for that. It shows he is constantly trying to improve himself, which in the end means better instructor for wonder he is HT.

Over dinner we had a lot to bitch about....hehehe...deciphering cryptic posts all. Kekeke...But Shades, sorry lar dude. I only have eyes for BH these days ( sound of readers barfing)...after all, he's willing to bear the pain of childbirth for me..if ever it were possible lar. How to get a man like that?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You're so strange...

Disclaimer...the following is incoherent ramblings of a seriously bored not attempt to associate this with ramblings of less incoherent means.

You're so strange,

You probably think this song is about you

You're so strange,

You probably think this song is about you, don't you, don't you....

Most of us would have grown up to a version of this song and probably on a healthy dose of humble pie ( and Crab Curry).

We probably would also have listened to Billie Jean...well, she wasn't Jacko's lover, so he said. I personally love Alannis's Ironic...but heck, I didn't grow up with that one. Let's see...what did I grow up with? Hmm...Let it Be? Nah, that was BH...I guess mostly Wacko ( Jacko)..Beat It! And Paula ( ok BH, I'll admit I have the record)...Straight Up...if only people did just that. Oh, and Bon Jovi...You give love a bad name! Woohoo...

We probably also would have watched Psycho, Fatal Attraction, but never thought of stalking anyone, right? Get Shorty was one of my favourites...but never would I think about getting with a shortie, though.Well, maybe once, before the Love Actually taught me better.

"Huff and puff and I'll blow your house down"...said the big bad wolf to the three little piggies... childhood fairy tales from so long ago. I personally think Goldilocks took advantage of the Three Bears, didn't like that one.

Its funny how life imitates art, ain't it?

I did a Britney!

Well...almost. Didn't go bald exactly,but as Shades put it.."What happened to your hair?". Seeing as miracles are few and difficult to come by, the obvious explanation to that question would be, I cut it.

Though it's been a week already, didn't really bother to mention it...but yesterday met up with some people I haven't seen in a while who were a little..well..surprised. So I cut it, coloured it a week the spur of the moment. Why? Because I got up that morning, saw my hair in a mess, was too freaking lazy to blow it and decided...CUT! I told my stylist...wash and wear. Hence....

The upside, I don't have to bother with the bottle brush and blow drying straight, though if I wanted to, it would still look good. I don't need a trim every 3 weeks or so, when the bob goes out of shape. I don't waste as much on shampoo or conditioner...and on holiday coming soon, I wont have to worry about it looking messy. It's supposed to look messy now..heh.Oh, and two people said I look slimmer, after cutting it.

The downside, apparently I look "more mature", it's not as sexy and well...I ain't no Halle Berry. Short looks ok, but long..better.Good thing hair grows. So, as is the cycle of my hair trends, the next thing I will do is keep it long again...hehehehehe. Well, that's hair for you. Can't live with it, can't live without it.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Beijing Golden Triangle

Ok, time to come clean...I need info on these places, before, anyone who's been there,please, share your story....i.e what to see, what to do..anything else of interest

1)Tiananmen Sq...ok, so there was bloodshed...anything else?

2)Forbidden City...emperor's palace, kan?

3)Imperial Summer Palace...another palace?

4) Beijing zoo...other than panda's, anything else there?

5) Great Wall...yea, it can be seen from the moon...and?

6) freaking idea what this is

7) Ming Tombs....I guess they are...errr....tombs?

8)Temple of Henen?...Henen? Henew?

9) Underground city........sounds like a it?

10) Tianjin...other than No.1 in Tianjin ( the movie, the instructor) what else to see ah?

All info will be appreciated...thanks!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I think my receptionist has caught on....

These days, my appointment at 6 is always taken...I just don't know though how my receptionist manages to get the 6 o'clock to come in late, thereby screwing any chance of me finishing by 6.15 and dashing off for class. By the time I get into my car to drive, Teoh's class would already have started. I wish I could disapparate and transform...that way I can apparate in class, all transformed from office wear to work out wear in an instant...sigh..

