Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quick update

After a full day of patients, finally the last one is a no show..which is pretty good considering I get tired really quickly now. The belly is showing itself, hehehe...plus the kid just wants me to feed it all the time (excuse for increase in apetite). Ah, part of it, so they say. Like I said before, I'm no longer in control of my body...

Well, we are almost all packed up. Moving house this weekend. Off to Point Cook we will go. A proper house, with a yard and a huge park in front awaits..just have to make sure I don't get stressed. That's BH's job. So far, he's been so good. Packing, cooking, cleaning, catering to my whims and fancies..heh. First pregnancy mah... It's also nice to have his "tight" tee's that fit me just fine. It seems I'm gaining the weight he's losing!

Christmas is next week!!! 5 days off...whee!!!!! Can't wait to sleep in and sleep all day and eat and do nothing..


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