Though I'll miss Teoh's class terribly, I have found an alternative. Tried it out yesterday..Finally made it to Riyo's class last night. She actually pointed out that I haven't been in any of her classes since she gave up combat and that's eons ago! No doubt she was surprised to see me in her BS class...hehehe. It was a great bum aches, my legs wobbly. I wonder how I'm gonna do my weights today?

As for Tuesdays...well, there's always Shades, isn't there? It's Shades...can never go wrong one, sure to work up an unbelievable sweat. It's either because he's damn good or I work extra hard in his class..I try real hard NOT to curi tulang mah, bad for ego...heh. I guess now I really have no excuses not to hit the gym.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The day this girl finished a full bowl of rice

Just ask BH, he'll tell you how much rice I normally eat. I eat, like a pigeon...cutting down on the carbs has been my perogative for a long time now, after I realsied I don't need all that energy. But today, different story.

Was hungry, planned on fast food, my craving for McD's fries peaking...walked down to the place, only to find it packed, with school kids no doubt. It's the school holidays, the explanation for relatively smooth driving to and from work, but also horrendous crowds in the mall where I work. Plus, today is 6 ringgit Wednesday...the movies is blardy cheap, the crowds blardy stupid enough to contribute to the jam.

So, fast, unhealthy proccessed foods...out of the question, I was thinking and thinking and thinking...yea, 3 times of that...where should I go? Finally remembered a place I haven't visited in a while...Nam Heong...

And so, a bout of Char Siew Kai Pei Fan ensued...I believe one should never waste good food, so I finished up the chicken...yummy, the char siew, which was sweetish, tangy-ish...soo yummy and.... the whole, entire, filled to the brim, bowl of RICE. Chicken rice lar, the taste also...wah.

Too bad, didn't feel like taking pics before the meal. Unlike BH, I can't stand hunger while taking multiple shots of food in front of me..By the time I looked up, plate of chicken..gone, plate of rice and rice bowl..clean. I left feeling a wee bit sick, but oh so satisfied.

Oh! I also got a call from ching chong lady. True to Kenny Sia's adventure with them, she spoke in Mandarin and her first question was, "Do you speak Mandarin?" Well, I understand enough to reply, IN ENGLISH that I don't. The response was immediate..she hung up. I wonder, how on earth did they get my number? But then again, these days, even the Celco's could be selling it. Cis! So, don't get greedy...nothing is for free.

Talented Okra

Pic from and was taken by her

Shanti's Combat..

Last night, Shades played all the requested songs, had us all breathless and in stitches...he's such a comic that one. The things he does for cheap publicity,huh? It was a good class, had a great workout, but this post will be short, as it is twinged with a sense of sadness.

Heard from Shades and his gf about someones personal tragedy...shocked both BH and I. Things happen, things that cannot be anticipated, things we can never be prepared for. Our condolences to yhsmom. We hope that indeed, she will find the strength to carry on, in what must be a very difficult time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'm gonna have myself, a real good time...bla,bl,bla,bla,bl,blahhh, bla.... tonight is Shanti's Combat Nite at Uptown, 7.30. The tracklist is on your right...if you like the selections, or if you just wanna have a great combat workout and you can make it...please, come by. It'll be's Shades, of course it will be fun! Can't wait!

Another thing I can't wait for, is 4 weeks from today..exactly, BH and I will be flying on a jet plane..though we'll know when were coming back again..Where you wonder? Hehehe...will not disclose for the moment, except to a few people...there will be sun, there will be surf and there might even be wildlife.....a holiday beckons!

The Samsonite's been 1/4 packed since 2 months, it's half full already...THAT'S how excited I am!


Monday, August 20, 2007

The newest addition

Ok folks..have added another link on my, really, if you're bored, click on
Blue Tyke? on a Bike. Great read, lotsa humour...but go in with an open mind. You have been click.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

While my baby was sleeping

This year, didn't make any fancy plans for instead, the girl who can burn water, decided to make a cake.....a Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Mum made spagehetti, Kepong style.....

The song singing....The candle blowing........And of course, the cake cutting...which was very,very,diffficult. The base was too thick..used a cake tin that was a wee tad too small for the recipe..heh

Even my doggie was wondering what the excitement was all about.

And, BH's birthday pressie...the fireworks after.

Popped over to Putrajaya for the Malaysian International Fireworks Competition, which kicked off the very same day. What a show...but the jam after was horrendous. All roads out of Putrajaya lead to one massive jam. Took us 2 hours to get home. What a birthday.

Shades, you better read this!

Your list is go get cracking!!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday afternoons

Thursday afternoons are wonderful for me...I get to have a siesta, then leisurely decide where and what to do after. The last few weeks have been spent going for classes that I normally can't make, the 6pm plus ones. Today however, my plans to attempt pump after a year long hiatus were dashed. By a makan plan, no less. BH's mum's actual birthday is today and she wants to have dinner together.Well, pump can wait..

So, I decided to hit the weights. To me, it's a wonderful feeling, just me, my weights and my music. When the music is right, the mood is right, the weights feel right. And today, the weights felt right..its hard to explain that feeling, when your mind and muscles connect, as in you can visualise what the weight exercise is doing to the muscle, move it to the beat of the music and just feel the just hits the spot, right there..I'm making this sound like sex, aren't I? Hmmm...but seriously, when the connection is there, the work out is definitely more effective. Just ask a PT..also, the routine is less tiresome and dull.

Today, it was BC 17, all the way. I love that release, its one of those that connects with me. Most of the tracks were good. Of course my first memory of doing BC 17 has something to do with that.It was Singapore, a few years back. Was there for quaterly, which back then was held in Planet Fitness. Went all the way there and got my first taste of a quaterly and was AWESOME. Of course the presenters were white guy, cute, but forgot his name and guess who? Tracy Minnoch. Heck, that woman can teach any programme and make it fun...

I couldn't take my eyes of her...I couldn't stop listening to her technique ques..I learnt so much that day. BC came very much alive for me and I connected with the moves, the music, the presenter. What an experience..I wanted to come right back and do BC over and over and over again.I'll never forget that experience or BC 17. Honestly, even BC training wasn't as much fun as that one class...

Now, everytime I hear BC it! I wonder why not many instructors teach it?

Tuesday nite requests

Ok, I've put up the list for next Tuesday's combat in Uptown...any other suggestions and requests welcome..will submit to Shades by Saturday, otheriwse as I said earlier..BC 19...EUUUGGHHHHH.

All requests will be entertained...unless there are multiple requests for the same track, then I decide which one I want, lar, ok? Requests from non-participants in Singapore also, fill in the blanks, people

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Shanti's tuesday night combat!

Battled traffic, slight drizzle, paid 3.50 in tolls and 2.50 in parking fees to attend Shades class last night at Uptown...only to find out that he wasn't teaching. Poor Shades on MC, so he was replaced. Class was ok,lar..BH and I missing our tall friend.

To make it up, next Tuesday has been declared "Shanti's Combat" day...hehehehe. I get to pick the tracks...hehehehe. Anyone have any requests? Shades has threatened that if I don't submit the selection by Saturday, ALL tracks will be from BC 19. NOOOOOOOOOOO! So..come one, come all, gimme some picks for songs and lets have a great combat workout,eh?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Don't might not get married...

For the reading pleasure of my single, unattached friends...

10 things a singleton does not appreciate.

1) Time for friends:
Face it're friends take a back seat to that special someone, it happens.

2) Time for yourself:
Time spent shopping will be halved, as the other half, would rather do something else.

3)The freedom to drop everything and go...where the wind blows..:
Unless other half wants to drop everything as well, which in most cases, unlikely.

4)Making plans for yourself:
Have to include the other person also mah..correct right?

5)Flirting shamelessly with everyone :
When you're single, nothing to lose, right? Why not? When you're attached..not such a good idea.

6)Party like there's no tomorrow :
Unless other half is a party animal as well. Gets more complicated when kids are involved..or parents for that matter. Your gf's parents might not appreciate you bringing home their daughter at all odd hours of the night.

7) Deal with difficult questions:
Like, when is your big day? When are you two tying the knot? When will we see mini versions of you? But then, singletons also get this annoying question. But you can reply..I haven't found the right one..easy. Couple's can't.

8) Worry about the future:
As in saving money to get married. Hey, weddings aren't cheap, ok? Plus you have to think about buying a place to live and all sorts of other financial troubles. Kids aren't cheap either you know..and there's the worry about how to feed,clothe and educate the's like a 20 plus year worry.

9) Share space with another person:
It's not easy living with another person, especially if you're the territorial type. Or if the other half is..

10) Deal with "eccentricities" of other half:
You know, the farts, the nose digging, the toilet seat up...etc.

But for the currently not missing single life that much..heh.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Pimping Talented Okra

If you browse my links, I've included this new one. And so, So What!?? is proud to present....


The talented artist, Wendikaa is a confused Chinese girl who thinks she's Indian and in reality is more Indian than me. We used to play masak-masak with flour and branches in the dried up longkang in front of her house, go camping with one other girl and 20 over boys, and still hold our own, be the first in school to join the BOY Scouts and she was also the first person I ran too when some dirty old man attacked me. She is now undeniably talented with a lens and is for HIRE...but you'll have to stand in line behind DIGI..yup! That's Wendikaa...

For more info, contact Wendy Lim at

It's another Monday!

Ok folks, hope you had a great weekend. I had a rather busy one. Saturday night was spent chaufferring the parent units to a dinner and shopping thereafter, on the day city hall decides to change the roads in the Sg. Wang area. Managed to give the folks an unplanned tour of Imbi, Jalan Sultan Ismail and the Menara Standard Chartered area, after spending 40 minutes stuck in a jam..

Luckily the shopping after was a whole lot more fun...BH and I planned to buy a gift for his mum's birthday, but we ended up buying gifts for ourselves as well. Ended Saturday night with me K.O'd in bed and BH watching footie with me dad..the two main men in my life, bonding. would have been better if my brother were around.

Sunday was the usual gym thingy in LM...but it was also BH's mum's birthday dinner. Off we went to The Renaissance. Food was good, enjoyed the sucking piggy and the salted egg prawn the most. And the company...BH has jokers for uncles..hehehe. And so, the weekend ended late..hence a very sleepy me. Sleepy, but happy.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

So sleepy...

The past couple of days have been a little tiring..been working out, getting all tired, but have not been able to sleep well. Might have been because BH wasn't around, or more likely because there are many thoughts plaguing my mind. I wish I had a Pensieve..hehehehe. Too much Harry Potter, I know.

It seems very clear now that life is ever changing. What we think and assume are the same problems we've faced before might actually be different ones. Andrew Matthews says life makes you hit a wall, until you learn your lesson, then you go past that wall. Then life will hit you with another wall, and so on..thats how you learn. I'm a slow learner...I hit the same wall many times.

Of late, many plans have been put into action. Life changing plans. Though unwilling to reveal anything at the moment, when the time comes, all shall be revealed. I am truly hoping that all these plans will come to fruition..however, I am also quick to caution myself that these plans are not without risks or adversity. But I believe that good things don't always come easily and when one has a dream of a better life, it's worth a try.So that, currently is the plan. Have not even worked out the details yet, but am still very much full of ambition. Hopefully the ambition is enough to drive me through the many obstacles I see in my path.

Kt wrote recently, on life true that post sounds to me. I'm sure many of us have gone through that, when life seems oddly routine,complacent, inadequate. There must be something more, and this is what I think makes us human...our need for something more.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Rainy daze...

Though I do like Chopin, I just can't understand why almost every new instructor's class I go for, they end up playing BC 19. Just ask Shades, how many times we'd done this release...reason enough for me to cringe the moment I hear the intro.

Which was what I did yesterday...for the first three tracks. Thankfully, from then on, it was other releases. I might have walked out otherwise..heh. Managed to get some weight work done, until superbly fit white woman showed up. Thereafter, felt really shy and lost my confidence , so went shower lar. Will try to prove to Eric today that I don't just use those small blue baby weights. Ok lar, not much more than those blue weights, but at least I do fly's, on the fitball with 15lbs. Ok weight, what? For a girl?

BH came back after two days in the and tanned. He gets sun burned easily. Otherwise, he apparently had the mother of all durians...and his breath smelt like it too. Luckily I'm a durian person myself. And Jackie girl...well, she sniffs everything and was probably hoping there was some durian for her too.

But for some reason, I just couldn't get a good night's sleep last night...must be all those worries in my head. Well, no point dwelling on to find a good way out. When God closes a door, He opens a window, I believe. A little sleep deprived, but still managed to handle a tough endo..ironically, the kind of problem I have been reading about recently. And now, back to work.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Why my office manager gets mad at me on Wednesdays.....

Because I run out at 6, latest 6 FIFTEEN, dash to my car, drive like a crazed mad woman to Manulife. Why? 6.45 class lar, why else?

Teoh is addictive. He makes me wanna come back and kill myself over and over again. Nobody walks out of his class dry. Doesn't matter if it's Dri-fit/Play-dry or Kering-kain, you're gonna be drenched. If not, you'll never walk back in, cos the class was too challenging and you quit early.

Yesterday was no different..sweat buckets, ended up feeling tired, but satisfied. Nothing like a good class to make it all feel better. Can't wait to curi ayam again next week..heh.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Where have all the good men gone?

Thats what someone was relating to me..she'd been engaged for about a year and was due to get hitched this month. But the guy wanted to postpone, citing lack of funds, after she'd paid for the hall, and some expenses. Apparently she'd also been giving him money, when he was jobless. She paid the deposit for a car even. So she wondered out loud, where have all the good men gone?

I used to wonder myself, slightly over a year ago...almost all the good ( or oklar, not so bad) men had been taken, or were/are gay.Another point of contention...not only do we have other women as rivals, these days, we have to rival other men..of course, that's just me, pulling a hissy fit. As we all know, those men, really, we can't rival them lah..once gay..they prefer men anyway, so unless one is willing to sacrifice all and flip to the otherside...lets just leave these men as lost causes.

Anyways, it does seem like most available men today are the left-overs..the ones others don't want. Well, a year ago I might have thought that. And right now I know a few women, having being disappointed, feel the same way. But deep down, I chose not to believe that. I chose to believe that not all the good men are gone and taken...they really still are out there, we just have to look in the right places.

Most of the time, the right places are the places we never thought of looking in the first place. I certainly wasn't looking (well, not in his direction) when I met BH. He wasn't even what I was looking wrong I was. Someone must have been looking over me, cos I decided to give the bloke a try...lo and's been a year, short, but it seems like we've known each other for ages. I lucked out..the guy I initially thought would be fun to hang out with one ONE date, turned out to be the guy who makes me laugh on EVERY date, and one I want to date over,and over again.

So you see, the good men haven't gone anywhere..some yeah, will be unavailable. Some will become available, some are just waiting to be found. I guess we just have to have some faith, a positive outlook and hope, for the best. I think most of the time, we look for the good men in all the WRONG places and in all the wrong men. Most of us look for the wrong things in a man too, despite what we claim.

Oh, BH says it was the rose pendant I'm is supposed to bring romance. See, when I first appeared in LM, Ah Loong told him I was probably already married, with 3 kids to boot, but he thought otherwise. Why else would I be wearing a rose pendant, if not to look for love? He was right. Ironically, the pink colour of the pendant seems to be diminishing...I wonder if that means I've found what I'm looking for and it doesn't need to send out its vibes anymore? It did it's job and very well too.

Fawkes and flames

Skipped gym last BC, BS or even RPM. We had a different thing in mind...a date with a much grown up but not so grown upwards, Daniel Radcliffe. After acting in a play which involved nudity and horses (it was NOT THAT type of play), the young man reprises his role of The Boy Who Lived.

Watching a movie weeks after it's released, and on a weekday to boot has huge need to book, and seats are always available, especially if its TGV. But anyway, back to the movie. BH's actor friends feel that one theatre stint made this kid a much better actor...for me, well, I don't think it takes much brilliance to portray Harry just need a kid who looks the part, can act foolishly blur, but yet superbly lucky enough and wise enough to overcome unbelievable obstacles.

Well, Harry grew up, Ron grew much taller and Fred and George...sigh...Not one to be called a cradle snatcher, but dng, those boys are looking good. It's always different, what you imagine when reading the book, as compared to whats on screen..I imagined that Umbridge woman fatter, with stumpier legs, broader face, thick RED lips and those super funky 60's glasses..even Kingsley I imagined differently. Always had that black guy who acted in Angel in my imagination. Tonks..ok,lar..boleh lar. Luna..didn't she have thick glasses? Or was that my imagination too? Sirius obvously looked the sad, he dies...darn! Still prefer the first Dumbledore, the one from the first movie. Always had much respect for McGonagall..she was also the mother superior in The Sound of Music and Sister Act, I believe.

The story itself is growing is the movie. the duelling scene was very,very cool. Even BH can't wait for the next movie..and he's still NOT reading the book.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Now THAT was Body Step!

Which was what I said to Lion last night, post Teoh's BS class euphoria. Nothing like a good sweat and an aching behind to make one feel the rush of endorphins. Last night's class was a complete opposite of Monday's fiasco. Thats why Teoh is popular.

Have to admit, my mind wasn't quite there last night. Got a bit lost at times. Plus was feeling a little lethargic post gym-ing the past two days. I'm not like Lion, 3 classes a day and barely am ache. Hang it, I'm only human.

Looks like today will be a rest day, after I get my car fixed. The darn seat belt doesn't work, for some reason I can't understand. I guess a Toyota isn't much better than a Proton after all. Especially if the same guy deals the parts for both cars, eh?

Dang it..that means I have nothing gym related to bitch about tommorrow...wait, maybe I'll dig something up..heh.

How to increase blog readership

BH's how to:

1) Add more labels in post
2) Have site feeds
3) Add as many pings as you can, like Projet Petaling Street
4) Write about food

Here's my how to:

Write ccriticism controversial opinion on superstar popular gym instructor.

Guaranteed increase in readership. However, terms and conditions* apply...

*Terms and conditions
-Instructor mentioned must have enough star power
-Blogger must not remove comment link

Shades...if I slam you, you think more people will read my blog ah?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Why doesn't Vj update his blog? Why? Vhy? Vhy!!!???????

On another and albeit gym note, am feeling soreness in the shoulders today, post BC last night. Finally saw a whole lot of "superstar combat people" in class last night, with the exception of Leon, currently nick named IPOD, who aparently is injured.

Lets see, FBB, Lion, Farid and Diha (surprise, surprise),Jack Black Steve and of course a much sexier Sunshine who made a late appearance. The class was packed. As BH mentioned, parking last night was a bit more difficult than usual. He suspects everyone was there for class..

Due to the superbly small studio, I found myself caught behind two newbies who didn't quite have great direction sense...almost ended up like KT, but instead of a bruised shin, I could have ended up with a bruised right one point, the guy in front appeared on my right, did a side elbow and just missed me by inches. Class is getting dangerous these days. I suspect there will be more than shadow boxing in times to come, especially with evasixe side kicks and increasing class numbers. I suppose when that happens, one must adapt and become very, very good at evasive shuffling..

Now back to my question...Why isn't VJ updating his blog? Why? Vhy? Vhy???!!!!!